Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Powdery organic fertilizer production line is the simplest method to make organic waste into fertilizer. Only four steps, you will get high quality powdery organic fertilizer. Whether you use cow dung, chicken manure, horse crap or straw as material. In general, it consists of forklift feeder, crushing machine, powder screener, packing equipment and belt conveyor. This simple construction is the reason why this fertilizer manufacturing line has various advantages to be popular with organic fertilizer suppliers. Including characteristics of less space occupation, low cost, easy operation, etc. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for those who plan to start a small scale organic fertilizer production or don’t have enough budget and workshop area. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us for more details.

Powdery fertilizer making line in SX
Powdery fertilizer making line in SX

Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Product: Powder
  • Design: compost turner, feeder, crusher, screen, packing machine, etc
  • Equipment Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Application: Cow dung/ chicken poop/ pig manure/ goat manure, etc to fertilizer

How much does powdery organic fertilizer making line cost?

What do you need to do before making powdery organic fertilizer?

But before preparing powdery organic fertilizer, there is a necessary step required. It is fertilizer compost and fermentation. During this process, microorganism in manure material will decompose organic matters and generate high temperature to kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds. So organic waste will no longer produce odor and endanger the health of animals and humans. In this way, it is suitable for organic fertilizer making. But how to make organic compost well? SX compost machine can help you a lot. It can keep the temperature of organic material at 65-70℃, which is the optimum temperature for fertilizer fermentation. And we design various compost machines for your choice.

Large scale fertilizer compost machine

If you have a large scale composting, we will recommend you wheel type compost turner. Because it can process fertilizer compost in the fermentation groove with a width of 10-30 m and a depth of 1-3 m. Which is higher than other organic fertilizer compost turners. In addition, we replace single turning wheel with double turning wheels. In this way, it can provide you with a better fermentation effect of your large scale organic manure processing.

Wheel type compost turner for large scale organic fertilizer making
Wheel type compost turner for large scale organic fertilizer making
Windrow compost turner for small scale organic manure processing
Windrow compost turner for small scale manure processing

Small scale fertilizer fermentation equipment

But when you plan to prepare organic fertilizer in a small scale, windrow compost turner is more suitable for you. In general, they can process 500-1500㎡ of organic material long windrows per hour. Moreover, it adopts the ground windrow fermentation method, which can greatly reduce the cost of infrastructure and human resources.

Faster fertilizer fermentation tank

Moreover, you can choose organic fertilizer fermentation tank. Which is suitable for faster organic fertilizer compost making small space manure fermentation. It usually starts composting in a closed environment, which can isolate the outside world influences. Using it, you can complete the harmless process of organic litter within 10 hours. What’s more, we especially equip it with gas treatment system, which can meet your requirements for environmentally friendly compost manufacturing.

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale

Why forklift feeder is essential for high quality powdery organic fertilizer production?

After compost preparation, the first step of making powdery organic fertilizer is materials feeding. At that time, using a forklift to transport composted material is an excellent choice for you. You need to feed compost into forklift feeder (is also known as loader type feeder), which plays a role of temporary storage place. It is also a bridge to contact fertilizer compost making with powdery organic fertilizer production line.

And can it be blocked by compost material as an organic compost feeder? Of course not. Our engineers especially improve its designs to prevent blocking. First, it has a filter mesh on the top to remove big rocks, cakes and grass. And we also increase the inclined angle of wall and the size of discharge port to make material fall quickly. In addition, in order to prevent material from wall sticking, we equip it with stirring shaft and vibrating motor. Therefore, the material will not block the discharge port.

Details of forklift feeding machine
Details of powdery fertilizer forklift feeding machine

How to solve agglomeration and caking of the powdery fertilizer?

When you turn compost into organic fertilizer machine, you will find that there is agglomerate and caking in the organic material. It will affect the use of finished powdery organic fertilizer and reduce the buying willingness of customers. So you need to crush it into fine powder. Here, professional fertilizer crushing machine can help you a lot. And for organic fertilizer production, we recommend you to choose vertical crusher and semi-wet material crusher.

Fertilizer vertilical crushing machine
Fertilizer vertilical crushing machine for manure cake break
Semi-wet fertilizer crusher for organic compost powder making
Semi-wet fertilizer crusher for compost powder making
Powder organic fertilizer processed by crusher
Powder organic fertilizer processed by crusher

How to separate qualified powdery organic fertilizer from the unqualified?

After crushing, you may find that the powdery fertilizer may still contain some small agglomerate which doesn’t meet your requirements. Then how to separate it from qualified organic fertilizer powder? For this, we design specialized rotary drum screening machine for powdery fertilizer. It has two discharge ports, one is used to discharge qualified powdery fertilizer and another is designed for unqualified output. Then the unqualified products will be returned to process again. So rotary drum screening machine plays an important role in powdery organic fertilizer making.

Rotary fertilizer screening machine for powdery organic fertilizer production
Rotary screening machine for powdery organic fertilizer production

What other equipment is needed for powdery organic fertilizer production line?

Besides the above fertilizer equipment, does it need any other machines in the production of powdery organic fertilizer? Of course, besides forklift feeder, crushing machine and powder screen machine, packing equipment and belt conveyor also contribute greatly to high quality powdery fertilizer manufacturing.

Packaging equipment

Packing is the final step of powdery organic fertilizer production line. In this process, SX packaging machine can help you finish powder bagging easily and quickly. Because it can bag powdery organic fertilizer automatically and quantitatively. And the quantitative precision of the system can reach 2‰. In addition, it adopts the integrated structure, which can finish packing and sealing simultaneously. Only two workers, you can complete all powdery fertilizer bagging work.

Packing machine with high quantitative precision
Packing machine with high quantitative precision
High quality belt conveyor for sale
High quality belt conveyor for powder fertilizer making line

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is necessary for all kinds of fertilizer production lines. Including powdery organic fertilizer making line. Because it is the bridge between the two machines to transport organic materials from one equipment to another. And in order to meet the different requirements from customers, we design various sizes of belt conveyors. Their belts are all made of anti-corrosion rubbers to ensure it has a long service life.

Advantages of powdery organic fertilizer manufacturing line from SX

With the development of animal husbandry and requirement of friendly environment, most people choose to make animal manure into organic fertilizer. At that time, powdery organic fertilizer making line is an excellent choice for them. Why? Because it has advantages as follows:

This fertilizer production line has high adaptability. Whether you want to process cow dung, chicken manure, horse manure, straw, etc, it can fully meet your needs. And all equipment is made of high strength alloy steel, which has high performance in erosion resistance. You can use it for a long time.
It only consists of less equipment. So it doesn’t need too large space to accommodate it. The smallest powdery organic production area only covers 800㎡.
The powdery fertilizer preparation line is designed with an automatically electrical control system. So it has a high degree of automation. Only 2-3 workers, the whole fertilizer making line can operate normally.
The cost of organic fertilizer making is usually affected by various factors. One of them is the number of fertilizer processing machines. Our powdery fertilizer manufacturing line has fewer machines contained. This can reduce the cost of equipment. And from the above we can know it also can help you spend less on workshop area and labor force. So if you want to start organic fertilizer manufacturing at a low cost. This powdery fertilizer preparation line is an ideal choice for you.

What can SX provide you for powdery organic fertilizer production?

After deciding to buy powdery production line, you must consider where to purchase it? And which fertilizer equipment supplier is reliable? SX will be an excellent option for you, because it can offer you help as follows:

Full range fertilizer machines

From pre-composting to packing, SX can provide you with all equipment of a complete fertilizer manufacturing line. Whether you need machine for powdery or granule, organic or compound, small scale or large scale fertilizer making, we can offer you best equipment.

Favourable price

SX can provide you with high quality fertilizer machine at a favourable price. Because it has advanced technology on fertilizer machine manufacturing, which can reduce the cost. In addition, it is the source factory of fertilizer equipment, so there is no extra charge you need to pay.

Customized project design

If you don’t know how to configure your fertilizer plant, we can offer help in this aspect. Only you tell us the information about material, factory area, capacity, budget, etc. We will freely design project according to your requirements.

Considerate after-sales service

After-sales service is also an reason why so many fertilizer makers choose SX. After the sale, we can provide you with guidance on how to use the machine correctly and how to maintain it. If you have any difficulty in your fertilizer making, you also can contact us for a solution.

Fertilizer equipment manufacturing workshop in SX
Fertilizer equipment manufacturing workshop in SX

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