Small Scale Commercial Fertilizer Composting In Philippines

Under the aegis of government policy of production, market, training and related systems. The animal breeding farms have a prosperous development in the Philippines. But with the selling of animal meat, there is an item that needs to focus on. How to dispose of animal waste in farms? On 8th November 2022, a customer from the Philippines contacted us for an environmentally friendly way to treat cow dung in the farm. And there are about 1,000 cows in his farm. And finally, he chose a small scale commercial fertilizer composting system. The following are the specific details of our communication in this case:

Get details of manure composting plan immediately!

What kind of fertilizer do you want to make from cow dung? Powder compost or organic fertilizer granule?

For animal farm waste (such as cattle manure) management, SX can provide you with 2 types of plans. You can choose to turn cow litter into compost powder or granular organic fertilizer. If you want to make cow waste into high quality fertilizer pellets, we can offer you professional organic fertilizer granulation system. But if you just want to simply process cattle poop for commercial purposes. We recommend you choose our compost fertilizer production system. It not only is easily operated but also can greatly reduce the cost of cattle manure disposal.   

Cow manure compost making
Cow manure compost making

What equipment can be used in small scale commercial fertilizer composting?

After a period of consideration, the client from the Philippines chose to process cow dung into compost first. And because this Philippine customer has told us that there are about 1,000 cows in his farm. The small scale compost machine is the best choice for him. Then what equipment is suitable for starting commercial fertilizer composting on a small scale? There are four types of SX compost machines for your reference.

Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working
Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working

Groove type compost turner for composting in fermentation trenches

The groove type compost turner is a typical equipment for starting cow manure fermentation in trenches. During fermentation, it will move along the rails on both sides of the fermentation trench and the stirring teeth will rotate to turn the materials in grooves. This will create a suitable environment for cattle litter fermentation. So the manure can be fermented into compost quickly and easily. This machine can work for fermentation grooves with a width of 2-5 m and a depth of 1-2 m. It is popular with small scale compost fertilizer plants.

Chain plate type composter for groove type composting

Chain plate type composter is another equipment designed for small scale composting in trenches. Compared with the above compost equipment, it can make cattle litter contact with oxygen for a longer time. Because of the design of the alloy pallet, which looks like a conveyor belt. In addition, it adopts variable frequency speed control system, which make it well adapt to the regulation of working load. It has a turning span of 3-4 m and can process material with a height of 1-2 m.

Chain plate compost machine working
Chain plate compost machine working
Animal manure composting with moving type compost equipment
Animal manure composting with moving type compost equipment

Moving type compost equipment for on the ground fermentation

If you want to directly to compost cattle litter on the ground in a small scale, moving type compost turner is an is ideal choice. And it is advisable to finish it on the cement floor, which can prevent sewage from seeping into the ground. Using this composter, you need to pile cattle poop into long windrows. Then drive moving type composter to straddle over the material windrows to mix it. This machine can help you greatly reduce the cost of organic waste fermentation on infrastructure and human powder. Moreover, its capacity can reach 300-500 m³/h.

Horizontal organic fertilizer fermentation tank for in-vessel composting

However, if you don’t have a enough space for manure small scale commercial fertilizer compost, you can choose horizontal fermentation tank. It is a kind of in-vessel compost equipment, which starts organic fertilizer fermentation in a closed environment. And the whole horizontal fermentation pot only occupies an area of 10-30 ㎡, which is far less than that of other cow dung composters. And it is an environmentally friendly compost machine. Because it has a gas waste treatment system, which can reduce the pollution generated in composting.

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for small scale fertilizer composting

The above are details about our communication with the customer from the Philippines. In addition, besides small scale commercial fertilizer composting  system, we also can provide you with many other systems fertilizer making for fertilizer making. Such as large scale composting system, fertilizer granulation line, powdery fertilizer making line, etc. If you are interested in them, please contact us immediately.

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