Common FAQ About Crawler Type Compost Turner

Common FAQ About Crawler Type Compost Turner

Crawler type compost turner is a hot-selling product for organic fertilizer compost making. It adopts a windrow composting method, which can greatly reduce your expenses on infrastructure building. But when you buy the crawler type windrow composting machine, you must inquire more about it to clear whether it is suitable for your compost making. So in order … Read more

New Fertilizer Production Machine For Sale

New Fertilizer Composting and Palleting Machine For Sale

In order to provide you with better equipment for organic fertilizer making and compound fertilizer production, we contributes to fertilizer equipment upgrading, research and development. Now, according to the feedback from our customers – fertilizer manufacturers, we have designed two types of new fertilizer production machine. Double wheel type compost turner and automatic column palletizer. … Read more

How To Control Pollution Generation In Fertilizer Production

Pollution control is an item you must focus on in fertilizer production. Whether you plan to start organic fertilizer making or NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Then as a professional fertilizer manufacturer, SX designs various pollution generation control methods for fertilizer preparation. It mainly contains two parts: composting gas waste collection and dust prevention. The following are … Read more

2 Hot Selling Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Making Machines In 2022

2 Hot Selling Large Scale Organic Fertilizer Making Machines

One of the best ways to purchase suitable machines for your fertilizer production project is to refer to the choices of other fertilizer manufactures. For example, if you plan to buy equipment for large scale organic fertilizer manufacturing. You can search the hot selling large scale organic fertilizer making machines for reference. Then from the … Read more

What Is The Price Of An Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Price of equipment for granulate powder

If you want to start organic fertilizer making, the price is an item you must pay attention to. Because it has a serious impact on choosing equipment and line of organic fertilizer manufacturing. Then what is the price of an organic fertilizer production line? This post might help you find the answer. There are cost of … Read more

How To Make Cow Dung Compost In Kenya

Cow dung manure fertilizer aerobic fermentation product

In Kenya, cow dung is used for many purposes. Local people even use cow dung as a material to build houses. In addition, cattle manure is also an ideal material for organic fertilizer production. And composting is the first step to using cow dung as fertilizer. So many Kenyan customers asked us how to make cow … Read more

How Often To Turn Materials During Organic Fertilizer Composting

When you want to make fertilizer from organic waste, it is necessary to compost them to kill harmful substances in manure. Then how often to turn materials during organic fertilizer composting? Generally speaking, the frequency of fertilizer compost turning is not fixed. It depends on a number of factors, including size of the pile, the C/N ratio, … Read more

How To Make Organic Fertilizer Compost Fast

How To Make Organic Fertilizer Compost Fast

Composting is the key to high quality organic fertilizer production from animal manure. In general, it will take you a long time (about 1-2 months) under natural conditions. Then how to speed up the fermentation of organic fertilizer? You can complete it from 5 aspects. moisture content adjustment, temperature control, C/N ratio reguration, PH value … Read more

Simplest Organic Fertilizer Making Line

Simplest Organic Fertilizer Making Line

Are you worried about what to do with the animal manure on your farm? Do you want to find the simplest organic fertilizer making line? Do you want to produce organic fertilizer at a low cost? SX powder fertilizer manufacturing line can fully meet your requirements. Only several steps, you can process organic waste into … Read more

How To Adjust Moisture Content During Organic Fertilizer Making

How To Adjust Moisture Content During Organic Fertilizer Making

Moisture content plays an important role in the whole process of organic fertilizer production. Especially in organic material fermentation and granulation. What is the suitable water content of material in each process? And how to adjust moisture content during organic fertilizer making if it is higher or lower than the requirement? You can find answers … Read more