Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

Cow dung fertilizer machine, as the name suggests, is designed to make cow manure into fertilizer quickly and easily. Usually, it contains compost machine, granulation equipment, batching machine, crusher, mixer, dryer, cooler, coating machine, packaging and conveyor. You can choose them according to your budget, capacity, final shape, factory area, etc. SX, as a professional fertilizer making machine factory, can provide you with quality cow waste fertilizer equipment at a economical price. In addition, we can offer you free customized design for your cow dung management plan. We will try our best to help you start your cattle manure fertilizer making successfully.

Cow manure fertilizer production process
Cow manure fertilizer production process

Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Final shape: Powder or granule
  • Final granule size: 1-10 mm
  • Application: Cow farm manure management, organci fertilizer making.
  • Equipment types: compost machine, granulator, dryer, crusher, mixer, screener, packaging equipment, etc

How to choose right equipment for cow manure fertilizer making?

What key equipment is needed in cow dung fertilizer production process?

Cow dung dewatering machine

The dewatering machine is an indispensable machine in the cow manure fertilizer production process. Our cow dung dewatering machine can separate fresh cow manure into liquid and solid effectively. After separated by this machine, the water content of the cow manure is 30%. Besides, the slag yield and water content of your raw materials can be adjusted. Therefore, you can dehydrate the material according to the actual working requirements. Besides, it is a multi-functional dehydrator which also can process chicken manure, duck droppings, cow dung, wine residue etc.

Screw dewatering machine in SX
Screw dewatering machine in SX
Cow manure compost making
Cow manure compost making

Cow dung compost machine

Composting is the key process to make cow dung fertilizer. In order to improve work efficiency, a professional compost turner is needed in this time. Our cow dung composting machine mainly adopts the aerobic fermentation technology to decompose the organic matter in cow manure wastes. For oxygen is one of the essential factors in aerobic fermentation process. This type of cow dung fertilizer machine can turn the compost piles regularly to let more oxygen come into the core of the piles. In this way, it speeds up the compost making process greatly and eliminate the appearance of anaerobic environment.

Cow manure mixing machine

Generally speaking, during cow manure fertilizer making, we will use various materials. Especially when you want to add some biological species for better manure compost products. Or when you want to enhance the content of a certain element of your final fertilizer. At that time, mixing machine can help you a lot. It can mix the cow manure compost with them evenly to to meet your requirements. This can prevent your cow dung organic fertilizer from nutrient imbalance.

Dairy waste fertilizer mixer for sale
Dairy waste fertilizer mixer for sale
Cow dung fertilizer pellets produced by SX granulation machine
Cow dung fertilizer pellets produced by SX granulation machine

Cattle manure granulating equipment

Cattle manure pellet equipment is a kind of cow dung fertilizer machine used in organic fertilizer granulation process. This equipment can help you make fertilizer granules for salable organic fertilizer products. And for cow dung fertilizer pellets making, rotary drum granulator is an excellent choice for you. Besides, you can use an organic fertilizer polishing machine to make your cow dung pellets looks more beautiful. If you have any questions about them, just feel free to contact us.

What equipment is suitable for a small scale cow dung powder fertilizer production line?

If you want to start small scale cow dung fertilizer production at a low cost, SX can provide you with a small scale cow dung powder fertilizer production line. It doesn’t need many manufacturing machines, only contains:

  • Dewatering machine: For fresh cow dung contains too much water, which will hinder the production of cow dung fertilizer. Therefore, the first important thing you should do is to use our cow dung dewatering machine to control the water content under 65%.
  • Composting machine: Composting is necessary for organic fertilizer making, of course including cow dung fertilizer production. Because it can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs, grass seeds in cattle litter. And for small scale fermentation of cow dung, we recommend you choose groove type compost machine and windrow compost turner.
  • Forklift Feeder: After compost production, you need to transport cattle manure compost to forklift feeder. Which can filter big stones and grass and feed compost into powder fertilizer making system.
  • Crusher: Crusher can grind cow poop compost into fine powder. It makes final cattle waste fertilizer easier to transport, store and use. You also can use it before compost to enlarge the contact area with oxygen to facilitate cow manure fermentation. Here, both vertical crusher and semi-wet crusher are ideal choices for you.
  • Powder packing machine: If you make powder fertilizer from cow manure for commercial purposes, it is advisable to package them with packing machine. In this way, you can transport and store cow dropping fertilizer easier.
  • Powder screening:  In this process, screening machine will distinguish the fine powder from agglomerate and waste (such as cigarette butt, small stones). And unqualified cattle manure fertilizer is transported to crush again.

In this fertilizer production project, you do not need the fertilizer granulator, dryer and cooler to make fertilizer granules. Because of lacking these cow dung fertilizer machines, the final products are powdery. And it can greatly reduce your budget for organic fertilizer making. But there is no adverse effect on the final cow poop fertilizer quality. You can use the powdery fertilizer on your farm or package them for sale. Therefore, you do not need to buy it from others. Meanwhile, you can make money from this simple organic fertilizer production line.

How to make cattle manure into organic fertilizer granules?

If you are make fertilizer out of cow manure in commercial purpose, it is advisable to prepare cow litter into granular organic fertilizer. Because it is convenient for transport, storage and use. for this, SX can offer you customized plan for cow dung pellets production. It can help you turn cow manure into commercial organic fertilizer effectively.  Granular organic fertilizer manufacturing sysytem of cattle manure is based on powder fertilizer making line. Besides the above organic fertilizer machines, it also needs following steps:

  • Mixing dry cow dung with other organic wastes. Heavy cow manure should be mixed with organic substances like vegetable waste, garden debris, dead leaves, sawdust, wood ash, hay and straw etc. Using a mixer can makes this work more quickly.
  • Granulating process. Remember to choose a suitable organic fertilizer granulator according to the scale of cow manure fertilizer manufacturing.
  • Drying the fertilizer granules. Usually, in order to easy packaging and storage, a rotary dryer would be used to evenly dry the granules and ultimately create a uniform and quality final product.
  • Package. This the final process of organic fertilizer making line of cow droppings. Here SX can provide automatic packing machine for you to fulfill high-efficiency, automatic and convenient packaging and bagging solution for finished cow dung organic fertilizers.

How to make fertilizer pellets looks more beautiful in cow dung fertilizer making?

As for this question, it is very normal in fertilizer industry, especially in commercial fertilizer production. Because beautiful shapes can make a lot of client to buy for professional and advanced technology. In terms of the problem, our engineers design organic fertilizer polishing machine to meet your needs. Although it belongs to auxiliary equipment, its use for fertilizer pellets making is necessary. It is a circular polishing device based on organic and compound fertilizer granulator. Meanwhile, it makes the cylindrical particles roll to ball without return materials. And then, it has high ball rate, good strength, beautiful appearance and strong practicability. By fertilizer polishing machine to some extent, it can prompt the fertilizer sales. Why not use it as soon as quickly. Pl ease contact us in time.

Fertilizer polishing machine for appearance improvement
Fertilizer polishing machine for appearance improvement

Why can cow manure be used as fertilizer?

Cow dung is a derived wastes produced by cattle farming. It has smelly odor, pathogens, pest eggs, grass seeds, etc. So, leaving it alone will cause a serious environemental pollution. Currently, the most common and valuable processing method is to turn cow dung and manure into salable organic fertilizer.

According to the data, daily cow dung contains crude protein 10% – 20%, crude fat 1%–3%, nitrogen free extract 20%–30%, crude fiber 15%–30%. They can provide high levels of organic matter and rich nutrient content, including about nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium as well as many other essential nutrients.Once raw cow dung composted by professional cow dung fertilizer machine, it can provide rich nutrients to the crops and plants without harms. This also makes cow manure become a kind of popular and useful raw material of organic fertilizer production.

How to compost cow dung manure
How to compost cow dung manure

How to decompose cow manure quickly?

How to make organic fertilizers from 200 cow’s dung in your own farm economical?

In general, a cow will generate 30 kg of manure waste a day. So if you have a 200 cows farm, there is 6 tons of cattle manure need to dispose of per day. For this, if you want to manage cow dung in a economical way, you can compost dairy manure with groove type compost turner. This not only save you cost on organic fertilizer production equipment, but also save your farm space. The only thing you need to do is to build some grooves in your farm and put your cow dung in them. After that, your cow wastes will ferment in this unit. With the turning of groove type compost turner, your cow dung can quickly become organic fertilizer to use.

Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working
Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working

More information about cow dung fertilizer making

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