How To Make Bio Fertilizer From Cow Dung

With the development of large-scale and intensive farms, the production of livestock manure, crop straw and other organic waste is increasing. Among them, cow dung accounts for a large part. It contains pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and heavy metals and other harmful substances, which will cause environmental pollution. But there are also rich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matters in cattle manure. So by combining microbial agent, you can turn the cow waste into high quality bio fertilizer. For this, SX can provide you with professional fertilizer equipment to prepare cow dung into bio fertilizer. Whether you want to make cow dung into powdery or granular bio fertilizer. Whether you need equipment for small, medium or large scale bio fertilizer preparation. We can fully meet your needs.

How to produce bio fertilizer with cow dung for commercial purpose?

Converting cow manure to bio fertilizer is a win-win choice for you. On the one hand, you can solve the annoyance of cow dung pollution. On the other hand, making cow manure into bio fertilizer can increase your income. Then how to process cattle litter into bio fertilizer? It can be divided into two parts:

Turning cow dung into powdery bio fertilizer

  • Collecting material: You need a stable source of cow litter for continuous bio fertilizer production. For cattle farm owners, it is easy to finish. But if you don’t have a farm, you must focus on it. In addition, fresh cow manure is better than old.
  • Control moisture: In general, the water content of fresh cow dung can reach more than 65%. It will inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms. At that time, you can use dewatering machine to remove exceed moisture.
  • Composting: It is a key step for high quality bio fertilizer production. It can kill harmful substances in cow dung, such as bad bacteria, pest eggs, grass seeds, etc.
  • Crushing: Grinding the big fertilizer cake into fine powder, which is convenient for granulation and directly used as fertilizer.
  • Mixing: During this process, you can add functional bacteria to cow dung bio fertilizer to realize the effect you require. You also can add other materials to enrich it nutrients.
  •  Screening: Separating waste and qualified powder fertilizer.
  •  Packaging: Packing them for easier to store and transport.

Further making powdery cow manure bio fertilizer into granules

If you want to make the bio fertilizer into pellets, you also need to process it as follows:

  • Granulation: It plays an important role in granular bio fertilizer making. After granulating, cow manure fertilizer is not easy to stick and pulverize. And you also can choose to add functional bacteria during this process.
  • Drying and cooling: Further removing the moisture of cow dung bio fertilizer and making it meet the international requirement.
  • Screening: Separating unqualified bio fertilizer pellets from the qualified, and return them to re-granulate.
  • Coating: Coating a protective film on bio fertilizer to prevent water re-absorption and nutrients loss. And you also can choose to add functional bacteria here.
Process of granular bio fertilizer making from cow dung
Process of granular bio fertilizer making from cow dung

2 popular cow dung bio fertilizer production lines in SX

As mentioned above, you can make cow dung bio fertilizer into two modes. Powdery or granules. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX designs specialized fertilizer production lines for them.

Powdery bio fertilizer production line for sale

If you don’t have too much budget for bio fertilizer preparation, we recommend you powdery fertilizer making line. Because it can help you turn cow dung into bio fertilizer at a low cost. It consists of compost machine, forklift feeder, crusher, mixer, screening equipment, conveyor belt and packaging machine. Fewer fertilizer processing machines usually mean lower price and less space occupation. Its price is about $ 35,000- 90,000 and the occupied area is 800-5000 ㎡. In addition, it has a high degree of automation, which can reduce cost on the labor force. Only 2-3 workers, you can operate the whole powdery production line to make cow dung into bio fertilizer. So you can greatly reduce the cost of bio fertilizer manufacturing.

Powdery fertilizer production line for cow dung processing
Powdery fertilizer production line for cow dung processing

Granular bio fertilizer making line for sale

But if you want to improve the competitiveness of your bio fertilizer made of cow manure. We can provide you with granular fertilizer preparation line to make powder cow dung fertilizer into pellets. On the basis of powdery bio fertilizer production line, it makes further processing for cow dung materials. For example, granulating it into fertilizer particles to prevent pulverization and layering. Then drying and cooling it to further remove moisture from cow dung bio fertilizer pellets. And making it convenient for long time storage. What’s more, coating machine can add a protective film to the granule to make it away from moisture absorption and nutrient loss. After those processes, your bio fertilizer made of cattle manure will has a higher quality.

Working video of  cow dung bio fertilizer production line

Methods of cow dung compost for bio fertilizer manufacturing

Cow dung composting is the basis of high quality bio fertilizer manufacturing. Therefore, you need to choose the right method to compost cow dung according to your actual conditions. In general, there are three fermentation methods for your choice to ferment cow dung for bio fertilizer production.

Static aerated composting

If you want to process cattle manure into bio fertilizer at a low cost, you can choose static aerated fermentation method. Because it doesn’t need to use fertilizer compost turner. As long as making the cow dung material into piles of different shapes, and using the ventilation pipes to ventilate artificially. You can kill the pathogenic microorganisms, parasite eggs and grass seeds in cow litter.

Windrow strips composting

If you want to make cow dung in fully fermentation faster, windrow strips composting is suitable for you. During this process, you need to make cow dung into windrows, whose sections are trapezoidal or triangular. And then using fertilizer compost turner to turn them to speed up compost. For compost turner, there are two choices for you. For one thing, you can directly pave them directly on concrete or asphalt ground. And then turning them with windrow compost turner. Here, SX can provide you with crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turning machine. For another, you can build some grooves to make cow dung bio fertilizer fermentation. For this, we will recommend you wheel type compost turner or groove type compost turning machine.

Windrow compost turner for sale
Windrow compost turner for sale

In-vessel composting

Is there compost method suitable for bio fertilizer making in a small space? Of course, in-vessel fermentation can fully meet your requirement. For this, our organic fertilizer fermentation tank is designed for you. Only 10-30 ㎡, it can finish the whole process of cow dung compost. It usually makes composting in a closed environment. And you can make cow dung fermentation by controlling ventilation, temperature and moisture. In addition, the fermentation tank can realize fully automatic working. So you can process cow dung into compost easily.

In-vessel fermentation tank for cow manure composting
In-vessel fermentation tank for cow manure composting

What you need to focus on when adding functional bacteria for bio fertilizer production?

It is no doubt that the addition of functional bacteria is important when you turn cow dung into bio fertilizer. Generally speaking, you need to pay attention to aspects as following:


Temperature is an essential factor for microorganism growth. Usually functional bacteria don’t have high resistance to high temperature. And the optimal living temperature of it is 20-40 ℃.When the temperature is higher than 60℃, most functional bacteria will decease. So after adding functional bacteria, you need to keep it below 50℃. When the temperature is too high, you can decrease it by ventilation or choosing to add the bacteria after cooling cow dung bio fertilizer.

Temperature measuring device
Temperature measuring device

Moisture content

Moisture control throughout the whole process of making cow dung bio fertilizer. The same as functional bacteria addition. When the moisture content of cow dung is below 30%, the activity of functional bacteria will be reduced. And for cow dung bio fertilizer granulation, it cannot be higher than 45%. If you are afraid of too high water content of cattle manure, you can reduce it by fertilizer dewatering machine before composting. But if it is devoid of water, you can add water directly or by disc granulator or rotary drum pelletizer. We design special spraying devices for them.

Screw dewatering machine for cow dung processing
Screw dewatering machine for cow dung processing

Organic matters content (C/N)

During the bio fertilizer manufacturing, the content of organic matter and C/N are important factors affecting fertilizer efficiency. It is better to keep organic matter content at more than 30% and C/N at 30-35:1 initially and 15-20:1 after composting. Generally the C/N of cow dung is 8-26:1. You can increase it by mixing it with high C/N materials. Such as straw, peat, rice husk, etc. They are also excellent materials to increase organic matters. For convenience, you can grind them into powder with fertilizer crusher.

Fertilizer vertilical crushing machine for sale
Fertilizer vertilical crushing machine for sale

PH value

PH value is also an item you need to focus on when adding functional bacteria for processing cow manure into bio fertilizer. Different bacteria have different requirements for PH value and it is also different in each period. When you need to enhance PH value, you can add lime and grass ash to cow dung. But if you want to decrease it, fresh green fertilizer and grass can help you.


How to select suitable granulator for powdery cow dung bio fertilizer granulation?

Granulation is another essential step in the process of making cow dung into bio fertilizer. In order to meet different requirements from customers. SX especially design various granulators for different scale bio fertilizer production.

Small scale bio fertilizer making

If you plan to produce 1-6 tons of bio fertilizer per hour from cow droppings. All fertilizer granulating machines can meet your needs. But the most popular two are pan granulator and flat die pelletizer. If you don’t have enough budget, pan granulator is your best choice. It also has characteristics of less space occupation, high granulation rate, adjustable moisture, etc. But when you need to process cow dung with water content of below 10%, flat die pelletizer is an ideal option for you. Besides these two bio fertilizer pelletizers, we also can provide you with new type organic fertilizer pelletizer and rotary drum granulator.

Disc granulating machine for small scale bio fertilizer making
Disc granulating machine for small scale bio fertilizer making

Medium scale bio fertilizer manufacturing

When you need a cow dung bio fertilizer pellet making equipment with a capacity of 6-8t/h. We will recommend to you the new type granulator and rotary drum pelletizer. For those who need a pellet making equipment with less space occupation and low cost. It is advisable to buy the former. But if you require more energy- saving equipment, rotary drum pelletizer is more suitable for you to make bio fertilizer out of cattle waste.

New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale

Large scale bio fertilizer preparation

For large scale bio fertilizer plant, rotary pelletizer is the best choice. It has two types, SXZGZ-2080 and SXZGZ-3210, are especially designed for producing bio fertilizer from cow dung in a large scale. Their capacities are 8-15t/h and 15-30t/h respectively. In addition, in order to resist the corrosion of large amount of cow dung processing, we particularly add a rubber lining to it.

Rotary drum granulating machine in SX
Rotary drum granulating machine in SX

How to improve the quality of bio fertilizer granules?

After making the cow dung into bio fertilizer particles, there are also several aspects you need to improve. For example, the water content is still not meet international standard, the bio fertilizer will be easy to stick again after long time storage, and it is not convenient to transport. There is some fertilizer equipment that can help you.

  • Dryer and cooler: After granulating, the moisture content is reduced to about 20%, but the standard content is below 14%. Here the drying machine and cooling equipment from XS can offer a perfect solution to it.
  • Rotary coating machine: When you store the cow dung fertilizer for a long time, you will find that it will stick to each other again and the fertilizer effect also decreases. Because it absorbs moisture from air and loses some nutrients. In this case, we can provide you with coating equipment to add a protective film for bio fertilizer made of cow dung.
  • Packaging equipment: For easy to store and transport, fertilizer packing is necessary. At that time, automatic packaging equipment is an excellent option for you.
Delivery of bio fertilizer production line
Delivery of bio fertilizer production line

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