New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New type organic fertilizer granulator, as the name suggests, is an equipment widely used in making organic materials into pellets. And because it turns fine powdery compost into granular organic fertilizer mainly by making use of two forces. High speed rotary mechanical agitation force produced by stirring teeth and the resulting aerodynamic force. So the new type organic fertilizer granulating equipment is also known as stirring teeth pelletizer. Compared with other organic fertilizer granulation equipment, which prepares organic fertilizer granules by natural granulation method. The particle produced by new type organic fertilizer granulator has a lower possibility of pulverization, so it is more convenient for transport and storage. And this granulator also has characteristics of high granulation rate, various models, low energy consumption, etc. If you are interested in it, you can contact us for more information about it.

New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale

How long will it take for whole new type granulator pellet making process?

How does the new type granulation machine work to make granular organic fertilizer?

When you want to pick up a suitable granules making equipment for your organic fertilizer production system, it is essential to understand the working principle of the machine. Then how does stirring teeth work to convert organic waste compost to particles?

As its name suggests, it finishes organic fertilizer granulation mainly by the stirring shaft inside the new type granulating equipment, which has many stirring teeth on it. After material feeding, the stirring shaft will start rotating. And the stirring teeth will mix the organic fertilizer powder in the granulator. Then under the action of high speed rotary mechanical agitation force and the resulting aerodynamic force, the fine powder materials will continuously achieve the process of granulating, balling and densification in the stirring teeth pelletizer, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation. Then the produce organic fertilizer granules will be discharged by the outlet and transported to the next process.

What granulation method does stirring teeth pelletizer employ?

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of granulation methods used in fertilizer pellet manufacturing. Wet granulation method and dry granulation manner. The new type organic fertilizer granulator belongs to the wet granulation method, which processes fertilizer particles with a higher moisture content. It usually uses liquid as binder to enhance the adhesive force between organic fertilizer powder. In this way, the powder fertilizer will convert to granules faster. Moreover, the finished fertilizer pellets will have a higher density and not easy to pulverize. Therefore, you can get better experience on fertilizer transport and storage, if you choose to make granular organic fertilizer with new type pellet production machine.

New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale
Stirring teeth of new organic fertilizer granulator
Stirring teeth of new organic fertilizer granulator
Finished granules produced by stirring teeth pelletizer
Finished granules produced by stirring teeth pelletizer

How to regulate the pellets size during organic fertilizer granulation?

If you want to know whether this stirring teeth granulating equipment is suitable for you, the shape and size of its final organic fertilizer particle is also an item you need to focus on. The shape of particles is usually spherical and the spherical degree is 0.7 or higher. The organic fertilizer pellet size is generally between 2 mm and 5 mm and you can adjust the particle diameter according to your needs. Then how to change the size of the pellet during stirring teeth granulation? You can consider it from following three aspects:

Because the new type granulation machine adopts wet granulation method, the water content control is important in organic fertilizer making. And it is the same as pellet size adjustment. The moisture content of feeding material is 20%-40%. And in general, less water, smaller size, much water bigger size.
The organic mixture also plays an important role in the size regulation of final organic fertilizer granule size. The lower the mixing volume, the smaller the particle. Higher mixing volume, bigger particle.
Then you also can consider it from mechanical aspect. That is the rotating speed of stirring shaft. Generally speaking, higher rotational speed, smaller particle, and vice versa.
Details of new type organic fertilizer granulating equipment
Details of new type organic fertilizer granulating equipment

When is the suitable time to use a new type granulating machine?

One tip of selecting a suitable granulation machine for your fertilizer production plant is to do it according to your actual conditions. Then what occasion is the new type granulating machine suitable for? That is, who needs this stirring teeth granulator in the process of fertilizer manufacturing?

When you need an organic fertilizer pelletizer

As mentioned above, the new type pelleting equipment is designed for turning organic waste into granular fertilizer. Here, whether you plan to use chicken manure, cow dung, pig manure or mushroom residue as materials to make organic fertilizer pellets, this pellet making machine can fully meet your needs.

When you want to start a small and medium organic fertilizer making

If you are looking for a granulator for small or medium organic fertilizer preparation, we recommend you choose the stirring teeth pelletizer. Because the capacity of this equipment is 1-8 t/h. And we divide it into various models. For example, SXJZ-600 is the model which has the smallest capacity, about 1-1.5 t/h. And SXJZ-1500 has the largest output of 6-8 t/h, that is, it can produce 3,000-5,000 tons of organic fertilizer particles per year.

When you want to prepare granules with higher strength

Provided you want to improve the strength of your organic fertilizer granule to make it more convenient to transport and store. This fertilizer pellet making machine is an ideal option for you. There are two reasons. For one thing, it adopts wet granulation method, which uses liquid as binder to enhance the adhesive force between the organic materials. So the finished fertilizer pellet has a higher density and strength. For another, it makes organic fertilizer particles by stirring teeth granulation method. Compared natural granulation method, this method will manufacture the organic fertilizer granule with a lower possibility of pulverization.

Stirring teeth granulation line for organic fertilizer making
Stirring teeth granulation line for organic fertilizer making

And if you want to further improve the quality of your fertilizer, SX can provide you with fertilizer granule polishing machine. It can make your fertilizer pellets have a more beautiful appearance.

Main Technical Parameters of SX New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator:

Installation Angle (°)2-2.52-2.52-2.52-2.52-2.5
Capacity (t/h)1-1.51.5-2.52-44-66-8
Total Power (kw)37557590110
Moisture of Feeding Material20%-40%20%-40%20%-40%20%-40%20%-40%
Size of Feeding Material (mesh)5050505050
Dimensions (mm)4100*1600*11504250*1850*13004700*2350*16004900*2550*18005500*2800*2000

4 Features of SX new type pellet making machine

By summarizing the past data of selling, we can find that this stirring teeth granulator is popular with organic fertilizer suppliers. Why? Because it has many advantages which can attract organic fertilizer manufacturers to invest in as follows:

High granulation rate

A pelleting equipment with a high granulation rate usually means that it can help you reduce materials waste and time taking on organic fertilizer production. The granulating rate of SX new type organic fertilizer granulator is 90% or higher. So using the same amount of raw material, it can produce more pellets in a short time than pelletizers from other factories.

Wide applications

This feature can be shown in two aspects. First, capacity. We design different types of new type pelleting machines for your choice, they can fully meet your different requirements of capacity. Whether you want to start a small or medium scale organic fertilizer manufacturing. In addition, materials. This pelletizer can process your materials into organic fertilizer particles, whether you use animal manure, agricultural waste, sludge or biogas residue as fertilizer.

Low energy consumption

The energy consumption also palys an important role in organic fertilizer production cost. This granulating machine has low energy consumption. The power of a 1-1.5 t/h new type pelletizer is about 37 kw. Using it, you can spend less on granular organic fertilizer making.

Easy operated

This equipment is controlled by an electrically automatic system. So after materials feeding, just wait a few minutes and you can get your organic fertilizer granules.

Stirring teeeth granulator manufacturing
Stirring teeth granulator manufacturing
New type granulator finished product
New type granulator finished product
New type organic fertilizer granulation machine delivery
New type organic fertilizer granulation machine delivery

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