Vertical Fermentation Pot

What is vertical fertilizer fermentation pot

Vertical fertilizer fermentation pot is a key equipment to make high quality organic fertilizer. It is widely used in composting organic waste so that it is harmless to make organic fertilizer. And during this process, you don’t need to spend too much on space and pollution treatment. Only need an area of 10-30 square meters, it can complete harmless process of your organic fertilizer materials. And it has a waste gas treatment system to filter the dust. So if you want to make compost with less space and pollution, this vertical fermenter is suitable for you. If you need more details or have any special requirements, please contact us immediately.

Vertical fermentation pot for sale
Vertical fermentation pot for sale

How to compost organic waste better?

What you need to do before composting organic waste by vertical fermentation tank?

Adequate preparation is the prerequisite for the successful production of high-quality organic fertilizer. Before composting, there are two aspects you need to pay attention to.

Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction

Control materials water content at 50-60%

In essence, fertilizer composting is a process of utilizing the activity of microorganisms to decompose organic matter in organic waste. Then organic waste will convert to suitable raw materials for organic fertilizer making. But microorganisms need to continuously absorb water from the surrounding environment to maintain normal metabolism. So keeping water content at an appropriate level is important. 50%-60% is the optimal moisture content for organic waste fermentation. If your materials have higher water content. You can use dewatering machine or add straw, sawdust, edible mushroom chaff, etc to decrease it. But if it is lower, you can mix it with fresh manure, which has high moisture content.

Using finer raw materials

The finer of organic raw material, the better of the fertilizer fermentation effect. Because the finer the organic raw material is, the better it will be in contact with oxygen. Here, our fertilizer crushing machine can help you a lot. After finishing preparation tasks, your first step to start manufacturing organic fertilizer is composting. For this, vertical fermentation equipment from SX machinery is an ideal choice for you.

Materials suitable for vertical fermentation pot
Materials suitable for vertical fermentation pot

How does the organic fertilizer fermentation machine work?

Vertical fertilizer fermentation pot mainly composts by aerobic fermentation method. It makes use of the fact that under a certain temperature, humidity and sufficient oxygen environment, microorganisms will react and release heat. The high temperature can kill harmful bacteria, peat eggs and grass weeds. So organic materials will become harmless and suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturing. This process can be divided into three parts: temperature heating stage, high temperature stage and temperature falling stage.

Temperature heating stage

After the fertilizer material enters the fermentation chamber, it will be rapidly decomposed within 1-2 days under the action of microorganisms. During this process, a large amount of heat is released. It makes the temperature of the material rise rapidly, and the temperature is generally at 50℃- 65℃ and up to 80℃.

Process of fermentation pot composting
Process of fermentation pot composting

High temperature stage

When the temperature of fertilizer material rise to 60℃. It can kill harmful bacteria and pathogens, parasite eggs and other harmful substances in the animal feces. At the same time, it can balance the temperature, humidity and PH value in the fertilizer fermentation tank to satisfy the living conditions of beneficial bacteria. In addition, in order to make sure the aerobic bacteria has enough oxygen to fully ferment and decompose the fertilizer materials. The air supply system will evenly supply oxygen to the fermentation chamber.

Temperature falling stage

As the material is gradually decomposed, the temperature slowly decreases. When the temperature of organic fertilizer materials no longer rises again. The organic fertilizer material is fully fermented. You can discharge it from the vertical fermentation tank. Then you can get harmless and environmentally friendly materials to prepare your organic fertilizer.

Temperature changing in ogranic fertilizer composting
Temperature changing in ogranic fertilizer composting

The whole process will last 15-20 days. If you want to shorten this time or compost fertilizer materials better, you can add fermented bacteria. Composting 1 ton of materials usually needs to add about 100 kg of fermented bacteria.

Designs of vertical fermentation tank can help you compost organic fertilizer better

Vertical fermentation pot is a kind of advanced composting equipment. It plays an important role in the production of high quality organic fertilizer. It has many elaborate designs, which can make organic fertilizer fermentation better and easier.

Temperature sensor

In order to regulate the temperature timely, our engineers especially design a temperature sensor for organic fermentation pot. It can real-time monitor the tank inside temperature when the poultry manure fermented in the fermentation tank. So you can regulate the temperature without delay. Moreover, the temperature sensor can adjust the temperature by starting on the industrial electric blanket. Which is embedded in the two-layer tank wall. Therefore, you can keep the inside temperature at 60℃-70℃ easily. It is the best living temperature for organic fertilizer composting.

Heating device

Heating device is another design to make sure that the temperature in the tank is suitable for organic fertilizer fermentation. The heating device is in the upper side of the fermentation tank. It can heat the oxygen that is pressured into the tank.

Roots blower

Expect temperature sensor, there is also an oxygen sensor that can monitor oxygen concentration in the tank. If the oxygen is not enough, you can use high pressure Roots blower to press the heated oxygen into the fertilizer fermenter. So you can make sure that aerobic bacteria has enough oxygen. Then it can work better to decompose and compost organic fertilizer.

High temperature organic fertilizer fermentation pot
High temperature organic fertilizer fermentation pot
Roots blower for better fertilizer compost
Roots blower for better fertilizer compost

How about the final product processed by vertical organic fertilizer fermenter

The good fermented material is the most indirect evidence to show the high quality of fertilizer composting equipment. You can observe it from three parts: water content, PH value and C:N ratio.

Water content

As mentioned above, the moisture of the material before fermentation is 50%-60%. But the moisture content of qualified organic fertilizer is 14%. In this case, our organic fertilizer fermenter can reduce the water content to 30%. Then fertilizer granulation, drying, cooling, etc can further remove moisture from your organic fertilizer. The water content of final fertilizer can reach below 10%.

PH value

The PH value of the soil is important for plant growth. If it is too high or too low, the growth of the plant is easily hindered. When the PH value is between 6.5 and 7.5, the plant can absorb and utilize nutrients in soil with maximum efficiency. So the PH value of organic fertilizer you produce also cannot exceed this range. Here, our vertical organic fermenter will be your excellent partner. After fermentation by it, the PH value of organic material generally is 6-8. It can fully meet your needs.

C-N ratio

According to investigation, controlling the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the raw material to 25-30% is the key to improving compost effect. And the produced organic fertilizer can supply sufficient nutrients to the growth of crops. In this aspect, there are two tips for you.

  • When you process organic fertilizer raw materials with a high C-N ratio. You can choose to add an appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer for regulation. Such as urea, etc.
  • If you use materials of low C-N ratio to make organic fertilizer. Such as chicken manure, pig manure, etc. You can mix them with high C-N ratio materials to improve the C-N ratio. Such as straw and corn stalks.

Vertical fermentation pot is suitable for processing all the material above. Using it, you can get the materials with a C-N ratio of 25-30% easily and quickly.

Compost fertilizer made by automatic invessel compost equipment
Compost fertilizer made by automatic in-vessel compost equipment

Differences between fermentation tank and compost turner

Besides fermentation tank, compost turner is also a kind of fertilizer composting machine. They can both be used for organic fertilizer composting. But there are some differences between them. You can choose according to your needs.

Space occupation

If you have enough space for organic fertilizer composting, we recommend you to choose compost turner. But if your fertilizer plant is not big, our fermentation pot will be your ideal choice. Only 10-30㎡, it can help you finish fertilizer fermentation.

Typical groove type compost turning machine for sale
Typical groove type compost turning machine for sale
Windrow compost turner for sale
Windrow compost turner for sale

Composting method

Composting organic fertilizer in trench and on the disclosed ground are two common composting methods in fertilizer suppliers. At that time, composting turner is your best option. including groove type compost turner and windrow compost turner. But if you want to prepare organic fertilizer by in-vessel fermentation method for less pollution. We recommend you to use vertical fermentation pot. It makes fermentation in a closed environment. So there is no smelly odor during fertilizer compost. In addition, it is equipped with water spray tower and activated carbon box. They can absorb NH3, H2S and other harmful gases produced by fermentation. It is the perfect solution to secondary pollution.

Reaction of external influence

If you need a fertilizer composter that makes your organic fertilizer production less affected by the outside world. We commend you to choose fermentation tank. It can make compost in a sealed space and uses polyurethane as an temperature insulation layer. Therefore, you can compost fertilizer throughout the year without outside world influence.

Vertical fermentation tank structure
Vertical fermentation tank structure
Low cost fertilizer compost turner in SX
Low cost fertilizer compost turner in SX


They are also different at price. On the whole, the cost of fermentation pot is more than fertilizer compost turner. If you have a high budget, fermentation tank is your optimal choice. But if your budget is not enough, you can choose fertilizer compost turner.

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