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What is the best method of liquid organic waste management? -liquid fertilizer production line

Are you finding solutions for animal farm manure waste management? Here, making manure and urine into liquid organic fertilizer is an ideal choice. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer. SX can provide you professional liquid fertilizer production line. It contains crushing, reaction, filtering, liquid filling and so on. In addition, as a fertilizer machine source factory, you can buy liquid fertilizer machines at a favorable price. If you want to start liquid organic fertilizer production as soon as possible, welcome to contact us for customized design.

Liquid fertilizer production line for sale
Liquid fertilizer production line for sale

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What is the process of liquid fertilizer making system?

For liquid fertilizer plant setup, it is essential to learn about the process of liquid fertilizer manufacturing. In general, it contains 6 steps:

Manure liquid separation

Animal manure is an excellent material for liquid fertilizer making. But it is usually a mixture of liquid and solid. So you need to separate liquid manure from the solid first. How to separate liquid from solids? For industrial liquid fertilizer manufacturing, it is advisable to use a manure solid-liquid separator. Only several minutes, you can distill liquid manure to start making organic liquid fertilizer. In addition, the left solid manure is suitable for solid organic fertilizer making.

Filtering to remove impurities

Then in order to ensure the high quality liquid fertilizer production, automatic filters will perform secondary and tertiary purifying on liquid animal manure. In this way, mini waste particles will be completely removed from your materials.

UV disinfection

In this process, disinfection of liquid fertilizer making material is necessary. Because raw manure liquid material contains various pathogens. Such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc. They will harm crops and plants. But with UV disinfection machines, you can make materials harmless quickly. And compared with chemical disinfection, it is more environmentally friendly.

Animal manure dewatering machine for sale
Animal manure dewatering machine for sale
Filter and UV disinfection device for liquid fertilizer production
Filter and UV disinfection device for liquid fertilizer production
Batching tank for quality liquid organic fertilizer making
Batching tank for quality liquid organic fertilizer making

Batching auxiliary materials

Due to making more profits from liquid fertilizer production line, besides manure liquid, we usually need to add some auxiliary materials. Therefore, you can prepare liquid fertilizer, which is suitable for local farming conditions. For example, adding micro elements and NPK materials to enrich the nutrients of final liquid fertilizer. Or batching some fermentation agent to speed up liquid fertilizer fermentation.

Liquid fertilizer reaction

Next, the most important step in liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing process – fermentation. It is key to converting nutrients into organic materials into forms that are more easily absorbed by plants. Moreover, in this process, beneficial microorganisms, like actinomycetes, nitrifying bacteria, phosphatizing bacteria, etc. can reproduce. And manure odor will disappear and fertilizer nutrient elements become more stable. Here, we have professional reactors for liquid fertilizer preparation. It uses stainless steel as materials, which have high erosion-resistance.

Liquid fertilizer fermentation tank for sale
Liquid fertilizer fermentation tank for sale
Automatic liquid filling machine for sale
Automatic liquid filling machine for sale

Packaging with liquid filling system

Finally, packaging finished liquid fertilizer for easier transport, storage and use. SX can offer you automatic liquid filling machine, which has characteristics of precise quantitative system, automatic filling, covering, labeling, etc. So you can complete the liquid fertilizer packing in a short time. Here, we can customize machines according to your bottle capacity. Such as 1 liter, 5 liters or more.

What method is used in liquid fertilizer reaction? Anaerobic or aerobic fermentation?

SX liquid fertilizer fermentation system mainly makes use of anaerobic fermentation design. In liquid fertilizer reactor tank, there is an automatic air extraction system, which can create an anaerobic environment quickly for fast liquid fertilizer making. Moreover, it has mixing blades inside. This is beneficial for improving anaerobic bacteria activity to decompose nutrients into smaller molecules that are easier to absorb.

Anaerobic fermentation for liquid waste
Anaerobic fermentation for liquid waste

How to make liquid fertilizer quickly?

For industrial liquid fertilizer production line, speed is essential. But how to prepare liquid fertilizer fast? There are 4 tips for your reference.

Add suitable bacteria

As mentioned above, liquid fertilizer making mainly relies on bacteria to decompose materials. So you can add some extra beneficial bacteria to speed up the liquid fertilizer manufacturing process. Such as compound spores, compound yeasts, compound lactobacilli, compound enzyme preparations, etc.

Mixing various materials evenly

Then mixing is a method to make bacteria distribute evenly in raw materials. So it can fully play its role in facilitating the fermentation of liquid organic fertilizer. Here, you don’t need to add a professional mixer. Our liquid fertilizer reactor tank has its own mixing shaft inside.

Heating liquid fertilizer

In addition, you can add a liquid heating tank in liquid fertilizer production line. Anaerobic microorganisms are generally more active in warm conditions. 30-40°C is considered the ideal temperature range for mesophilic anaerobic fermentation. At this temperature, the growth of microorganisms and the decomposition of organic matter are relatively rapid.

Buy automatic liquid fertilizer making machine

With high automation, there is a lower labor force cost and faster liquid fertilizer making process. Our whole liquid fertilizer manufacturing system is controlled by PLC control system. It can monitor and adjust the temperature, oxygen content, material status, etc in real time. In this way, you can create a better environment for liquid fertilizer making.

Liquid organic fertilizer making system design
Liquid organic fertilizer making system design
Automatic control system for liquid fertilizer machines

Is there more details about liquid fertilizer manufacturing process?

How much does liquid fertilizer equipment cost?

Price of liquid fertilizer machines is an item most liquid fertilizer manufacturers focus on. However, it is closely related to many aspects. Including capacity, machine types, system design, etc. In general, you need to prepare $12,000-$50,000 for a basic liquid fertilizer production line at least. If you need more precise quote for your liquid fertilizer making machines, welcome to contact us immediately.

Price of liquid fertilizer production equipment
Price of liquid fertilizer production equipment

Can the production line make liquid fertilizer from poultry manure?

Manure waste to liquid fertilizer manufacturing
Manure waste to liquid organic fertilizer manufacturing

The answer must be yes. Using this liquid fertilizer manufacturing line, you can choose to make liquid fertilizer from various organic waste. Such as chicken manure, cow dung, pig waste or other animal manure. Of course, these contain both poultry manure and livestock poop liquid fertilizer preparation. In addition, you can add water soluble humic acid, water soluble NPK or other trace elements to enrich the nutrients of your liquid fertilizer according to local conditions.

Why so many liquid fertilizer manufacturers choose to buy SX liquid fertilizer production line?

After determining liquid fertilizer equipment you want to buy, it is necessary to find a reliable liquid fertilizer machine manufacturer. Here, SX is an excellent choice. There are 3 reasons.

High liquid fertilizer equipment quality

All liquid fertilizer equipment uses stainless steel as material, which can withstand the erosion from large scale liquid fertilizer processing for a long time. Then there are professional certificates of equipment quality for you.

Customized liquid fertilizer making project plan

In order to help you start liquid fertilizer making successfully, we will design production plan according to your requirements and actual conditions. Including capacity, material, budget, final product, etc. It also contains customized liquid fertilizer equipment design charging.

Considerate after-sales services

After receiving liquid fertilizer equipment, we can offer you guidance for operations and installation. If you have any other things want to know, we will also provide you with the best solution as soon as possible.

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