Farm Composting Methods

How to compost farm waste? Three on-farm composting methods for your reference

SEEC, is a professional fertilizer production equipment supplier in China. For your farm waste disposal, composting is a good way. If you do not know how to compost your farm waste, SEEC has some solutions for you. Besides, we can provide the high quality farm composting equipment with customized service. If you have any questions about our farm fertilizer machinery, just feel free to contact us.

The common methods of on-farm composting include trench type fermentation, windrows (elongated piles), and in-vessel (enclosed bin) composting. During composting, you need to collect your farm wastes and stack them into compost piles. To complete harmless process of organic farm litter, compost pile must be aerated to sustain microbial activity and adequate temperatures. Here, SX compost machines can help you a lot

Farm waste composting line for sale
Farm waste composting line for sale

Trench type fermentation of farm waste

Groove composting (or trench composting)  is widely used in  farms waste fermentation. Using this method, you can complete the harmless process of farm waste in an easier way without waiting for natural decomposition. But only collecting farm waste (such as animal manure, sawdust, etc) and stacking them together in the trench is not groove composting. You need to turn the raw materials to make them fully fermented. For this, SX can offer you wheel type compost turner, groove type compost machine and chain plate type composter.

Trench compost turning machine in SX
Trench compost turning machine in SX

Windrow composting on the ground

It is another farm composting method. To establish a windrow composting system in your farm, you need to find an open space in your farm. Then, you need to stack your farm waste into long windrow. After that, a windrow compost turner will help you turn and mix the compost piles regularly to aerate the pile and to reestablish pore space. So the microorganisms in manure can decompose organic matter effectively. In SX there are two kinds of windrow compost turning machines for your choice. Including crawler type compost machine and moving type compost turner. (just like the picture shows below)

Farm windrow compost turner for sale
Farm windrow compost turner for sale

Enviromentally friendly in-vessel composting

This composting method is to collect your farm wastes to be fermented in a closed composting equipment. Compared to the farm composting methods above, this method can decompose the farm waste more quickly. This is because the whole fermentation process is taking place in a closed environment. in addition, it has a less space occupation than other fertilizer compost machiens. if your space for fermentation is small, it is optimal choice for you. SEEC farm compost bin is such a composting equipment for your farm waste disposal. You can customize this compost facilities to suit for your farm.

In-vessel compost machine for farm manure waste disposal
In-vessel compost machine for farm manure waste disposal

How to establish a small composting system in your own farm?

Composting is a good way for farm waste recycling. By different kinds of farm composting methods, the organic waste in your farm can be converted into organic fertilizer. So, you do not need to buy fertilizers for your farmland because you can make organic compost by yourself. The small farm composting system from SEEC is a simple organic fertilizer production line. It is designed for farmers who want to make and use the organic fertilizer in their own farm. The whole production line is equipped with compost crusher, mixer, belt conveyors and a compost turning machine. These composting facilities are necessary for farm waste composting work. With the help of them, you will get high quality organic fertilizer products in your farm within 20 days. If you have any questions about this composting system, welcome to contact us.

How to manage the poultry farm waste by composting?

The waste management in poultry farm is a headache problem for farmers. If you want to deal with these wastes by composting, SEEC has designed a business plan for you. No matter which kinds of farm composting methods you choose, your farm composting process can be like this. First, mix your poultry waste well. Then, use a compost turning equipment to get raw materials fermented. After fermentation process, the composted materials are ready to use as compost fertilizer. Here, you can use them in your own farm to benefit your plants. Or you can use a packaging machine to package the powdery compost products for sale. For commercial purpose, you can also use granulator to make them into organic fertilizer particles. In general, granulated fertilizers can fetch a higher price than powdered fertilizers.

Granular organic fertilizer making line for farm waste
Granular organic fertilizer making line for farm waste

How to make high quality compost in your farm?

Farm waste is different in types. To make high quality compost in your farm, you need to pay attention to the ratio of carbon and nitrogen. The key materials for composting are nitrogen-rich-greens and carbon-rich browns, water, and air. Examples of greens are green leaves, coffee grounds, tea bags, plant trimming, fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells and fresh grass clippings.

Examples of browns are dead plants, sawdust from untreated lumber, twigs, and dried grasses, weeds, straw and leaves. Besides, water allows microbes in your compost to grow and help decompose material. The compost should be moist but do not contain too much water. In addition, air aids in decomposition and controls the odors during the fermentation process. A good recipe is one part green to four parts brown. So, you can mix them together to make high quality farm compost fertilizer.

Fertilizer mixer for fram compost
Fertilizer mixer for fram compost

Are there any newest organic farm machines for farm waste composting from SEEC company?

Farm waste management is a big problem for farmers. With the development of organic agriculture, we strongly recommend you to compost your farm waste rather than dispose them in other ways.

By composting these organic wastes, it will not only keep your farm clean, but also make full use of your organic waste for recycling. So, our farm composting equipment is more and more popular among farmers. Different kinds of farm composting methods should equip with different farm waste compost maker machine. If you want to compost your organic wastes in your farm, there are some newest farm composting equipment recommended for you.

What kind of composting technology does SEEC use in farm composting system?

In farm composting system, our farm compost equipment mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation technology. This advanced composting technology is widely used in the compost fertilizer production process.

Aerobic fermentation is a metabolic process by which cells metabolize sugars via fermentation in the presence of oxygen. So, our composting equipment for farmers will turn the compost piles regularly to let more oxygen come into the core of the piles. Besides, there are crushing devices on our farm equipment to crush the big materials into small size. This design not only save your cost to buy a fertilizer crusher, but also speed up the composting process greatly.

Fertilizer equipment production site
Fertilizer equipment production site

Is composting necessary in farm waste management?

Compost is decomposed organic material, such as leaves, grass clippings, animal manure and any other organic waste. By composting, these organic wastes can be used as organic fertilizer for soil. They will provide many essential nutrients for plant growth. Besides, they can improve the soil structure so that soil can easily hold the correct amount of moisture, nutrients and air. So, composting the farm waste is better than deal with them in other ways. Especially with so many farm composting methods, you can choose one you like to do composting work easily in your own farm.

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