How To Make Animal Manure Compost In The U.K.

The UK has a temperate marine climate. There is no severe cold, no extreme heat, but uniform precipitation. Therefore, it is suitable for the growth of pastures and the development of animal husbandry. But as the development of animal husbandry, animal manure management is also an item you must focus on. Because animal manure contains many harmful bacteria and pest eggs, which will affect the health of animals and humans. For this, composting animal litter is a good solution. On 25th August 2022, a customer from the U.K. inquired about how to make manure compost. He wanted to dispose of cow manure in the farm. Then after discussing the details, we recommend him wheel type compost turner. The following are the specific details of communication in this case:

Animal manure composting process
Animal manure composting process

How to separate solid cow manure from urine?

Animal manure dewatering machine for sale
Animal manure dewatering machine for sale

In general, cow dung is a mixture of solid manure and urine, the same as cattle manure provided by this British client. But too high moisture content will impact on the fermentation effect. So you need to separate the solid from liquid before cattle manure composting. Then is there equipment designed for it? Of course, we can provide you with professional manure dewatering machine. It contains screw dewatering machine and inclined screen solid-liquid separator. If the solid content of cow droppings is high, we recommend you choose screw dewatering machine. It can reduce the moisture content of cattle manure to 30%. But if not, inclined screen solid-liquid separator is more suitable for you.

Which fertilizer compost equipment is suitable for you?

Compost machine plays an important role in cow dung fermentation and organic fertilizer production. In SX, there are various fertilizer compost machines for your choice. But how to choose the most suitable one for you? We suggest you consider it from capacity, budget, space occupation, etc. For example, the customer from the U.K. needed a animal manure compost equipment with a large capacity. For large scale composting, we can offer you groove type compost turner, wheel type compost turner and windrow composter. Among them, the most suitable one is wheel type composter. Its highest turning depth of 3m and largest turning span of 30m. So it can help you finish the large scale compost easily and quickly.However, if you want to make compost at a low cost, groove type compost turner is a better choice for you. And if you are more desirous of composting cattle waste on the ground, you can choose windrow compost turning machine.

Groove type compost turning machine for sale
Groove type compost turning machine for cow manure fermentation
Wheel type turning equipment for animal manure composting
Wheel type turning equipment for animal manure composting
Windrow compost turner in SX
Windrow compost turner for on the ground fertilizer composting

What you need to focus on during animal manure compost?

This Britain customer wanted to make cow manure compost but didn’t know how to do it better. Here, besides right compost machine selection, you can pay attention to items as follows:


Aerobic fermentation mainly makes use of heat released by microbial activity to kill harmful bacteria, eggs and grass seeds in cow dung. So temperature controlling is essential for cow litter fermentation. And the most suitable temperature for cow dung compost is 65℃-70℃. In this case, SX compost turner can make cow manure fully contact with oxygen to support microbial activity.

Moisture content

As mentioned above, fresh cow dung usually has high moisture content. But it will inhabit microbial activity and influence cow dung compost effect. Before composting, it is advisable to keep water content below 65%. For this, besides using fertilizer dewatering machine , you also can utilize dry organic waste to balance moisture content of cow dung. Such as straw, sawdust, corn cob, etc.


C/N is the other factor affecting fertilizer compost. During cattle manure fermentation, it is better to be kept between 20:1 and 35:1. If the C/N is higher than 35:1, animal manure and sludge can help you reduce it. If it is lower than 20:1, you can use straw, wood dust and grass peat to rich carbon content of cow waste materials.

Materials can be used to balance the moisture content of your fertilizer
Materials can be used to balance the moisture content of your fertilizer
Materials for C/N ratio adjustment
Materials for C/N ratio adjustment

The above are details about our communication with the customer from the U.K.. If you want to make animal manure compost into organic fertilizer, except organic fertilizer compost equipment, we also can provide you with many other equipment to help you. Such as fertilizer mixer, crusher, granule making machine, drying equipment, etc. If you are interested in them, please contact us immediately.

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