Horse Manure Composting Systems

How to manage horse manure with high efficiency?

According to the data, a single horse produces about 50 pounds of manure per day, which adds up to more than eight tons per year. Besides, add to that the eight to 10 gallons of urine a horse generates and the bedding used each day, then multiply the number of horses on a property. Obviously, it’s not long before a manure mountain is crowding you out of your acreage. Then, what to do with horse manure? Here, SEEC will give you the best solution for horse manure management-composting! There is no doubt that composting is the best way to keep this mountain of waste from becoming unmanageable. Not only does it solve the problem of accumulating waste, but convert horse manure into organic compost. This is a kind of useful, even valuable product you can use on the rest of your property. If you do not know how to compost horse manure effectively, we can help you to build the horse manure composting systems in your farm.

Horse farm waste management method
Horse farm waste management method

How to turn horse manure into compost quickly?

How to compost horse manure?

Many horse farms dispose of their manure by spreading it over pastures. But in fact, this is not the real composting work. The best way to compost horse manure is aerobic decompose. This composting process occurs in the presence of oxygen and a little moisture. So, you can compost horse manure and straw together with a horse manure composting machine. Our horse manure compost machine mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation technology to decompose the organic matter in horse wastes. You can collect the horse waste and stack them in a fermentation groove or on the ground in a corner of your horse farm. Then, use composting turner to turn and mix the horse waste regularly to add more oxygen to the compost piles. In this way, you will get organic horse compost within 20 days.

What is the capacity of horse manure compost machine from SEEC?

Organic fertilizer composting machine is widely used in manure fermentation for horse farmers.  Because it can help you facilitate compost process to kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in horse manure. This makes it more suitable for organic fertilizer making. Therefore, composting equipment play an important role in horse litter management. Then how much horse waste can SX compost machine processing? In order to meet different requirements of capacity from customers, we especially different types of fertilizer composters for your choice. Whether you want to make horse dung composting in a small, medium or large scale, they can fully meet your needs.

How to do large scale horse manure composting effectively?

For large scale composting operations of horse manure , SEEC has large composting equipment for sale. So, we will recommend you to use our wheel type compost machine in your horse manure composting system. By using these professional horse manure composting machine, you can compost horse manure in a large volume with high working efficiency. The wheel type compost turner from our company is fully automatic equipment. As a patent product of our company, the largest turning span of this horse manure composting machine can be 30 meters. And the turning depth can be 1.5-3 meters. So, it is widely used in large scale organic fertilizer production plants to turning the organic wastes in a fast way. Besides, under the same workload, the energy consumption of this machine is 70% lower than other tradition equipment.

Wheel type horse manure compost turning machine for sale
Wheel type horse manure compost turning machine for sale
Groove type compost turner for commercial composting
Groove type compost turner for commercial composting

Groove type compost turner for small or medium scale fermentation of horse manure

If you are desirous of make trench composting of organic fertilizer in a smaller scale, you can buy groove type compost turning equipment. The turning width of it is 2-5 m and the turning depth is 0.8-1.5 m. It is a basic type of trench working compost turner. It mainly uses stirring teeth to turn organic raw material and this stirring teeth can lift freely. So you can complete the groove changing quickly and easily.

Windrow compost turning machine for horse litter fermentation making on the ground

If you don’t want to build fertilizer fermentation groove, you can choose windrow compost method. During this process, the organic materials will be piled into windrows, whose sections are trapezoidal or triangular. And then using windrow compost turner to turn them to speed up compost. For this, SX can offer you crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turning equipment. This kind of fertilizer compost turning machine is controlled by control rods or steering wheel. Only one worker, you can compost a large amount of organic waste.

Horse farm windrow compost turner for sale
Horse farm windrow compost turner for sale
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for fast horse manure composting
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for fast horse manure composting

How to compost horse manure fast?

If you want to compost horse manure quickly, our horse manure fermentation tank is suit for you to improve working efficiency in horse manure composting systems. This is an in-vessel composting equipment in horse manure making process. You can put your horse wastes in this compost bin for quick fermentation. During the composting process, this composter can control the aeration, temperature, agitation automatically. Generally speaking, it only needs 10 hours to finish the horse manure harmfuless process. Besides, this composting equipment for horse manure disposal occupy less space in your horse farm.

In addition, if you have any special requirements, we can provide customized composting equipment according to your needs. So if you are interested in our composting facilities, just feel free to contact us. We will arrange the delivery as soon as possible.

How to monitor the PH in horse manure composting process?

It is worth measuring the PH of compost in horse manure composting systems. During the horse manure composting process, the aerobic microorganisms operate best under neutral to acidic conditions, with pH’s in the range of 5.5 to 8. During the primary stages of horse manure decomposition, organic acids are formed. The acidic conditions are favorable for growth of fungi and breakdown of lignin and cellulose. As composting proceeds, the organic acids become neutralized, and horse mature compost generally has a pH between 6 and 8. So, whether the compost PH is too high or too low, both are not benefit to the composting process. If the compost PH below 5.5, you can add lime or wood ash and mix them well. If the compost PH is too high and over 8, you need to add acid materials for better composting environment.

PH adjustment of horse manure fertilizer composting
PH adjustment of horse manure fertilizer composting

How long does it take to compost horse manure with SEEC composting machine?

Like most natural processes, horse manure composting also needs time. But to be honest, the finished product is worth the wait. With SEEC horse manure composting machine, you can finish the compost work about 15-20 days. You can also speed the composting process by using the following composting tips in your horse manure composting systems:

Control the temperature by turning the compost piles

Compost needs to be hot enough to kill the undesirable factors, but overheating can kill many of the beneficial organisms needed for decomposition. Ideally the pile will reach temps of 120°F – 160°F for several weeks and then naturally cool down.

Adjust moisture in horse manure compost piles

The compost piles should not too soggy or too dry, which will cause it to smell and not decompose properly. If your horse manure has a high moisture content, dewatering machine can help you reduce it before composting.

Minimize the amount of bedding in the compost pile

Straw, wood chips, shavings or sawdust (all organic wastes are high in carbon) will slow down the composting process or even cause it not to complete. When added to soil, high-carbon compost can also cause nitrogen deficiency in plants and turn their leaves yellow

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