The Solution For Pig Farm Waste Disposal In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the government encourages to realize coordinated cooperation between livestock and crops in agricultural production. That is, using organic waste and animal manure as raw materials for crop growth by properly processing. Therefore, many farm owners prefer to treat animal manure by making it into organic fertilizer. At that time, professional fertilizer equipment can help you a lot. SX is a leading fertilizer machine manufacturer from China and has many successful cases. For example, on 25th September 2022, a farm owner from Bulgaria inquired about organic fertilizer production line for pig farm waste disposal. The following are the specific details of communication in this case:

Pig manure organic fertilizer production
Pig manure organic fertilizer production

What other raw materials are needed to make organic fertilizer with pig litter?

The customer from Bulgaria told us that at present, he only has pig manure. And he asked us whether it needs other raw materials in organic fertilizer production? Pig manure really is an excellent choice to prepare organic fertilizer. Because it is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which greatly contribute to healthy growth of crops. But if you want to produce high-quality organic fertilizer, only using pig manure is not enough.

Here, auxiliary raw material also plays an important role in Pig manure fertilizer making. In general, it is advisable to use straw, corn cob, rice hull, sawdust, quick lime, etc as auxiliary materials. For one thing, they are dry materials, which can reduce the excessive water content of pig manure. The optimal moisture content for composting, the first step of organic fertilizer manufacturing, is 50%-60%. For another, these ancillary materials can enrich the nutrients of your organic fertilizer. In addition, if you want to enhance the nutrient content easier, you can mix pig waste with materials with a higher content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Such as chicken manure, duck litter, etc.

Auxiliary materials used in pig manure fertilizer making
Auxiliary materials used in pig manure fertilizer making

What need to do after liquid-solid separation for organic fertilizer making?

This Bulgarian client planned to buy an organic fertilizer production line to dispose of waste from his pig farms. And he can separate solids from liquid by himself. He wanted to know what he needs to do next to prepare organic fertilizer with pig litter. In this case, there are two choices for you. Making it into powdery fertilizer or granular fertilizer.

How to make pig waste into powdery organic fertilizer

If you plan to make organic fertilizer for self-use or want to finish it at a low cost. We recommend you turn pig litter into powdery organic fertilizer. Because it has the simplest procedure of organic fertilizer production. Only five steps, you can get final organic fertilizer and the effect will not decrease. Concrete operations are as follows:

Composting can kill the bad bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in pig dung. And the composted manure no longer generates heat to burn crops. So pig manure fertilizer can supply nutrients for crop growth without harmfulness.
During this process, the composted pig droppings will be fed in forklift feeder to further process.
After fermentation, you can find that there is a phenomenon of sticking and caking in pig litter. Crushing fertilizer materials into fine powdery is beneficial for high quality organic fertilizer manufacturing.
Sometimes, the pig manure agglomerate cannot be eliminated at once and needs to be returned to reprocess. Here rotary screener can distinguish it from qualified pig manure powder.
Finally, you can pack final organic fertilizer with automatic packaging machine. This makes fertilizer more convenient for transport and storage.
Powdery organic fertilizer making line for pig waste management
Powdery organic fertilizer making line for pig waste management

How to prepare organic fertilizer pellets from pig waste

When you need a higher quality organic fertilizer for commercial purposes and have enough budget, you can choose to make pig manure into organic fertilizer particles. This requires you to further process pig crap powdery fertilizer. In this process, besides the above fertilizer making equipment, it also needs:

Granular pig waste fertilizer production line for sale
Granular pig waste fertilizer production line for sale
Generally speaking, organic fertilizer making needs various materials. Without mixing, it is easy to cause nutrients imbalance of final organic fertilizer.
Pelleting machine is the key equipment to produce high quality organic fertilizer out of pig litter. Because granular fertilizer has less area contacts with each other, which can lower the possibility of sticking and nutrients layering. It is beneficial for the transport, storage and usage of organic fertilizer.
Besides powdery pig manure screening, granular fertilizer sieve is also essential in organic fertilizer production. SX can provide you with rotary screeners not only for powder but for granular fertilizer.
These two machines can decrease the moisture content of pig waste fertilizer particles to below 14%. Which is the international water content standard of organic fertilizer.
After a long time storing, the fertilizer made of pig crap is easy to stick again, because it will absorb moisture contained by air. But coating machine can add a protective film on fertilizer granule to isolate it from the outside world. Besides moisture absorption prevention, this film also can slow the release speed of fertilizer. So the utilization rate will improve.

Can you give me a discount on this pig manure disposal system?

SX has engaged in fertilizer equipment manufacturing for nearly 20 years, we always provide with you fertilizer equipment at an economical price. We can do this for two reasons. On the one hand, we have advanced and mature technologies in fertilizer manufacturing. So we can make the price as favourable as possible while ensuring the quality of the machine. On the other hand, SX is the source factory for fertilizer equipment. Therefore, there is no extra charge you need to pay. The price of a complete organic fertilizer making line is $15,000-$200,000. If you need the latest quotation, you can contact us.

Feedback of granular fertilizer rmaking line from customers
Feedback of granular fertilizer rmaking line from customers

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Bulgaria. In addition, except the solution for pig farm waste disposal, we also can provide you with designs for other organic waste management. Such as cow dung fertilizer making line, poultry manure management plan, chicken manure composting system, etc. If you are interested in them, please contact us immediately.

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