Compost Windrow Turner for Sale

For farm manure waste disposal, more and more farm managers choose to make manure into compost. Because composting is the simplest way to eliminate the harmful substances in organic manure waste completely, especially adopting professional compost equipment. Here, compost windrow turner is an ideal choice. Why? Composting quickly, lower cost, easy operation, etc. In addition, in order to fully meet your needs, YUSHUNXIN design 3 types of windrow compost machines for your choice. You are sure to find the one that you need.

Compost windrow turner for sale
Compost windrow turner for sale

Compost Windrow Turner for Sale

  • Capacity: 300-1500 m³/h
  • Turning width: 2000 -3000 mm
  • Turning depth: 600-1500 mm
  • Windrow space: 800-1000 mm
  • Material: Carbon steel Q235/Alloy
  • Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: composting animal manure, straw, sawdust, rice hull, biogas residue, mushroom waste, etc.

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What methods are used with compost windrow turner?

In terms of machinery and composting principle aspects respectively, our windrow compost turning equipment adopts two methods to turn manure waste into compost fertilizer.

The ground fermentation method

For one thing, in the mechanical respect, windrow compost turner mainly adopts the ground fermentation method. As the name suggests, the production of compost by piling organic waste into long windrows on the flat ground. Then, driving the windrow compost turning machine to turn and mix the raw materials for speeding up the decomposition of organic fertilizer. Here, no need to build fermentation trenches.

The ground fermentation method of organic fertilizer
The ground fermentation method of organic fertilizer
Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle
Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle

Aerobic fermentation method

For another, the composter mainly adopts aerobic fermentation technology. The function of these windrow turners is to turn and mix the organic waste from time to time. By turning and mixing, you can adjust the organic material piles moisture and oxygen contents to suitable levels. So, the fermentation bacteria can get enough oxygen and water to act to decompose manure. while it generates a large amount of heat to kill pathogens, pest eggs and glass seeds in waste.  It is advisable to keep the temperature between 60℃ and 70℃, which can kill harmful substances in manure and is suitable for beneficial bacteria living.

Therefore, windrow composting machine can help you turn organic waste into compost within 20 days.

Top 3 types of compost windrow machines in YUSHUNXIN

If you want to buy the windrow compost equipment, there are 3 types for your choice.

Self-propelled moving type windrow machine for small scale composting at a low cost

If you are finding a economical compost machine for small farm manure waste management, we recommend you buy a moving type self-propelled windrow turner. The machine can turn 300-500 m³of organic materials per hour. In addition, with the design of four walking wheels, it can move forward, backward and turn directions freely. What’s more, you can drive the windrow compostor to make compost from manure both outdoors and indoors according to your needs. But, the price of this self-propelled windrow turner is only $ 4,000- $10,000, depending on the design details. Such as water tank, driving cab, etc.

Structure of moving type compost turner
Structure of moving type compost turner
Composting Width2000MMHeights600-800MM
Working Span600-800MMParticle Size250MM
Roller Diameter600MMProduction capacity400-500CBM/HOUR

Crawler type windrow composter for larger scale manure fermentation

But for those who plan to dispose of more organic waste, crawler type compost turning equipment is the better option. Its maximum capacity can reach 1,500 m³/h. Moreover, with driving cab design, the plashing dust and waste odor will be isolated. In terms of the walking system, we especially replace crawlers. Because of the large contact area with the ground, the machine will walk more stably.

Crawler type compost windrow turner design
Crawler type compost windrow turner design
Turning Width (mm)2400260028003000
Turning Depth (mm)600-10001000-13001100-14001300-1500
Window Spacing (mm)800-1000800-1000800-1000800-1000
Maxinum Diameter of Material Particles (mm)250250250250
Power (horsepower)85116123156
Working Knife Diameter (mm)400500500500
Working Speed (m/min)6-106-106-106-10
Capacity (m3/h)500-7001000-12001100-13001500

Multiple functional hydraulic compost windrow turner

Besides, there is also hydraulic compost windrow turner for you. It adopts auger shaft hydraulic lift. And the turning depth can reach 1.8 to 3.0 meters. When it is working, it will turn and stir the organic material compost more thoroughly. So the manure waste will be fermented faster. In addition, in order to make it finish the deeper composting perfectly, the machine has a longer service life with equipment material and design. Moreover, you can use it in both windrow and groove types composting.

Hydralic windrow compost machine for sale
Hydralic windrow compost machine for sale

How to use windrow turning machine safely in the working area?

The compost windrow turner for sale in YUSHUNXIN company is easy to operate in the working area. You only need one worker to operate this machine. When you use windrow composting machine, you need to stack your raw materials into long windrows in advance. The length of the windrow is not limited but the section shape of the windrow can be trapezoid or triangle. In this way, oxygen can come into the compost pile and speed up the fermentation process. Besides, in order to make the machine move more flexibly, there should be no less than 10 meters empty space at both ends of the material pile. And the space between the material piles should be more than 1 meter. Then, the whole body of windrow composting equipment can bestride the stacked windrows to turn and mix the organic materials.

What are the benefits of windrow compost turner compared with other fertilizer compost machine?


The price of a windrow compost machine is only $4,000-$50,000. But it is suitable for both small and large scale fertilizer composting. And because of the ground fermentation method employment, no need to take money on fermentation tank establishing. If you want to enlarge your compost making business, only need to buy more windrow compost machines.

Better mobility

Windrow composting machines self-propelled, allowing for easy movement between compost rows and speed up the composting of large areas. Even if you want to compost at another location, no additional equipment is required. You can drive the windrow compost equipment to the area directly.

Wide application

The fertilizer compostor can make compost from various materials, such as cow dung, chicken manure, horse manure, straw, sawdust, rice hull, biogas residue, distiller’s grains, sugar factory waste, mushroom waste, etc. Therefore, it is an excellent option for manure waste management, agricultural waste disposal and industrial organic waste treatment.

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How compost organic fertilizer quickly with windrow compost equipment?

Controlling the composting moisture

As mentioned above, moisture content is essential for aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer. 40%-60% is the best. However, how to keep the windrow composting at 40%-60% water content? If the material moisture is higher than 60%, there is professional dehydrator for you. Adversely, we can add a water tank to windrow compost turning machine for improving the water content for windrow compost making.

Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Inclined screen solid-liquid separator from SX
Inclined screen solid-liquid separator from SX
Dehydrated manure produced by SX dewatering equipment
Dehydrated manure produced by SX dewatering equipment

Crushing materials cakes into smaller particles

Next, you can choose grind fertilizer raw materials into smaller particles before windrow composting. This increases the surface area and accelerates microbial activity, ensuring a more uniform and faster composting process. For high moisture organic material crushing, you can buy a vertical crusher or semi-wet material crusher.

Vertical fertilizer crusher inside design
Vertical fertilizer crusher inside design
Semi-wet fertilizer crusher
Semi-wet fertilizer crusher
Powder organic fertilizer processed by crusher
Powder organic fertilizer processed by crusher

Heating material during composting

In addition, you can equip the windrow composting system with a heating system. Because the windrow fermentation machine mainly makes use of high temperature to kill harmful substances in organic waste. Heating system can help you increase the temperature to 60℃ quickly and start composting. It is also an excellent choice for fermenting fertilizer in cold areas and winter.

Adding fermentation bacteria

Finally, you can add some fermentation agents to windrow compost making. In this way, more microorganisms help you decompose organic matter simultaneously. Therefore, you can finish the windrow fermentation in a short time.

Besides, we also can offer you many other fertilizer compost turners. Including large scale wheel type compost machine, automatic in-vessel fermentation tank, etc. Of course, as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, whether you need organic fertilizer making crusher, granulator, screen or packaging machine, we can fully meet your requirements.

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