Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove type compost turning machine is the key equipment for organic fertilizer making. It greatly contributes to organic waste aerobic fermentation, which makes animal manure, agricultural waste, biogas residue, etc harmless and suitable for manufacturing organic fertilizer. During composting, groove type composter will turn the material in the trench and transport oxygen in it to facilitate organic waste fermentation. It has characteristics of corrosion resistance, easy operation, favourable price, etc. In addition, we design different types of trench compost turners for your choice. If you want to process cow dung, chicken manure, distiller’s grains, mushroom waste, etc into compost, it is an ideal choice for you.

Groove type compost machine for sale
Groove type compost machine for sale

[capacity] 1-20 t/h

[Turning width] 2.5-5 m

[Turning Depth] 0.8 m

[Composting Time] 15-20 days

[Equipment Material] Q235 carbon steel, Manganese steel

[Application Material] Chicken poop, cow dung, pig waste, biogas waste, mushroom waste, straw, rice hull, humus, etc.

What can trench type compost equipment do for organic waste fermentation?

Composting is a necessary step of high quality organic fertilizer production. However, natural fermentation will take a long time, so you need a professional compost machine to shorten this time. After investigating, we find that groove type composter is popular with organic fertilizer suppliers. Why? What can it do for organic waste composting?

Crush big agglomerate

In general, animal manure contains much big agglomerate, which has a small area contract with oxygen. This will reduce the fermentation effect and prolong composting time. But if you use groove type compost turner in manure composting, its stirring teeth will blend material and break it into smaller size. So it will have a larger contact area with oxygen and finish fermentation in a shorter time.

Transport enough oxygen

Aerobic fermentation, as the name suggests, oxygen plays an important role in this process. During organic fertilizer composting, trench type compost turner will turn material and transport oxygen into it. So microorganisms in manure have enough power to decompose organic matter and generate high temperature to kill harmful substances in organic waste.

Cooling high temperature

As mentioned above, aerobic composting mainly relies on high temperature to complete harmless process of organic material. But when this temperature is higher than 75℃, it will kill the beneficial bacteria in manure. This will reduce the quality of your final organic fertilizer. Here, groove type composter can help you a lot. It can turn material to ventilate and improve its breathability.

Reduce excessive moisture

Fresh animal manure is a mixture of solids and liquid, so it usually has a high moisture content. Too high water content will inhabit the activity of microorganisms. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it between 45% and 65%. By turning organic waste, groove type compost turning equipment can help you adjust its moisture content and make better fermentation.

Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer composting principle

What is the moisture of material after groove type composting?

Structure of organic fertilizer groove type compost turner

If you want to operate a machine freely, you must learn the structure of it. Trench type composter usually contains 4 parts as follows:

Moving part

The moving of groove type compost turner mainly relies on two parts. The wheel on the bottom of it and the rails on both sides of the fermentation trench. So it is also known as guide rail type compost turner. When the trench type composter is set in motion, it will move along the rails and turn organic compost.

Structure of groove type compost machine
Structure of groove type compost machine
Stirring teeth of groove type compost turning machine
Stirring teeth of groove type compost turning machine

Turning part

This compost machine mainly uses stirring shaft to turn organic material. There are many stirring teeth on the shaft. During fermentation, these stirring teeth will mix and crush manure and make them fully contact with oxygen. Oxygen is the key to keeping microorganisms active, so it can decompose organic matter continuously.

Control part

Trench type compost turning machine is controlled by an electrically automated system. So it has a high degree of automation. And after setting the working model you need in advance, only needs one worker, this fermentation machine can finish the whole compost process.

Groove type compost turner control system
Groove type compost turner control system
Transfer vehicle for composting groove changing
Transfer vehicle for composting groove changing

Groove changing part

We also equip groove type composter with transfer vehicle. This makes trench compost turner realize multi-groove working. So if you want to enlarge your compost production scale, it only needs to increase the number of fermentation trenches.

How does trench type fermentation machine work to treat organic waste?

As mentioned above, groove compost turner is designed for composting organic fertilizer in trench. Trench composting is a method of stacking organic manure in groove and using professional compost turning machine to turn it. During this process, microorganisms will decompose organic matter and generate heat to kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. And when the temperature of material increases to 75℃, which is not suitable for organic fermentation. The trench type compost machine will move along the rails and turn the organic litter in the groove. In this way, the material can fully with oxygen and remove excessive heat. So organic waste can be fermented in a suitable environment until composting is finished.

Technology parameter of groove type compost turner

ModelMain motor(kw)Moving motor(kw)Lifting motor(kw)Turing width(mm)Turing depth(mm)

When is suitable to use groove type compost turning machine?

If you want to know whether this compost machine is suitable for you or not. It is necessary to know what occasions this equipment can be used in? Thus, when is the right time to use groove type compost turner?

When you plan to dispose of organic waste

In our daily life, a large amount of organic waste is generated in industry and agriculture. Such as animal manure, straw, corn cobs, biogas residue, distiller’s grains, etc. If you leave them alone, it will cause serious pollution of the environment. Making them into compost by groove type compost turner is a win-win choice. It not only can avoid environmental pollution, but also can increase your income.

When you need a fertilizer compost machine for groove working

If you want to adopt groove type composting method to disposal the waste in your farms, we recommend choose trench type composter. It is a kind of typical compost machine of groove working. During composting, it can mix and turn organic waste in the trench without dead ends. So it can finish animal manure composting effectively.

When you want to start a small or medium fertilizer fermentation

Are you looking for equipment for fermenting organic litter in a small or medium scale? Trench type compost turner is an excellent choice for you. It has a turning width of 2m-5m and a turning depth of 1-2m.

Materials can trench type composter process
Materials can trench type composter process
Manufacturing of groove type compost turning machine
Manufacturing of groove type compost turning machine

Is groove type composting equipment suitable for large scale organic fertilizer making?

What is the difference between groove compost turner and wheel type composter?

Besides groove type compost turning machine, wheel type compost turner also adopts trench type composting method. What is the difference between them?


Provided you plan to start a small or medium scale organic fertilizer composting, it is advisable to choose groove type compost equipment. But if you need a composter with a large capacity, you can buy wheel type compost machine. Its turning span can reach 10-30 m and turning depth is 1-3m.


They are also different in price. In terms of the cost of equipment, the groove flipping machine has more advantages. The price of it is usually$6,500-$19,000. And the price of wheel type compost turner is $48,000-$55,000. However, when it comes to the cost of fermentation groove building, wheel type composter can help you save more money. In sum up, if you want to make organic fertilizer composting at a lower cost, we recommend you choose groove type compost turning machine. If you have enough budget for composting, you can choose wheel type composter.

Turning part

In addition, the turning part of these two composting machines are also different. From the above introduction, we can know that trench type compost turner mainly makes use of stirring teeth to compost organic manure. But wheel type compost equipment finishes organic waste fermentation by its turning wheel, which can move horizontally.

Wheel type compost machine for organic material fermentation
Wheel type compost machine for organic material fermentation
Details of groove type compost turning equipment
Details of groove type compost turning equipment

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