How Often To Turn Materials During Organic Fertilizer Composting

When you want to make fertilizer from organic waste, it is necessary to compost them to kill harmful substances in manure. Then how often to turn materials during organic fertilizer composting? Generally speaking, the frequency of fertilizer compost turning is not fixed. It depends on a number of factors, including size of the pile, the C/N ratio, and the amount of moisture in the compost. But a simple way to judge whether your manure fertilizer needs turning is by looking at the temperature. The details are as follows:

How to compost organic fertilizer better and faster?

How long to turn organic fertilizer compost once?

Usually, the manure composting process can be divided into parts, temperature raising period, high temperature period and temperature falling period. They are different in the frequency of organic fertilizer turning.

Temperature rising period

In temperature rising period, we recommend you turn materials frequently. It can be once a day. In this way, microorganisms in manure can get more oxygen to support them to generate more heat. So the organic fertilizer temperature can increase to 60 ℃ quickly, which can kill harmful substances in materials.

Vertical fermentation pot for sale
Vertical fermentation pot for sale
Horizontal organic fertilizer fermenter with temperature monitor
Horizontal organic fertilizer fermenter with temperature monitor

High temperature period

During the high temperature period, you can turn the raw materials once every 2-3 days. And if you plan to start a large scale composting and want to shorten the fermentation time, you can increase the turning frequency. But in this period, what you need to pay attention to is that the material temperature cannot be higher than 75 ℃. Otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the beneficial bacteria. That is, when the temperature of the compost is higher than 75 ℃, you must turn it immediately.

Temperature falling period

When the temperature of fertilizer compost pile starts falling, you can extend the interval of compost turning. Because it means that the aerobic fermentation of your organic materials is almost finished. When the raw material temperature no longer rises, You can stop turning and transport them to the aging area or the next process. In addition, the frequency of compost turning is also different in different season. In the cold seasons, when the outside air temperature is lower than 10 ℃. A large amount of heat will be lost during turning, so the temperature of the compost pile is difficult to raise. Therefore, it is necessary to heat the incoming air and reduce the frequency of compost turning.

Temperature changing in ogranic fertilizer composting
Temperature changing in ogranic fertilizer composting

Which fertilizer compost machine is more suitable for you?

How to measure the compost temperature?

First, you can choose our in-vessel compost machine, which contains vertical fermentation pot and horizontal fermentation tank. It is equipped with a temperature monitor, which can help you know the temperature changing of compost easily. However, if you want to buy others compost turners for your compost fertilizer making. You need to buy a professional compost temperature measuring device (as the following picture shows).  

Temperature measuring device for compost making
Temperature measuring device for compost making

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