How To Start Organic Waste Compost Production In Mexico

On 25th February 2024, a customer from Mexico inquired solutions for organic waste disposal. How to manage cow manure, garden waste, etc environmentally? About 100 t/day. Here, making organic waste into fertilizer is an ideal choice. You can use the fertilizer to create a suitable environment for shrimp farming. As a beginner for organic waste to fertilizer, the client choose to start a organic waste  compost production first. For this, hydraulic compost turner is the best option. The The following are the specific details of this case:

Organic Waste Compost Production

  • Country: Mexico
  • Capacity: 100 T/H
  • Design: hydraulic wondrow compost turner
  • Cost: $6,000-$15,000
  • Equipment material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

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Which equipment is suitable for organic waste compost production in Mexico?

For making organic waste compost from cow manure and garden waste, hydraulic compost turner is the best choice. Compared other organic waste compost machines, it is able to process deeper material and wider organic waste compost piles. So, the machine can help you dispose of more organic waste into compost fertilizer. In addition, because of hydraulic system, it can withstand greater working pressures and have better durability and longer service life. Among various hydraulic compost machines, we recommend you choose windrow hydraulic compost machine. There are 3 reasons:

Both small and large capacity

From 10 ton/day – 200 t/day, the machine can fully meet you needs. Of course, including 100 t/day organic waste compost production from organic waste.

Stable walking

Because of crawler moving system design, there is a larger contact area with the ground. Therefore, even on a uneven ground, you can compost organic waste easily.

Both groove and windrow composting

With special design, YUAHUNXIN hydraulic windrow compostor can process organic waste no only on the flat ground and in the fermentation tank.

Design of hydraulic organic fertilizer compost production machine
Design of hydraulic organic fertilizer compost production machine

How long does the hydraulic compost turner take to ferment cow dung?

Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle
Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle

As mentioned above, the Mexico client plan to dispose of cow dung and gardening waste. Here, how long dose the cow manure compost take is important. When left organic waste aerobic fermentation naturally, it needs 3-6 months and even 1 year. But with the hydraulic windrow compost turner, only needs 15-20 days, you can dispose of cow dung and gardening waste into compost fertilizer.

What is the cost of hydraulic compost turning machine?

Finally, the cost of hydraulic machine for organic waste compost making is what the Mexico customer focus on. For 100 t/day organic waste disposal, a 2-4 t/h hydraulic windrow compost machine is enough. Its price is $6,000-$15,000. With differences design details, the price of hydraulic windrow compost turner is not fixed. Such as water tank, equipment material, wearing parts, etc. If you need a precise quote of compost machine you need, welcome to send requirements by contact form now.

100 TPD hydraulic windrow compost machine working
100 TPD hydraulic windrow compost machine working

How to make the cow manure compost turner start work?

Organic waste compost machine receiving of the Mexico customer
Organic waste compost machine receiving of the Mexico customer

After receiving the organic composting machine, the Mexico customer didn’t know how to operate it. For this, we can offer you operation manual, videos, pictures to help you start compost organic waste successfully. Moreover, if you need, our engineers can go to the local area for on-site installation. Or you can visit our fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory to learn the method.

The above are details about our communication with the customer about how to start organic waste  compost production in Mexico. In addition, if you need other equipment for organic waste fertilizer manufacturing, we also can offer you the best. Such as organic waste fertilizer granules machine, crusher, mixer, drying equipment, packaging machine, etc. Welcome to get your own organic waste management plan immediately.

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