Introduction of Fertilizer Screener Machine in Fertilizer Production Line

Fertilizer screening machine is an important equipment in fertilizer production line. Rotary screening machine can sift the compost material according to its particle size. If the fertilizer products are qualified, they will be conveyed to fertilizer coating machine or transported to automatic fertilizer package machine directly. Otherwise, they will go back to fertilizer crusher for granulation process again. Therefore, the role of fertilizer screener is to help you choose qualified and high quality fertilizer products in your fertilizer making process. SEEC, as a professional fertilizer production equipment manufacture for 30 years, our products has sold all over the world and get high praise from our clients. Here, SEEC has two kinds of fertilizer screeners for you: rotary screen equipment and vibrating screening machine.

Fertilizer Screener for Sale
Fertilizer Screener for Sale

Rotary Fertilizer Screening Machine

The rotary fertilizer screener from SEEC is a new type self-cleaning fertilizer screening equipment. It is widely used for screening of various solid materials with particle size less than 300 mm. The production materials of our rotary screen machine is galvanized steel, so the service life will be long for your fertilizer production. Its screening capacity is 1t/h-20t/h. what’s more, SEEC can provide customized service for you. If you have any questions or requirements about the equipment, just feel free to contact us.

Rotary Fertilizer Screening Machine for Sale
Rotary Fertilizer Screening Machine for Sale

Rotary Fertilizer Screener for Sale

  • Model: SEECGS-1020
  • Power(kw): 3
  • Drum Speed(r/min): 21
  • Screening Capacity(t/h): 1-2
  • Model of Reducer: ZQ250

How about the structure of rotary fertilizer screener?

We can divide it into three parts:

  1. Rack part: The machine frame is welded by high carbon steel plate and channel steel, and through strict product certification and specific technical requirements, it had reached the purpose of the machine.
  2. Transmission and screening part: This part uses a combined screen mesh, which is transmitted through a coupling to the main shaft. The material is entered from the feed end, and the roll cage is continuously turned and graded, and the outlet is outflow evenly from the bottom, which effectively separations the finished product from the Re-material, thus improving the working efficiency.
  3. Transmission connection part: The motor drives the pulley, the triangle belt and the reducer to make the spindle rotating. In which the drive reducer and he main working part of the main engine are driven by the axle pin couple, it is convenient to ssemble and maintain.

Technical Highlights of SEEC Rotary Screening Equipment

Screen mesh on rotary screen machine
Screen mesh on rotary screener machine
  • High Screening Efficiency. Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screen cleaning mechanism, it can never block the screen, so as to improve the screening efficiency of the equipment.
  • Good Working Environment. The whole screening mechanism is designed in the sealed dust cover. When this machine is working, there is no dust flying phenomenon which improve the working environment greatly.
  • Low Noise. The noise generated by material and rotary screen is completely isolated by sealed dust cover.
  • Long Service Life. The production materials of our rotary screen machine is galvanized steel, so the service life will be long for your fertilizer production.
  • Convenient Maintenance. There are observation windows on both sides of sealed dust cover. So, works can observe the operation of equipment at any time.

Vibrating Fertilizer Screener for Sale

The vibrating fertilizer sifter from SEEC is widely used for product classification in organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, transportation industry, mining, energy and chemical industry.

SEEC vibrating fertilizer screener equipment
SEEC vibrating fertilizer screener equipment

Vibrating Fertilizer Sifting Machine for Sale

  • Model: Tdzs1x3(can be customized)
  • Power(kw): 1.5
  • Dimensions(mm): 3400x1500x2700
  • Screen Area(㎡): 3
  • Screen Capacity(t/h): 3-5

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