Fertilizer Granulation Equipment Video

When you want to make fertilizer into pellets, professional fertilizer granulation equipment is necessary. As a reliable fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can provide you with various fertilizer pellet machines. Including disc granulator, new type organic fertilizer granulator (stirring teeth organic fertilizer pelletizer), rotary drum granulation machine, rotary drum stirring teeth pelletizer, flat die granulation mill, double roller extrusion granulator. The first three machine adopts wet granulation method, which makes use of liquid as binder to facilitate fertilizer granulation. The last two use dry granulation method, which mainly relies on the extrusion force between rollers to turn powder to fertilizer granules. There is nearly no water involved, so no drying and cooling processes. Whether you want to make organic fertilizer pellet or produce compound fertilizer pellets, it can help you finish it quickly. And if you want to make your fertilizer pellets more rounded, we also can offer you fertilizer polishing machine. Welcome to contact us immediately.

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