New Fertilizer Production Machine For Sale

In order to provide you with better equipment for organic fertilizer making and compound fertilizer production, we contributes to fertilizer equipment upgrading, research and development. Now, according to the feedback from our customers – fertilizer manufacturers, we have designed two types of new fertilizer production machine. Double wheel type compost turner and automatic column palletizer. They can help you finish fertilizer preparation more effectively.

Automatic column palletizer for sale
Automatic column palletizer for sale

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Double wheel type compost turner

The hydraulic double-wheel compost turner is a new fertilizer production machine for fermentation launched by our company. It is suitable for the large scale fermentation of livestock and poultry manure such as pigs, cattle, sheep and chickens, sludge, pond mud, sugar factory filter mud, dross cake and so on. This compost machine is similar to the single wheel compost turner. But there also are many differences between them?

Double wheel design

The difference in appearance is obvious. This machine upgrades wheel type compost turner to double wheels, which are combined by a high strength steel shaft. If you need, we can also provide you with wheel type composter with four wheels.

Higher composting efficacy

Using double wheel compost machine, you can finish large scale fertilizer composting more quickly. Because it has a larger contact area with comport piles. In addition, when moving horizontally, it even equals turning organic materials twice. Therefore, it can turn manure into compost fertilizer faster.

No dead corner composting

The double wheel is symmetrically working, so the wheel can turn over compost material piles without dead angle under the control of speed and movement.

Double wheel type compost turner for groove type fertilizer fermentation
Double wheel type compost turner for groove type fertilizer fermentation
Four wheel type compost turner for sale
Four wheel type compost turner for more quickly large scale compost making

Automatic column palletizer

Another new fertilizer production machine is automatic column palletizer, which is widely used in fertilizer packaging system. It adopts flexible and fast stacking method, so it is an intelligent device that replaces manual palletizing. The palletizer can realize the palletizing of beer, beverage, food, medicine, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. You can use it to pallet cartons, plastic boxes, bottles, bags, barrels, film-packed products and filled products. This can greatly improve your work efficiency and increase the degree of mechanization and automation of palletizing.

What is the process of automatic column palletizer working?

The operation process of the column palletizer is to send the packaged materials to the palletizing designated area through the conveyor.

The column palletizer moves the fixture to the top of the material positioning through the cooperation of each axis. When the material positioning signal is sent, the clamp is controlled by the servo motor to move downward, that is, the Z axis moves downward. When the height of the material clamped by the clamp is reached, the Z axis stops falling, the clamp opens and the material is clamped. Then the Z axis servo motor reverses, and the clamp is raised to a safe height. The material is sent to the top of the stacking position through the customer’s preset program, and the Z axis is lowered to make the material reach the placement point. At this time, the clamp is opened and the material is coded into the designated position. The above actions are repeated until the palletizing is completed.

Automatic column palletizer working in large scale fertilizer making
Automatic column palletizer working in large scale fertilizer making

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