Disc Granulator Machine

Why disc granulator is an ideal choice for you

In the process of making fertilizer, the disk granulator machine is one of the key equipment in fertilizer production, it can help you improve the quality of fertilizer. But when you need to get a granulating machine, you will find it difficult to choose a suitable one, because there are various granulators on the market. At that time, you may wish to look at the disc granulator.

Pan pelletizer adopts an overall arc structure, and the granulation rate can reach more than 93%. The granulation plate is provided with three discharge ports, which is convenient for intermittent production operations, and greatly reduces labor intensity and improves labor efficiency. The reducer and motor use flexible belt drive to start smoothly, slow down the impact force and extend the service life of the equipment. The plate bottom makes use of radiant steel plates to reinforce itself, so that it becomes more durable and never deformed. Designed with a thick, heavy and sturdy base, disc granulator can operate smoothly without anchor bolts. Combining with other fertilizer equipment, such as compost machine, mixer, crusher and other auxiliary machines, it can provide you with  fertilizer with higher quality. It is an ideal equipment for  fertilizer production.

Disc granulator for fertilizer granulation
Disc granulator for fertilizer granulation

Why do you need a granulator

Granulating machine is a kind of industrial professional equipment in fertilizer making, which can turn powder materials into granules. After granulating, the density of the material increases and its unit weight decreases, so the fertilizer is convenient for storage and shipment. In addition, compared with powder fertilizers, granular fertilizers have lower possibility of materials sticking and caking, so you can add some inorganic ingredients to improve fertilizer efficiency. Finally, granulation can prevent separation of material components, making fertilization easier. Therefore most manufacturers usually prefer to make granular fertilizers rather than powdered fertilizers. In a word, granulating machines play an important role in organic fertilizer manufacture and compound fertilizer production.

Pan granulator fertilizer making line
Pan granulator fertilizer making line

How a pan granulator works to make fertilizer into granules

When it comes to the working principle, we have to know the structure of the pan granulator first. The pan granulator conprises a large disc, a scraper, a spray support bar, a reducer, a drive motor, a base, etc.

During the process of granulation, the disc type granulating machine mainly makes use of centrifugal force from pan rotation to achieve the purpose of granulation. First, the processed powder materials will be transported into the disk and added with some water. After the pan granulator is set in motion, the disc will be driven by transmission devices. Then the materials will move upward under the action of the rotation of the disc, and fall due to gravity. In this process, the powder materials will roll and stick to each other and finally formed into round granules. After reaching the predetermined diameter, the granules will be out of the pan to the next procedure.

5 Features of pan pelletizer

Compared with other granulating machines, pan pelletizer has its own features as follows:

  • High granulation rate. Adopting room temperature granulation method, one-time molding, improving the granulation rate to more than 93%.
  • Economical and practical. Pan pelletizer has characteristics of low investment, good economic benefits, simple operation and convenient maintenance, and is an optimal choice for factories with capacity of 0.02-6t/h.
  • The particle size can be controlled. You can regulate the pan plate angles to regulate the final granules size.
  • Scraper design. The scraper can remove the materials attached to the disc body and improve granulating rate and quality.
  • Wide applications. The pan pelletizer can be used for various fertilizer preparations, you can  make use of it to make cow manure fertilizer, chicken manure fertilizer , NPK fertilizer, DAP ferttilizer, etc
Small scale pan granulating machine from SX
Small scale pan granulating machine from SX

How do you control the granules size

There are two ways to regulate the granules size. First, you can change the granules size by controlling the moisture, and the water spray system can help you control the raw material moisture easily. Less water, smaller size; much water, bigger size. And another solution to this problem is regulating the pan slope angle. You can adjust the angle between 35 degrees and 55 degrees to regulate the final granules size. Sharp slope, smaller size; slow slope, bigger size. In this way, you can produce particles of the diameter you need within 1-8mm.

Granulaes made by pan granulating machine
Granulaes made by pan granulating machine

Which type of disk pelletizers do you like

It is common that different customers have different needs and requirements in production. As a professional and considerate supplier, we design various types of disk pelletizers for you. Whether you have a small, medium or large fertilizer production line, whether you want to produce organic or compound fertilizers, they can meet your needs. Among them, SXYZ-500 is the one with the smallest output, about O.5-0.8 tons/h. It is an ideal choice for you, if you want to start a small scale fertilizer making. The largest output one is SXYZ-3600, about 4-6 tons/h, it is suitable for the medium scale fertilizer production line. If you need larger scale production, you can increase the number of pan granulators to expand the output. In addition, they can both be used in producing organic fertilizers or compound fertilizers.

If you want to know more information about them or have other special requirements, you can contact us.

Technical parameters of disc granulator
Technical parameters of disc granulator

How to use disc granulator

  1. Start up: Before starting up, check whether the reducer is filled with gear oil and whether the rotation direction of the disc is correct.
  2. Operation:After pressing the start button, the host starts, and observing whether the equipment is running normally, whether there is vibration, and whether the rotation is stable.
  3. Feeding: After the equipment is running normally, you can add composted material and water.
  4. Granulation adjustment: After feeding, you can adjust the angle of the disc according to the requirements so that the granules can reach the required size.
  5. Granulation: After adjusting the angle of the disc, the material will be processed into the required granules.
Structure of disc granulator
Structure of disc granulator

Why choose us among so many pan granulator manufacturers

Through the above introduction, you must have a certain understanding of the disc granulator machine. The next step is to find a reliable company so that you can buy high cost-effective equipment. SX Engineering Equipment Co.Ltd. is definitely an ideal choice for you. It is the leading brand of fertilizer equipment in China and has nearly 20 years of experience in fertilizer equipment manufacturing. SX has a professional team comprised of experts, professors and senior engineers and is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and promotion of organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer equipment. What is more important is that our products are complete in specifications and quality, and all indicators far exceed national and international standards. These help us earn trust from domestic and foreign customers.

Fertilizer equipment manufacturing site in SX
Fertilizer equipment manufacturing site in SX

How much does disc granulator machine cost

Finally, the price of disc granulator machine is an item most customers pay attention to and is a major factor in determining whether customers are willing to buy. The price of disc granulator on the market is about 1,000 dollars/set to 10,000 dollars/set in 2022, and varies with its capacity and configuration.

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