Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Cost

With the increasing demand for fertilizers and the need for agro-industrial waste disposal. More and more companies choose to extend their business to the field of fertilizer production. And most of them plan to build a fertilizer preparation plant. During this process, fertilizer manufacturing plant cost is an important factor in which method and equipment they choose to produce fertilizer. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX designs fertilizer production lines with different budgets for your choice. If you have any special requirements, we also can provide customization service for you. So if you are interested in it or want to know more details, please contact us quickly.

Fertilizer plant setup
Fertilizer plant setup

Get the customerized fertilizer plant design according to your budget!

What fertilizer production line you can buy for fertilizer plant setup?

In general, there are two kinds of fertilizers that attract many fertilizer manufacturers to invest to. Organic fetilizer making and compound fertilizer manufacturing. Then how to produce your own fertilizer? For this, we design different production line according to different requirements.

Organic fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer made from animal manure, industrial waste, agricultural litter, which contain rich nutrients. Such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. And usually, you can process organic ferilizer into two forms. powder and granule. Here, you can choose powder organic fetilizer making line and organic fetilizer granulation system. Because of different configuration, they have different prices. You can choose one from them according to your needs.

Materials for organic fertilizer production
Organic fertilizer production
Compound fertilizer production in SX
Compound fertilizer production in SX

Compound fertilizer manufacturing

If you want to start a compound fertilizer production, there are two kinds of materials for your choice. Powder and granular. Generally speaking, the price of powdered compound fertilizer materials is lower than that of granular ones. However, if you want to turn powdery raw materials into the required granular compound fertilizer. You need to complete a process of multiple procedures. But if you use granular materials, only three steps, you can get the final fertilizer. Overall, the cost of the former is higher than the latter. Moreover, we also can offer you fertilizer making plan which use solid + liquid materials, such as SSP fertilizer making.

Costs of different types fertilizer production lines in SX fertilizer equipment factory

After deciding on the raw materials, it is time to start making fertilizers. In this case, there are three fertilizer production lines are popular with fertilizer suppliers. And whether you want to make organic fertilizer or compound fertilizer, they can fully meet your needs. You can choose one according to your needs.

Granular fertilizer making line cost

If you plan to high quality fertilizer and have enough budget, we recommend you to choose it. It is used to turn powdery materials into granular fertilizer. A complete granular fertilizer making line consists of many fertilizer processing machines. Batching equipment, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screener, coating machine and packaging equipment. And if you plan to make organic fertilizer, you will also need compost equipment. In general, more fertilizer equipment means high cost. But more complex processes tend to produce higher quality fertilizer as well.

Each of them is helpful for preparing fertilizer of high quality. For example, fertilizer composter can kill harmful substances in your material. Crusher and mixer can break agglomerated material and make it finer. Granulation machine is greatly helpful for preventing fertilizer sticking. Then the dryer, cooler and coater will further remove the moisture of fertilizer granules. Screener is the key equipment for distinguishing qualified from unqualified fertilizers. Packaging equipment makes the finished fertilizer convenient to store and transport. You can choose according to your needs.

Then how much does a complete granular ferilizer making line cost? It is not fixed, and varies with capacity. Generally, a 1-5 t/h fertilizer making line is $110,000-$190,000; Starting a 5-10 t/h fertilizer granulation plant needs $190,000-$360,000; The price of a 10-20 t/h granular fertilizer manufacturing system is $360,000-$550,000. And a granular NPK fertilizer making line cost is slightly lower than the organic. If you need detail quotation of your fertilizer making line, you can contact us immediately.

Granular fertilizr making line design
Granular fertilizr making line design
Powder cattle manure fertilizer making system in SX
Powder cattle manure fertilizer making system in SX

Powdery fertilizer production line price

If you want to process animal manure into organic fertilizer at a low cost, you can choose this powdery organic fertilizer production line. It is designed to turn raw materials into powdery organic fertilizer. So it only contains composting machine, fertilizer feeder, crusher, screening machine, packing equipment and belt conveyor. Only half of the equipment of the granular fertilizer production line. Less fertilizer equipment also suggests less space occupation. So it can not only reduce your cost on fertilizer equipment, but also on workshop area. Commonly, you only need to prepare $35,000-$90,000 for it.

BB fertilizer preparation line budget

Is there a low cost production line for compound fertilizer? Of course. Our BB fertilizer preparation line is on sale. It can help you finish compound fertilizer manufacturing in three steps. Batching, mixing and packaging. But its capacity can reach 1-30 t/h. Therefore, it can fully meet your requirements, whether you want to manufacture fertilizer in a large, medium or large scale. But for this production line, you only need to invest $15,000-$200,000 in it.

BB fertilizer production line for sale
BB fertilizer production line for sale

How to build fertilizer manufacturing plant with lower investment?

There are many factors that affect the cost of building a fertilizer factory. So besides the choice of production line, you can also reduce the cost of building your fertilizer plant from these aspects.

High quality Equipment

High quality fertilizer processing machines usually can be used for a long time. So you can spend less on changing broken fertilizer equipment. For this, SX fertilizer equipment is your ideal choice. Because it is mainly made of high strength materials and all areas in contact with fertilizers are made of corrosion resistant steel. And we can provide guidance on how to operate it correctly and how to maintain it. These can prolong the service life of your fertilizer machine.

Reasonable layout

Reasonable layout also can reduce your fertilizer manufacturing plant cost. We can provide you with a free project design according to the actual situation of your fertilizer plant. You only need to tell us your materials, capacity, fertilizer plant area and budget. We can offer you free process design drawing, reasonable configuration plan, forward guidance according to your requirements.

Reliable Equipment manufacturer

Choosing a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer is important to build fertilizer manufacturing plant with low cost. For this, SX is an excellent choice for you. As a professional fertilizer equipment factory, SX has advanced technology and nearly 20 years experience in this field. So we can provide you with high quality fertilizer equipment and economical price. In addition, we can offer you guidance on installation and maintenance of fertilizer equipment to prolong its service life. If you want to buy high quality fertilizer equipment at a favourable price, please contact us immediately.

Where to buy

Where to buy is also a factor which influences your cost. The prices of buying fertilizer equipment online or offline, from distributor or source factory are different. It is no doubt that buying fertilizer equipment from source factory is more economical. So buying fertilizer equipment from SX is an optimal option for you. Because it is a source factory for fertilizer processing equipment and there is no extra charge.

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