How To Make Compost With Cow Dung

What is the method commonly used in cow manure fermentation?

If you want to use cow manure as fertilizer, composting is an necessary process. It is the key to produce high quality organic ferilizer from cow dung. Generally speaking, there are two methods that can be used in cow waste fermentation. Aerobic fermentation and anaerobic fermentation. However, compared with aerobic fermentation, anaerobic fermentation produces less energy and is usually prone to odor. So we recommend you prepare cow dung compost with aerobic fermentation method.

Aerobic fermentation, as the name suggests, is a process which composts cattle litter by consuming oxygen. In this process, oxygen will supply energy for the activity of microorganisms in manure. Then the activity of these microorganisms will generate heat, so the temperature of cattle poop will continuously increase. When it is higher than 60℃, it can kill the harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in cow dung. Therefore, cow manure can be used as fertilizer successfully and no longer damages crops and plants.

Cow manure fertilizer compost making
Cow manure fertilizer compost making
Cow dung fertilizer compost making effect
Cow dung fertilizer compost making effect

How long does it take to compost cow manure?

How many steps does it take to compost cow manure?

In general, cow droppings fermentation can be divided into 4 steps:

Collect materials

Material is the basis of organic fertilizer compost manufacturing. There are two items you need to focus on. One is the types of materials you need, another is the stable supplier finding. In cattle waste composting, fresh manure is better than old. And in order to ensure that the final fertilizer is rich in nutrients, you must add some auxiliary materials in cattle manure. Such as chicken manure, straw, rice husk, sugar waste, wine litter, etc. In addition, only by finding stable suppliers of these materials can you  deliver enough organic fertilizer to your customers.

Cow dung fertilizer compost materials
Cow dung fertilizer compost materials
SX dewatering machine for cow dung compost
SX dewatering machine for cow dung compost

Control the moisture content of cow waste

Usually, fresh cow dung is a mixture of solids and liquids. This means the moisture of it can reach 70%-80%, and even up to 90%. It will decrease the air porosity in the manure and hinder the supplement of oxygen. So moisture content adjustment is necessary. For this, SX can provide you with manure dewatering machine, which can reduce the water content of cow droppings to about 30%.

Crushing cow manure cakes

From the above introduction, we can know that oxygen plays an important role in cow manure compost production. However, because of the high water content, cattle litter is easy to stick to and form big cakes. This will impede the transport of oxygen. But fertilizer crusher can help you grind cattle manure cakes into powder, which has a larger contact area with oxygen.  

Vertical crushing machine for manure fertilizer making
Vertical crushing machine for manure fertilizer making
Cow farm waste composting
Cow farm waste composting

Composting cow dung material

Then you can start cattle waste fermentation. In this process, compost machine is necessary. For this, SX can offer you various compost equipment for your choice. Whether you plan to start a small or large scale cow dung compost. Whether you want to compost cow manure in fermentation grooves or on the ground, in an open space or closed environment. Our fermentation equipment can fully meet your needs.

What can fertilizer compost machine do for cattle farm waste fermentation?

In the above process, SX fertilizer compost equipment is your good partner. Because it can help you make better fermentation of cow manure. When SX equipment for compost starts working, the materials will be mixed and turned. This will increase the air porosity and the permeability of cattle litter compost, so it can fully contact with oxygen and microorganisms have enough energy to decompose organic matter. At the same time, it is beneficial to dissipate the excessive heat of cow manure piles. So the temperature will decrease and the beneficial bacteria in cattle poop won’t be killed. Therefore, under the help of SX compost machine, you can finish better cow litter fermentation quickly and effectively.  

In SX, what is the best compost equipment for large scale cow waste fermentation?

Wheel type composting machine for cattle waste
Wheel type composting machine for cattle waste

For large scale composting of cow dung, wheel type compost machine is the most commendatory choice. It is a kind of fermentation trench compost machine, and its turning span can reach 10-30 m and turning depth can reach 1-3 m. So it has a higher capacity than other cow dung fertilizer compost equipment. In addition, we especially upgrade it recently. We replaced single turning wheel with double turning wheel, which can greatly improve the efficacy of your cow dung composting.

1500-1500 ㎡/h cow manure compost machine in SX

But if you want to buy a compost machine for fermenting cow manure in a medium scale, you also can find suitable one in SX. If your expectant capacity is between 500-1500 ㎡/h, groove type composter and crawler type compost turner both are excellent choices. The main difference between them is compost method and automation degree. If you choose the former, you need to build fermentation trenches according to your cow dung volume. Then groove type composter will move along rails on both side of fermentation trenches and lower the mixing teeth to turn cow waste. In addition, this machine is a fully automatic compost turner, which can finish cattle manure fermentation without any worker only preset working mode.

Groove type compost turner for cow manure processing
Groove type compost turner for cow manure processing
Crawler type windrow compost turner in SX
Crawler type windrow compost turner in SX

But crawler type compost turner is a windrow compost turning machine, which ferments cow litter by piling them into long windrows on the flat ground. Here, you must focus on that it needs to be finished on the cement floor. Or cow manure will cause serious pollution of soil. Then crawler type composter will straddle over the cattle droppings windrows and mix them with stirring shaft to compost. In automation aspect, this machine is controlled by two operation rods, so you need to employ a worker to drive it. However, it is easy to operate, we can provide you with operation guidance and training of it out of charge.

Is there any composter suitable for small scale cow manure compost processing?

And when you need the equipment for a smaller scale compost of cattle dung. We recommend you choose moving type compost turner. It is also a windrow compost machine, but it has higher flexibility. It is equipped with four wheels, which make it look like a car. And this makes it move forward, backward and turn directions freely.

Moving type windrow composter for cow manure processing
Moving type windrow composter for cow manure processing
Horizontal fermentation tank for small scale composting
Horizontal fermentation tank for small scale cattle manure composting

In addition, you can buy organic fertilizer fermentation pot. It can help you finish cow dung compost with a less space occupation and in a more environmentally friendly way. Because it has an exhaust gas treatment system, which will absorb the harmful substances in gas discharged from cow manure fermentation. Moreover, only needs 10-30 ㎡, it can finish cow dung compost manufacturing.

How to decompose cow manure quickly?

Besides using compost machine, is there any other method can contribute to better fermentation and speed up cow manure compost? Of course, you can compost cattle waste faster by following ways:

Add fermentation bacteria

Fermentation bacteria is made of bacteria screened from nature and rejuvenated by special techniques. It will reproduce rapidly in cow manure compost, then the temperature will rise quickly. Therefore, fermentation bacteria is an ideal choice to shorten the time of cattle dung fermentation and improve the compost effect.

Control moisture content

 It is advisable to keep the waste content of cow manure between 45% and 65%. because when the moisture content of cow dung is below 30%, the activity of functional bacteria will be reduced. And when it is higher than 65%, the ventilation voids will decrease. This will hinder the transport and diffusion of the air in the compost. Thereby the microorganisms in cow manure cannot get enough oxygen to support them to decompose cow manure. Here, dewatering machine and compost machine are both helpful for you.

Control temperature

Temperature of material is also an aspect you must pay attention to. Because aerobic fermentation mainly relies on high temperature to kill harmful substances in manure. But when the temperature is higher than 70℃, the beneficial bacteria will also be killed. So the optimum temperature of organic waste fermentation is 60℃-70℃. SX fertilizer compost machine can finish it easily. When it is working, the temperature will continuously rise because of sufficient oxygen supply. And excessive heat will dissipate because of timely ventilation.

Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer composting principle

Come to get more details !

What is the price of SX compost machine for cattle litter processing?

When selecting compost machine for cow dung compost fertilizer production, price is an item most fertilizer manufacturers pay attention to. As a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturer from China, SX has advanced technology and many years of experience in organic and compound fertilizer machine production. In addition, our company is a source factory of fertilizer making equipment. So we can provide you with cow dung compost machine at a favourable price.

Wheel type compost turner: $30,000-$55,000

Groove type compost turner: $6,500-$19,000

Crawler type compost turning machine: $10,000-$30,000

Moving type compost turning equipment: $4,000-$12,000

Organic fertilizer fermentation tank: $19,000-$180,000

These prices are for your reference. And it usually varies with the configuration of cow litter composter. If you want to know the latest quotation for the cattle manure compost machine you need, welcome to contact us by following contact form.

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