How To Make Organic Fertilizer

With the development of industry and agriculture, there is a lot of waste generated. Including animal manure, agricultural waste, industrial residue, biogas byproduct, etc. They will occupy a large space and pollute the environment. Using them as fertilizer is an excellent option to manage the waste. But many people don’t know how to process them into organic fertilizer scientifically. For this, SX engineering equipment Co., Ltd can offer you professional fertilizer production machine and guidance. If you need them, please contact us immediately.

What equipment is needed in organic fertilizer making process?

2 Main organic fertilizer production lines in SX engineering equipment factory

Generally speaking, suppliers will make organic fertilizer into two shapes. Powdery and granular. In this case, we especially design the powdery fertilizer production line and granular organic fertilizer making line for your choice. You can choose one from them according to your needs.

Powdery organic fertilizer making line

If you need a organic fertilizer production line with a low cost, the production line of powdery organic fertilizer is your best choice. It is the simplest production line in SX. It consists of composting machine, fertilizer feeder, crusher, powder screener, packaging equipment and conveyor. To a certain extent, less fertilizer equipment means lower fertilizer production costs. Does it mean lower capacity? Of course not. The powdery organic fertilizer preparation line has a capacity of 1t/h-20t/h. If you use poultry manure as fertilizer, you can treat poultry waste of 30t-1,400t a day. So it is one of our hot sale organic fertilizer processing lines.

Powdery organic fertilizer production line for sale
Powdery fertilizer production line for sale
Granular organic fertilizer production line for sale
Granular organic fertilizer production line for sale

Granular organic fertilizer production line

Proveded you want improving your fertilizer quality, you can choose  to make it into granules. For this, we can provide you with the  granular oeganic fertilizer production line. On the basis of the powdery fertilizer making line, it adds many other organic fertilizer processing machines to improving fertilizer quality. For example, batching machine can be used to rich fertilizer nutrients and improve its proportion accuracy. Fertilizer mixer can fully mingle the materials again. The granulating equipment can turn powdery materials into pellets. Then the drying machine, cooling machine and coating machine will further process the particles. These fertilizer machines will remove their moisture content and prevent nutrients loss. Therefore,  the produced pellets are not easy to stick and more convenient to transport and store.

What are the raw materials needed in the production of organic fertilizer

Materials preparation is the basis of making high quality organic fertilizer. In general, there are various materials can be used to produce organic fertilizer. Including animal manure, agricultural waste, industrial residue, biogas byproduct, etc. Knowing more about them can make it easier to manufacture organic fertilizer you need.

If you have a farm for raising chickens, cows, pigs, sheep, etc. And you are worried about how to manage their waste. We recommend you to make them into organic fertilizer. Because animal manures contain rich organic matters and N, P, K nutrients, which are necessary for crops to grow up. Among a variety of animal manures, using poultry droppings as organic fertilizer material is better. Because of its richer nutrients than others. For example, chicken manure contains 1.63% nitrogen, 1.54% phosphorus, 0.85% potassium. It is almost three times more than livestock manure nutrients content. If you want to improve the N, P, K content in the production of organic fertilizer. You can add more poultry manure.
Agricultural waste is another excellent choice to prepare organic fertilizer. It contains straw, soybean meals, cotton meals, mushroom residues, etc. During the process of making manure, you can use them in two aspects. Increasing nutrient content and reducing moisture content.
You also can use distiller’s grains, vinegar grains, sugar residue and furfural residue to produce fertilizer. The industrial waste has rich organic matter and nutrients needed by plants.
As biogas has become one of the important energy sources in people’s daily life. It was found that the by-products of biogas – biogas residue and biogas slurry are good raw materials for organic fertilizer production. Biogas residue is rich in organic matter, humic acid, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. So it is an ideal source of organic fertilizer manufacturing. Biogas slurry is a good quick-acting liquid fertilizer, and it can prevent pest disease.
Materials used in organic fertilizer production
Materials used in organic fertilizer production

Which composting method is suitable for fermenting the above organic fertilizer materials

In general, you can prepare compost in three ways. Groove composting, ground pile fermentation or in-vessel composting. You can choose according your needs. Whether you choose any composting method, we can provide you with correspondent fertilizer composters with high quality.

Groove composting

If you plan to produce organic fertilizer in a large scale, we recommend you to choose composting materials in the trench. The largest composting trench you can build has a wide range of 30m and a depth of 3m. If you want to enlarge your organic fertilizer production scale, you can increase the number of trenches. Combining with the transfer vehicle, our composting equipment can be used for multiple-groove fermentation. In this case, wheel type compost turner is the optimal option for your large scale composting. Besides, for composting in grooves, you also can purchasing groove type composter and chain plate composter all are ideal choices for you.

Equipment for organic fertilizer composting in groove
Equipment for manure composting in groove
Windrow compost turner for manure waste fermentation
Windrow compost turner for manure waste fermentation

Windrow fermentation

But if you want to compost fertilizer on the ground, windrow composting method is more suitable for you. During this process, you only need to pave the raw materials in long windrows and drive a windrow compost turner to turn them. Then you will get quality compost after 20 days. This compost method has characteristics of low cost, high flexibility, easy operation, etc. If you are interested in this kind of fertilizer composting machine, you can choose crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner to compost materials.

In-vessel composting

If you hope to ferment materials faster, you can choose in-vessel composting equipment. It adopts closed fermentation method. So only needs 10 hours, it can complete the harmless treatment process. And it is equipped with professional gas waste collecting system, which meet your requirement of more environmentally fertilizer friendly composting. In addition, in order to meet the different requirements of customers, we design two types of fertilizer fermentation tank for your choice. They are vertical fertilizer composting pot and horizontal fermentation tank.

In-vessel composting equipment for faster fermentation
In-vessel composting equipment for faster fermentation

3 things you must know during the process of making organic fertilizer

If you want to prepare high quality organic waste fertilizer, you must pay attention to these three aspects.

Moisture content

Keep the moisture content at the right level is the secret of improving final organic fertilizer quality. There are different requirements for moisture content at each stage.

Before composting,the moisture content must not exceed 80%. If it exceeds, you can use the following two methods to reduce it. For one thing, you can use fertilizer dewatering machine to remove redundant moisture. For another, you can add straw, branches or leaves to absorb the water. After doing this, the moisture will be reduced to 60%.

Then, composting can decrease this number to 30%-45%. It is an ideal moisture content for making powdery fertilizer into granules. After granulating, the moisture content will become lower, about 15%-20%. But the standard of organic fertilizer is 14%. At that time, dryer and cooler are excellent partners for you.

If you need to increase moisture content when manufacturing organic fertilizer. Our equipment can also meet your requirements. Some SX fertilizer machines can be equipped with spray devices for convenient water adding. Such as groove type composter, windrow compost turner, disc granulator , rotary drum pelletizer, etc.

SX dewatering machine for better organic fertilizer composting
SX dewatering machine for better fertilizer composting
Disc granulator for small scale wet granulation
Disc granulation equipment for small scale wet granulation
Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale fertilizer granulation
Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale fertilizer granulation

Fermentation temperature

Why we need to compost organic material? Because it has a bad odor and contains many pest eggs. During composting, the high temperature will kill harmful bacteria and pest eggs. So it will not affect crop growth. And the most optimal fermentation temperature is between 65℃ and 70℃. Our fertilizer composting equipment can finish it easily.


Screening is the key to separating qualified and unqualified fertilizers. According to actual needs, our engineers design two types of fertilizer screeners. Powdery screening machine and granule screener. The former can separate finished fertilizer powder and unqualified fertilizer. The latter can divide  fertilizer particles into three parts. Small fertilizer pellets and fine powder, 3-5 mm fertilizer particles, and large fertilizer granules. After screening, the unqualified fertilizer will be returned to re-process.

Temperature changing in organic fertilizer composting
Temperature changing in composting
Screening machine for organic fertilizer manufacturing
Screening machine for organic fertilizer manufacturing

What is the cost of organic fertilizer production?

Why to choose SX fertilizer equipment factory as partner

SX is the leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer in China. In addition, it has nearly 20 years of experience in the production of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer equipment. So it can provide you with high quality fertilizer equipment at an economical price. In addition, we can offer you the best service. Including free project design, featured customization and considerate after-sales service.

SX fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory
SX fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory
Successful cases of SX organic fertilizer equipment
Successful cases of SX fertilizer equipment

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