How To Make Pig Manure Into Fertilizer

How to make pig manure into organic fertilizer? The answer is not fixed, because it is influenced by many factors. For example, making pig manure into powder or granular fertilizer? At low cost or enough budget? In a small or large scale? But no matter what the situation is, YUSHUNXIN can design the most suitable fertilizer machines for your swine dung fertilizer production project. In the whole process, what you must focus on is composting and granulation of pig poop. Because composting can eliminate harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. And making swine droppings into granules will make your fertilizer more convenient to transport, store and use. Welcome to contact us for your own pig manure fertilizer machine.

Pig manure fertilizer making system for sale
Pig manure fertilizer making system for sale

Pig Manure Fertilizer Line

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Final shape: Powder or granule
  • Final granule size: 1-10 mm
  • Application: Pig farm manure management, organic fertilizer making.
  • Equipment types: compost machine, granulator, dryer, crusher, mixer, screener, packing equipment, etc

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How to make swine manure into powdery organic fertilizer?

If you want to make pig poop into organic fertilizer at a low cost, we recommend you choose to process it into powder. Because it can prepare pig litter into fertilizer in fewer steps, which only contains composting, crushing, screening and bagging. This also means fewer organic fertilizer machines and less space occupations. So you can spend less on pig manure fertilizer equipment buying and workshop rent. In general, the price of a powder fertilizer making line for pig manure processing is $35,000-$90,000. In addition, the smallest powdery fertilizer making line only needs 800 ㎡ of area to install.

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How to produce granular organic fertilizer from swine dung at a low cost?

Can we process pig manure into fertilizer granules at a low cost? Of course. You can buy compost machine and granulation equipment for your pig dung fertilizer making plant only. The former can help you remove harmful substances and smelly odor from swine manure. While the latter will make powder pig dung compost into pellets. They are the most important equipment for granular pig waste fertilizer production. In addition, this business plan can be divided in large scale and small scale.

Small scale low cost granular pig manure fertilizer making design

Provided you plan to start a low cost granular pig poop organic fertilizer making in a small scale, windrow compost turner + disc granulation machine is an idea choice for you. Usually, windrow compost machine can process 500-1500 ㎡ of pig manure compost per hour. And pan pelletizer can produce 1-6 tons of swine waste granules per hour.

Large scale low cost swine waste fertilizer pellet production plan

However, when you want to finish a large scale granular pig manure fertilizer production, you can choose wheel type compost turner and drum granulation equipment. They are especially designed for large scale fertilizer fermentation and pellet making.

How to further improve the quality of the swine waste fertilizer you prepare?

If you want to further improve the quality of your swine waste fertilizer, you can purchase a complete granular organic fertilizer manufacturing line. Besides compost equipment and granule making equipment, it also needs pig manure organic fertilizer machines as follows:

  • Batching machine: In order to ensure sufficient nutrients contained in fertilizer, usually we will add some auxiliary materials to pig manure. At that time, batching machine can help you control the amounts of these materials.
  • Crusher: If you want to make swine dung fertilizer with a beautiful appearance, crushing machine is necessary. It will break agglomerated pig dung into fine powder, which makes final fertilizer granules have a more smooth surface.
  • Mixer: Mixing machine can blend various materials evenly, so that the nutrient of your final fertilizer are balanced.
  • Screener: Screener is the key machine for distinguishing qualified from unqualified pellets. And the unqualified pellets will be returned to regulation. This can greatly reduce the waste of materials.
  • Dryer and cooler: Dryer and cooler will further remove the moisture of fertilizer granule to make it meet the international requirement. Then the quality of fertilizer pellets will also improve.
  • Coating equipment: Coating is a process to add a protective film to your swine waste fertilizer pellets. It will make your fertilizer store for a longer time.
  • Packaging scale: After packing, the finished fertilizer is convenient to store and transport. And you can pack them into bags with different volumes, which can meet the different needs of your customers.

How to make pig manure compost better?

From the above pig poop fertilizer manufacturing plans, we can find that composting (also known as fermentation) is a necessary process in organic fertilizer production from pig manure waste. But how to complete the compost of pig litter better and faster? There are some tips for your reference.

Create a good environment for the composting of swine manure

Manure composting mainly relies on microorganisms activity to decompose pig poop and generate high temperature to kill harmful substances in swine waste. So if you want to compost pig manure better, it is essential to create a suitable environment for microorganisms reproduction. In this aspect, there are two items you need to pay attention to. On the one hand, it is advisable to control the temperature of pig litter compost to 60℃-70℃. Which can kill harmful bacteria and has no damage to beneficial bacteria in swine poop. On the other hand, you had better keep the water content at 45%-60% while pig dung composting. Because it can offer enough water to microorganism activity but not hinder the transport of oxygen (which is important for manure fermentation).

Buy a suitable compost machine for your pig dung fermentation

In addition, a suitable compost machine can greatly facilitate the aerobic fermentation of swine manure. Then which compost equipment is an ideal choice for your pig dropping compost making? You can consider it in the following aspects:


If you plan to compost pig manure in a large scale, we recommend you choose wheel type compost machine. However, provided you need a small scale fermentation machine, SX can offer you groove type composter, moving type compost turner and organic fertilizer fermentation tank.

Fermentation method

You also need to consider what method you want to adopt in pig poop composting. If you want to compost swine dung in fermentation grooves, you can buy groove type compost machine, wheel type compost turner or chain plate compost machine. When you want to make compost from pig waste on the flat ground, crawler type windrow turner and moving type composter are excellent choices for you. Finally, provided you need a machine for in-vessel compost of pig manure, we can offer you vertical fermentation pot and horizontal fermentation tank.


When you want to make pig manure into compost at a low cost, you can choose groove type compost machine or moving type compost turner. But if you have enough budget for purchasing pig dung composter, organic fertilizer fermentation pot is your best choice. Because it can help you finish manure compost production faster with less environmental pollution.

How to make better fermentation of pig manure organci fertilizer?

How to choose the right equipment for making fertilizer pellets from pig manure?

When you want to make pig manure into granules, you also need to focus on the selection of organic fertilizer granulator. From the data of our past customers, we find there are 2 fertilizer pelletizers that are very popular with pig manure fertilizer manufacturers. They are:

Disc pan granulator for small scale fertilizer making of pig dung

There are two reasons why so many fertilizer plants choose disc granulator to process pig manure into granules. For one thing, it has a high granulation rate, which can reach over 93%. This means that within a certain time, you can produce more fertilizer particles with the same amounts of pig liter compost. For another, it has a favourable price, which is lower than other organic pellet machines. About $1,500-$16,000. In addition, it has a capacity of 1-6 t/h, so it is an ideal choice for making granular fertilizer from pig manure in a small scale.

Disc granulator for small scale pig manure pelleting
Disc granulator for small scale pig manure pelleting
Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer pellet making
Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer pellet making

Rotary drum pelleting machine for large scale pig manure granulation

Then rotary drum pelletizer is the best selling granulation machine with large scale pig waste fertilizer making customers. First, because it has a higher output than other pig dropping granulators, which can reach 30 t/h. It can fully meet your needs for large scale pig manure granulation. Moreover, we especially add a rubber lining to drum pellet making machine, which has a high performance in corrosion-resistance. It can reduce the erosion of the processing of a large amount of pig manure and prolong the service life of the rotary drum pellet manufacturing machine.

Besides the above pellet making machines for swine poop granules making, we also have new type organic fertilizer granulator and flat die pelletizer for your choice. If you are interested in them, you can contact us immediately.

Pig manure fertilizer production line case In Bulgaria

Pig Manure Disposal into Fertilizer Line

  • Conutry: Bulgaria
  • Capacity: 3 t/h
  • Material: dewatered pig waste
  • Final product: pellets
  • Design: groove type compost turner, vertical crusher, mixer, roller granulator, screener, packing machine, etc.

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