Why is Chicken Manure Suitable for Composting System?

Chicken manure is the feces of chickens in poultry farms. For farm composting system, chicken manure is a kind of good raw material in organic fertilizer making. Fresh chicken manure contains 0.8% potassium,0.4%to 0.5% phosphorus and 0.9% to 1.5% nitrogen.Of all animal manures, it has the highest amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. But they can not be used directly which would hurt the roots of plants. So, the best way to make full use of chicken manure is composting. One chicken produces approximately 8–11 pounds of manure monthly. With so many chickens raised in your farm, you can collect them together and start a chicken manure composting system to get quality chicken compost.

Trench Compost Turner for Chicken Manure Compost Production
Trench Compost Turner for Chicken Manure Compost Production

How to Compost Chicken Manure into Powdery Fertilizer?

For your chicken waste management, the best way is to convert them into organic fertilizer. If you are not familiar with composting work and need to learn the best way to compost chicken manure in your chicken farm, just feel free to contact us. As a professional fertilizer equipment supplier, SEEC can help you design and manage a chicken manure composting system to compost chicken manure easily. If you want to compost your chicken manure into powdery organic fertilizer, the following making process may help you start a fertilizer production line. First, use our groove type compost turner to compost chicken manure and straw. Then, crush the composted materials into small size and screen them carefully. After that, according to your needs, you can add other trace elements and mix them with the disc mixer. Finally, package the final powdery compost products.

Process for Making Powdery Organic Fertilizer from Chicken Manure
Process for Making Powdery Organic Fertilizer from Chicken Manure

What kinds of Equipment can be used for the Production of Compost Fertilizers from Chicken Manure?

In chicken manure composting system, there are some professional compost machines you may need.

Chicken Waste Disposal Equipment

Chicken farm owners normally use bedding such as shavings, sawdust, dry leaves, or straw to provide a dry cushion for chickens and to control odor and pests. Here, the coop bedding can be collected with the manure for composting work. If the fresh manure contains too much water, our chicken manure dewatering machine can help you reduce the moisture.

Chicken Manure Dewatering Machine
Chicken Manure Dewatering Machine

Chicken Manure Composting Machine

Composting is the key process in the production of compost fertilizers from chicken manure. By using the chicken manure composting machine in this process, you can compost your chicken waste more effectively. Our compost machine mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation technology to decompose the organic matter in chicken waste.

Chicken Manure Composting Machine
Chicken Manure Composting Machine

Commercial Chicken Manure Compost Production Line

This production line is designed to make chicken manure compost for commercial purpose. It is mainly consist by the compost of fermentation system, drying system, deodorant and dust removal system, pulverizing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, screening system, and finished product packing system. If you have any requirements about this production line, it can be customized for you.

Commercial Chicken Manure Compost Production Line
Commercial Chicken Manure Compost Production Line

How to Compost Chicken Manure Quickly in your Poultry Farm?

Hot composting is the fastest method to compost chicken manure. Deal to the high temperature in aerobic fermentation process, aerobic decompose is also hot composting. Besides, ideal composting conditions can accelerate the chicken manure composting process. If you want to compost chicken manure fast in your poultry farm, the following recipes may help you:

Tips 1. Crush the Raw Materials into Small Size.

Before composting, crush the raw materials into small size can increase the working area with oxygen. During aerobic fermentation process, organic mater will decompose more quickly. Here, SEEC has compost crusher for your crushing work.

Tips2. Adjust the C:N ratio.

Carbon and nitrogen are essential elements in the chicken manure composting process. If you want to compost chicken manure quickly, you need to pay attention to the C:N ratio of your raw materials. Generally speaking, when the C:N ratio of raw materials is (25-35):1 the fermentation process will be fastest.

Tips3. Turning Compost Piles when it is Necessary.

During the chicken manure composting process, it is necessary to turn and stir the compost materials. It allows air to enter and the good bacteria need some fresh air to continue working. SEEC has different kinds of compost turning machines for sale, you can select a suitable one for your chicken manure composting system.

Where you can get high quality chicken manure composting system in China?

As we mentioned above, chicken manure composting system with high quality is very popular around the world. It can offer you best solution in making chicken manure into compost quickly. However, how and where to chose the best and high quality fertilizer equipment manufacture is the key to succeed. Our company will give you some important tips for you.

  1. In terms of professional experience, they need 20 years experience in fertilizer equipment industry. By this way , it reduces investment. Because engineers can give you professional advice and best solution in a short time.
  2. In terms of cost of investment, you need choose a manufacturer, not an agency. Because for third parties, they make the gap between supplier and buyer. However, as a manufacture, the price is lower than third parties.
  3. In terms of service, one stop service ad custom service are necessary to estimate a company whether good or bad. Therefore, when you choose , please pay more attention on those.

Aiming to two points, our company, SEEC, is best suitable for your choice. Welcome you to visit.

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