Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

 What is double roller extrusion granulator?

Double roller extrusion granulator is a kind of compound fertilizer production machine, which can turn materials into granules. It uses eugenics formula, and can manufacture particles at the room temperature without drying. The product is rolled and formed at one time, so the product quality is in line with the technical requirements of fertilizer. Double roller pelletizer is suitable for producing high, medium and low concentration of compound fertilizer. It is an ideal equipment for energy conversation and consumption reduction in fertilizer industry.

Double roller granulator for sale
Double roller granulator for sale

What material is suitable for double roller granulator?

Before starting choosing a proper granulating machine, you must know whether the materials you have are suitable for the granulating equipment. Because different fertilizer granulating machines have different requirements for materials. Well, there are two items you must keep an eye on if you choose to buy a double roller granulator.

What kind of material is fitting for double roller granulator

Double roller granulator is a special equipment for compound fertilizer manufacturing. Therefore, it is suitable for zinc sulfate, potassium sulphate (SOP), potassium chloride, ammonia chloride, ammonia sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, etc

Double roller extrusion granulator suitable materials
Double roller extrusion granulator suitable materials

The moisture of raw materials required by double roller granulator

After many times experiments and in-depth researches, our engineers find a rule. If keeping the moisture of raw materials at 5-10%, double roller granulating machine can operate at its best.

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Granulation method used in double roller press granulation

From above introduction, you must have a certain understanding about double roller press granulator. Next let’s learn the method used by it during the process of making granules: Extruding granulation, which also is a kind of dry granulation method.

Extruding granulation process is consist of two parts. First, the dry material will agglomerate and becomes a dense and hard mass (cake) under pressure. This is  the extrusion process. Second, the cake is crushed and sieved into granules, this is the granulation process. The function of extrusion is to displace the air between particles and make the distance between particles close enough to generate attractive forces, such as van der Waals forces, adsorption forces, crystal bridges, and inline connections, which can combine the particles together. In this way, you can directly turn dry powder into granules without adding additives and produce granules at the room temperature without drying. So it can provide you with more simple production processes and lower energy consumption.

Double roller granulator details
Double roller granulator details
Double roller granulation production line process
Double roller granulation production line process

How does the double roller granulator work in your fertilizer granules production?

It is necessary for you to understand the working principle of double roller granulator, if you want to make use of the roller granulator machine more freely and efficiently. The working principle of double roller granulator is:

Double roller prlletizer working principle
Double roller prlletizer working principle

In the process of granulation, electromotor will drive the belt pulley. Then the belt is transmitted to the driving shaft by the speed reducer. So the driving shaft will operate synchronously with the passive shaft. Materials will enter the machine from the hopper. After going through the roll extrusion forming, demoulding, pelletizing, the pellets will pass a chain to the broken screen studio. It is used for sieving and isolating the finished products (the balls). Unqualified particles will be returned to mix with new materials and granulate again.

5 Advantages of double roller extrusion granulator from SX fertilizer machinery

With the development of technology, there are various granulating machines on the market, each has its own advantages to attract customers, why double roller extrusion granulator is an ideal choice for you. There are 5 reasons as follows:

High granulation rate

It can produce particles at the room temperature without drying and form them at one time. Therefore, this compound fertilizer granulating machine can granulate faster and its granulation rate is as high as 90% or more.

Low energy consumption

The operation is simple and flexible and no subsequent drying is required. These bring you simplier production process and lower energy consumption.

Large output

It can support the corresponding equipment, forming a fertilizer production line to achieve a certain capacity of continuous, mechanized production.

Size and shape are adjustable

Ball socket on the roller sheet is the key factor to change granule size and shape. There are a wide range of options. Its diameter is between 3-10 mm. And we can provide ball socket of pillow shape, semicircle shape, stick shape, pill shape, walnut shape, flat ball shape and square bar shape.

Wide range of applications

It is suitable for various materials, such as zinc sulfate, potassium sulphate (SOP), potassium chloride, ammonia chloride, ammonia sulfate, magnesium sulfate, sodium chloride, etc.

Technical parameters of SX double roller granulator

ModelPower (kw)Granule Diameter (mm)Roller Sheet Size (mm)Dimensions (mm)
SXDG-1.5 T18.53-10150×3001450×850×1500

How about the fertilizer granules produced by double roller press granulator

If you want to know the quality of a granulator or whether it is suitable for you, one of the most direct methods is to see whether the finished pellets meet your needs. For example, the granules made from double roller press granulator have smooth surface, beautiful appearance, lower possibility of materials sticking and caking, and is convenient for storage and shipment. It also has high hardness, and can withstand the pressure of 15-20 N per unit area. In addition, the diameter of final granules is adjustable within 3-10 mm. If granules produced by the granulator can meet your needs, it is your ideal granulating machine.

Granules produced by double roller extrusion granulator
Granules produced by double roller extrusion granulator

How long can double roller pressing granulator work?

Rollers of double roller pressing granulator
Rollers of double roller pressing granulator

How long can double roller pressing granulator work is another touchstone for the quality of a granulator. Double roller pressing granulator is made of high quality boiler steel Q235. It has characteristic of good welding performance and certain alkali corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In general, the machine can work 8-10 hours per day and provide service for several decades years. But the roller sheet is a wearing part, you need to change it at least every six months. You need to pay attention to regular maintenance. Proper maintenance can prolong its service life.

How to maintain double roller extrusion granulator?

Maintaining your machine in the correct way can prolong its service life. Following methods are our engineers provide for you to maintain your double roller extrusion granulator:

  • You best start machine without load. It is strictly forbidden to start with material.
  • Don’t add the material with iron. It will break the axle
  • Apply lubricating grease to the gears before starting the machine.
  • Apply lubricating grease to the chain and sprocket every 7 days.
  • Replace the new lubricating greaseof bearing seat every three months.
  • Gear oil is necessary before reducer starts working. You need replace the gear oil  every four months.

How to adjust double roller extrusion granulator to improve fertilizer quality?

In the granulation process of using the double-roll granulator, sometimes the particles are not spherical or the powder leaks too much. At that time, you can adjust these two parts of the double roller extrusion granulator to improve fertilizer quality.

Gap between the rollers

In the process of fertilizer production, sometimes it is necessary to increase the output or bite angle. At this time, you need to increase the distance between the two compression shafts. Then the distance between the driving shaft and the passive shaft becomes bigger. The steps are as follows:

  • Stop the machine and remove the frame above the two bearing seats.
  • Adjust the adjustment plate between the two bearing seats to the required thickness.
  • The distance between the two rollers cannot make the wheels collide. So you need to keep the minimum between 0.3-1 mm.

Alignment of ball socket

The ball socket is contist of the pits on the surface of the main roller. So if you want to improve fertilizer quality, you must pay attention to axial alignment and circumferential alignment.

Generally speaking, the possibility of adjustment is not large. If you need to adjust it, you can tighten or loosen the glands on both sides of the passive bearing seat, so that the dislocated sleeve can move and correspond to the active shaft.
First, you should loosen the 6 connecting bolts of the driven gear and the adjustment sleeve, so that they can slightly disengage with each other. Then you can correct the circumferential direction by tightening or loosening the two adjustment bolts with a hand wrench. In addition, our engineers have already thought that customers may need to adjust the ball socket when designing the roller granulator. Therefore, they have reserved  sufficient adjustment distance. So the dislocation can be adjusted no matter how much the dislocation is. Finally, you need to test the adjustment effect. Because the ball socket is too small, you can place a carton board between the two rollers during testing. After rolling,  you can know whether the adjustment has achieved the purpose by seeing it. After alignment, you can tighten the 8 connecting bolts.

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