Fertilizer Making Auxiliary Equipment Video

Fertilizer Making Auxiliary Equipment Video

For quality organic & compound fertilizer making(including NPK), besides compost machine and granulators, there are also many other fertilizer making auxiliary equipment you need. Such as dewatering machine for remove excessive water from manure, batching equipment for feeding materials in required proportions, crusher for fertilizer powder making, mixer for ensure uniform nutrient of final fertilizer, … Read more

How To Control Pollution Generation In Fertilizer Production

Pollution control is an item you must focus on in fertilizer production. Whether you plan to start organic fertilizer making or NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Then as a professional fertilizer manufacturer, SX designs various pollution generation control methods for fertilizer preparation. It mainly contains two parts: composting gas waste collection and dust prevention. The following are … Read more

How Many Work Area Does Organic Fertilizer Production Need

When you start organic fertilizer production, space occupation is an item you must focus on. Because it plays an important role in organic fertilizer equipment choosing and organic fertilizer plant design. Then how many work area does organic fertilizer production need? You can get an answer from this post. How many parts does an organic … Read more

How To Start A Organic Or Compound Fertilizer Production Plant

When you want to start a organic or compound fertilizer making plant, there are 4 things you need to do: Finding stable fertilizer making material supplier Only you have stable material supplier, you can continuously produce enough fertilizer product to deliver to your customer. You can partner with local animal breeding farms to buy their … Read more