NPK Fertilizer Making Machine

NPK fertilizer making machine, as the name suggests, is used in converting chemical materials into compound fertilizer with a certain proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Here, SX can provide you with all equipment for a complete NPK fertilizer making line. Including batching machine, crusher, NPK pellets making equipment, dryer, cooler, packager, etc. Then according to your actual conditions, we will design the most suitable NPK production project with econonical price for you.

NPK fertilizer manufacturing system with rotary drum granulation machine
NPK fertilizer manufacturing system with rotary drum granulation machine

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What equipment is needed in NPK fertilizer production process?

Generally speaking, a complete NPK fertilizer making line contains equipment as follows:

Batching machine

As mentioned above, NPK fertilizer is a kind of compound fertilizer with a certain proportion of N, P, K. And this proportion is not fixed. Then how to prepare NPK fertilizer you need? Batching machine can help you a lot. And we can add material hoppers according to your requirements.

Dynamic batching machine for  large fertilizer making
Dynamic batching machine for large fertilizer making
Chain crusher for NPK fertilizer powder making
Chain crusher for NPK fertilizer powder making


Then crushing machine is also essential for NPK compound fertilizer making. Because it can grind granular and agglomerated chemical materials into fine powder, which is beneficial for better granulation. For this, we recommend you choose cage shredder or chain crusher, which is designed for compound fertilizer making.

Granulation machine

This is a NPK fertilizer making machine you must focus on. After granulating, contact areas between fertilizers will become smaller, which makes it not easy to stick. So granular NPK fertilizer is more convenient for transport and storage for a longer time. Moreover, granular NPK fertilizer can supply a long effect for crop growth. For different capacity and budget, we can offer you the best NPK granulator.

Disc pellet making machine for small scale fertilizer production
Disc pellet making machine for small scale fertilizer production
Granular NPK fertilizer screener for sale
Granular NPK fertilizer screener for sale

Granular screener

During this process, rotary screening machine will differentiate between qualified and unqualified NPK fertilizer pellets. Then the unqualified to re-granulate. This can prevent your NPK fertilizer manufacturing from material waste. So you can get a more economical NPK fertilizer making system.

Dryer and cooler

If you prepare NPK fertilizer with wet granulation equipment, the dryer and cooler are necessary. Because it can remove excessive moisture from your NPK fertilizer granules, its quality can be further improved.

Fertilizer drying machine in SX
Fertilizer drying machine in SX
Fertilizer coating machine for sale
Fertilizer coating machine for sale

Coating equipment

Coating machine will form a protective film on the surface of your NPK fertilizer pellets. The protective film can isolate fertilizer particles from the outside world. Therefore, your NPK fertilizer is not easy to stick again and will have a longer fertilizer effect.

Packaging equipment

Packaging is the last procedure of the whole NPK fertilizer production line. It is dispensable if you make fertilizer for your own use. But if you want to sell it to others, it can improve the competitiveness of your fertilizer products.

Packaging machine for NPK fertilizer processing
Packaging machine for NPK fertilizer processing

What need to consider when you buy NPK fertilizer making machines?

After understanding what equipment you need for NPK fertilizer making, you also need to pay attention to how to purchase suitable NPK fertilizer manufacturing equipment. Then for NPK fertilizer making equipment selection, you can consider it from the following items:


Capacity is an item you must pay attention to when selecting NPK fertilizer equipment. For example, when starting a small scale NPK fertilizer processing, we recommend you choose SXLTF-600 single chain crusher, disc granulation machine, etc. And for large scale NPK making, it is advisable to buy SXLTF-800 double chain grinder, rotary drum pelletizer, etc.


In addition, most customers are concerned about the cost of NPK fertilizer machines. Taking granulation machines as an example. If you want to spend less, disc granulator and double roller pelletizer are ideal choices for you.

Processing method

Moreover, processing method is also an important factor that affects your NPK fertilizer processing equipment selection. Provide you use wet granulation method, it is necessary to buy dryer and cooler for excessive moisture removal. However, when you use dry granulation machine for NPK fertilizer pellets making, it is dispensable to purchase dryer and cooler.

Which granulation machine is suitable for your NPK fertilizer making plan?

Granulation plays an important role in NPK fertilizer manufacturing process. However, fertilizer suppliers usually have different requirements for NPK compound fertilizer granulator. For this, we especially design various pellet making machines for your choice. Including:

Disc pellet making machine for small scale NPK fertilizer making

If you meed a granulation machine for small-medium scale NPK fertilizer manufacturing, we recommend you choose disc pan granulator. There are two reasons. For one thing, it has a capacity of 1-6 t/h, which meets your requirements of small scale NPK compound fertilizer pellets processing. For another, it also has characteristics of low cost and less area occupation. They are exactly what small scale NPK fertilizer production manufacturers need.

Disc granulator for small scale NPK fertilizer pellet making
Disc granulator for small scale NPK fertilizer pellet making
Rotary drum large 
 NPK fertilizer granulator for sale
Rotary drum large NPK fertilizer granulator for sale

Rotary drum granulator for large scale NPK fertilizer manufacturing

But when you want to start NPK fertilizer pellet production in a large scale, rotary drum pelletizer is your best choice. The largest output of this compound fertilizer pellets making equipment can reach 30 t/h. But the power of the largest capacity drum granulation machine is only 37 kw. Which is lower than other large scale NPK fertilizer granulators. Therefore, you can finish large scale NPK fertilizer granule making at a lower cost.

Double roller pelletizer for dry NPK fertilizer granulation

The above two pellets making machines both belong to wet granulation machine, is there NPK pellet machine for dry granulation method? Of course. Double roller extrusion granulator is designed for low moisture granular NPK production. It mainly makes use of the extrusion force between two rollers to convert powder chemical materials to particles. So there is nearly no water involved and subsequent drying and cooling steps are also not needed. Then you will spend less on NPK fertilizer machine buying.

Double roller granulator for dry NPK fertilizer production
Double roller granulator for dry NPK fertilizer production

How much does SX NPK fertilizer equipment cost?

Generally speaking, the price of NPK machines is not fixed. Because it is related to NPK fertilizer making scale, project design, equipment types, etc. From the data of our past cases, the cost of an NPK fertilizer preparation system is as follows:

1-5 t/h NPK fertilizer making machine

Usually, small capacity means a low investment in NPK fertilizer machine buying. For example, when you plan to produce 5 tons of NPK fertilizer pellets per hour, you may just need to invest in $8,000-$50,000.

5-10 t/h NPK fertilizer production equipment

When you want to buy equipment for your 5-10 t/h NPK manufacturing plant, you may need to prepare about $25,000-$100,000 for this medium NPK fertilizer making project.

10-20 t/h NPK fertilizer processing mill

For large scale NPK fertilizer production machines purchasing, you usually need to invest about $50,000-$150,000. But it will provide you with more profits after setting in motion.

More you may want to know about NPK fertilizer making equipment

At present, we have help many NPK fertilizer manufacturers to start their business and make profits. There are some NPK manufacturing project design for your reference and some hot selling plans from the feedback of our past customers.

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