What Is The Cost Of Small Scale NPK Fertilizer Production Plant Setup

When you plan to setup a small scale NPK fertilizer production plant, cost is an item you must focus on. Because it is closely related to the choosing of granulation method, equipment configuration, etc. As a professional fertilizer making machine manufacturer, SX especially design different NPK fertilizer making business plans according to different budgets, including NPK fertilizer pellets making. They can fully meet your needs, whether you have a small or large budget for small scale NPK fertilizer making plant setup.

What is the cost of chemical fertilizer making plant setup?

How to choose a suitable small scale NPK fertilizer production line according to your budget?

$ 50,000-$150,000 NPK fertilizer making system

If you plan to invest $ 50,000 – $150,000 in your small scale NPK fertilizer production plant setup as cost, we recommend you to buy our pan fertilizer granulation line. It consists of loader type feeder, NPK crusher, chemical fertilizer mixer, pan pellet making equipment, fertilizer screen machine, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, automatic bagging machine and belt conveyor. This production line mainly adopts wet granulation method. It makes use of liquid as binder to turn NPK material into granules. So NPK powder can combine with each other easier and you can produce higher quality NPK fertilizer pellets. Moreover, in general, pan pellets making line can prepare 1- 6 tons of NPK particles per hour. This can fully meet your requirements for small quantities NPK fertilizer manufacturing plant setup.

Pan granulation line for small scale NPK fertilizer making
Pan granulation line for small scale NPK fertilizer making
Double roller NPK fertilizer granulation line for sale
Double roller NPK fertilizer granulation line for sale

$10,000-$70,000 NPK fertilizer manufacturing plant setup

Can we start small scale NPK fertilizer making at a lower cost? Of course. You can purchase our double roller granulation system. It employs dry granulation method. Which only relies on the extrusion force between the two rollers to convert NPK powder into pellets. Therefore, there is nearly no water involved. Then you can save the money on dryer and cooler buying. In this way, only need to prepare $10,000-$70,000, you can finish the manufacturing of NPK fertilizer pellets. In addition, a double roller extrusion granulator can prepare 3 tons of NPK granules per hour. If you plan to setup a 3-10 t/h NPK fertilizer production plant, you can increase the number of roller fertilizer pellet machine to 2-4. Is it simple, right?

How much does a large scale NPK fertilizer making system cost?

Then is there a project for larger scale NPK fertilizer production? How much does it need to invest in? For those who want to setup a over 10 t/h NPK fertilizer manufacturing factory, it is advisable to choose rotary drum granulation line. Its largest capacity can reach 30 t/h, it is far higher than other NPK fertilizer granule making systems. Therefore, it can help you complete large scale NPK pellets making more quickly. Generally, the price of fertilizer making line will vary with capacity. In addition, drum pellet making machine also adopts wet type granulation method. So you also need to use drying machine and cooling equipment. In this way, the price of a whole set of rotary drum NPK fertilizer production line about $70,000 – $500,000.

Large scale Rotary drum NPK fertilizer making system design
Large scale Rotary drum NPK fertilizer making system design

The above is the basic information of NPK fertilizer production line cost, you can choose a suitable fertilizer business plan according to your budget. If you want to learn the precise quote of NPK fertilizer manufacturing or other fertilizer line price. Welcome to contact us immediately!

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