2t/h Organic Fertilizer Granulation Line in India

As a big agricultural country, India’s demand for fertilizers has been rising in past years. Therefore, many companies plan to invest in building a fertilizer production plant. On 25th July, a customer from Jodhpur, Rajasthan inquired us about how to granulate organic waste. After negotiation, he chose a 2t/h organic fertilizer granulation line. The following are the specific details of the negotiation in this case:

Is there fertilizer granulator suitable for process poultry dropping, cattle dung, pig dung, edible oil waste, etc

The raw materials from the customer including poultry dropping, cattle dung, pig dung, edible oil waste, sugar molasses, vegetable waste, maize husks, egg shells, rice bran, etc. Among them, poultry dropping, cattle dung, pig dung, edible oil waste, sugar molasses and vegetable waste can be used as main materials. They can provide NPK and other nutrients to help crops grow up. Meanwhile, maize husks, egg shells and rice bran are suitable for reducing the moisture content of fertilizer. Excessive moisture will reduce the finished fertilizer quality. In summary, these materials are more suitable for making organic fertilizer. So pan granulator and rotary drum pelletizer are both ideal for you.

Pan granulator for organic fertilizer production
Pan granulator for organic fertilizer production

How to reduce the moisture content of the materials

The wet content of the Indian customer’s materials is 50 %. It is higher than the most suitable moisture content of organic fertilizer granulation, which is 20%-40%. For this situation, we can provide you with two solutions. First, you can use a dewatering machine to separate solid and liquid materials, which can reduce the moisture content to 30%. In addition, you can use composting equipment to ferment organic waste. During the fermentation process, a certain amount of heat is generated. This allows the water to evaporate into water vapour and remove it from the materials. After fermentation, the moisture content of the material will remain at 25-30%.

Fertilizer composting machine in XS
Fertilizer composting machine in XS

Which granulator is proper for small scale organic fertilizer production

Because the customer wants a pelletizer with a capacity of 2t/h. Pan granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator and rotary drum pelletizer can meet his requirements. And there are many other types of granulating machines for your choice. They are suitable for medium and large scale organic fertilizer production. If you need a larger organic production line, you can contact us for more details about them.

Which granulator is suitable for producing 1mm final granules

The customer from India wants to produce 1mm granules. So we recommend the disc granulator to him. Our granulating equipment can prepare organic fertilizer pellets with 1-8mm. And you can change the pellet size by adjusting the moisture content. If you choose disc pelletizer, regulating the pan slop angle will be another method to help you change granule size.

Rotary granulator with capacity of 2t/h
Rotary granulator with capacity of 2t/h

What other equipment I need to make my own organic fertilizer

This customer wants to buy an organic fertilizer granulation line to process his materials. So we recommend other fertilizer equipment to help him improve granules quality. Before granulating, besides composter, crusher and mixer are important as well. Meanwhile, drying and cooling machines are also essential to prevent sticking. And the screener can help you distinguish qualified pellets from the unqualified. Finally you need to use coating and packaging equipment to make fertilizer easier to storage and transport. Anything else? Conveyor belt is necessary to link these fertilizer equipment.

2tph organic production line in India
2tph organic production line in India

The above are details about our communication with the customer from India. And we also provide you with other organic fertilizer production lines. If you have special requirements or want to know more, please contact us. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX will provide you with high quality fertilizer equipment you need.

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