4 Popular Fermentation Compost Machines in the First Half of 2022

Fermentation compost machine usually plays an important role in producing high quality organic fertilizer. But fertilizer suppliers have different needs for it. So as a professional fertilizer equipment company, we design a variety of fertilizer composting machines for your choice. And from the data in the past six months, there are 4 types of fermentation compost machines that are popular with fertilizer suppliers. They are groove type compost turner, wheel type composter, windrow compost turner and organic fertilizer fermentation pot. They all can help you turn organic waste into harmless materials in a short time. There is some information about them for your reference.

How to compost cow / chicken / pig manure better?

Groove type compost turner machine for cow dung processing
Groove type compost turner machine for cow dung processing

Groove type compost turner

If you want to compost your materials in trench, groove type compost turner is an excellent choice for you. It is a typical fertilizer composter, which employs a trench fermentation method. It makes compost mainly by using stirring teeth to turn organic materials in the trench. And its turning width can reach 2.5-5m and turning depth is usually at 0.8-1.8m. So it is popular with those who plan to start a small or medium scale composting. Then if you have any special requirements, we can provide you with a customization service.

Wheel type compost turner

But for those who plan to compost a larger amount of organic waste, wheel type composter is the first choice. Because it has a larger turning span, which can reach 10-30 m. And a higher turning depth of 1.5-3 m. It means you can compost the same amount of fertilizer with fewer grooves. So your infrastructural cost will be lower. Besides this, it also can reduce fertilizer production cost in the aspect of labor force. Because it is equipped with fully automated electrical system. Only one worker, you can control the whole compost process.

Wheel type compost turner in SX
Wheel type compost turner in SX
Windrow turner for ground pile fermentation
Windrow turner for ground pile fermentation

Windrow compost turner

If you don’t want to spend money on composting groove building, you can choose windrow compost turner. It usually works on the flat ground. And it composts organic waste by piling up it into a stack. Then it will mix and crush the stack at regular intervals. This method belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode. It is the most economical compost mode of saving soil and human resources at present. Therefore, if you want to make organic fertilizer in a commericial way, it is your ideal choice. And here, we can provide two types of windrow compost turner for you. Crawler type composter and self-propelled composter.

Organic fertilizer fermentation pot

One important reason why fermentation pot is popular with fertilizer manufacturers is that it requires less space than other composters. If you cannot offer a big space for organic material fermentation, we recommend you to buy it. And if you dislike the odor of manure and don’t want to cause compost secondary pollution. Our organic fertilizer fermenter can fully meet your requirements. Because it usually composts fertilizer by aerobic fermentation method in a closed space. And we equip it with a water spray tower and the activated carbon box, which can absorb harmful air from composting. For this, we have vertical fermentation pot and horizontal fermentation tank are on sale. You can choose one according to your needs.

Organic fertiilizer fermentation tank for sale
Organic fertilizer fermentation tank for sale

The four types of organic fertilizer compost machines can help you fully compost organic fertilizer quickly. Only in about 20 days. Whether you want to turn poultry manure, sludge, biogas residue, straw, sawdust or filter mud from sugar mill into fertilizer. They can fully meet your needs. Fermentation is important and necessary for organic fertilizer production. So you need to choose a suitable one from various fertilizer composting machines. SX fertilizer machinery will provide you with high quality machine  at a economical price. If you are interested in the above composting equipment or other fertilizer equipment, please contact us immediately.

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