How To Produce Fertilizer Granules With Uniform Size

Achieving uniformity in fertilizer granules making is crucial for application efficiency and nutrient distribution. YUSHUNXIN enginners have 5 practical tips to produce produce fertilizer granules with consistent size: Raw material crushing before fertilizer granulation  Begin with raw materials that make uniform particle size fertilizer. Use fertilizer grinder to crush compost or chemical materials into homogenous … Read more

Methods Of Preparing Compost Manure

If you want to compost fertilizer quickly and better, choosing a suitable fermentation method is necessary. According to different standards, we can divide it into following methods of preparing compost manure: Oxygen demand – Aerobic fermentation and Anaerobic Composting Anaerobic fermentation is the process of decomposing organic waste under anaerobic conditions. Its main products are … Read more

How To Control Pollution Generation In Fertilizer Production

Pollution control is an item you must focus on in fertilizer production. Whether you plan to start organic fertilizer making or NPK fertilizer manufacturing. Then as a professional fertilizer manufacturer, SX designs various pollution generation control methods for fertilizer preparation. It mainly contains two parts: composting gas waste collection and dust prevention. The following are … Read more