Commercial Composting Facility

Brief introduction of commercial composting making systems

Commercial Compost Turner (raw materials fermentation) → Batching machine (add other materials required)Crusher Machine (crush composted materials in small size) → Compost Mixing Equipment (mix materials quickly and evenly in a short time)→ Disc Granulator (materials granulating) → Rotary Drum Dryer (fertilizer drying) → Rotary Drum Cooler (fertilizer cooling) → Commercial Compost Sifter Machine (fertilizer screening) → Chain Crusher (substandard products crushing for re-granulating) →Organic Fertilizer Coating Machine (finished products coating) → Automatic Packing Machine (fertilizer packaging) → Belt Conveyor (raw materials and finished products transporting)

As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can give you the best solutions about your commercial composting business plan. What’s more, we can provide you the most suitable fertilizer equipment for your plant with customized service. So, if you have questions or requirements about our products, just contact us freely!

Commercial compost fertilizer production line for sale
Commercial compost fertilizer production line for sale

What is commercial composting facility and what are they used for?

Generally speaking, the commercial composting equipment refers to the professional compost machines used in compost making process. If you want to make compost for commercial purpose, SX will give you the best solution about your commercial composting system. In a word, a perfect composting system should equip with pre-treatment equipment(compost crusher, mixer, feeding machine and so on), fermentation equipment(compost turner), post-treatment equipment(pellet machine, screening equipment), other auxiliary equipment(dust collector, belt conveyor.etc). Here, SX will provide you with the high quality products and customized service for your composting business. If you have any questions or requirements about our products, just feel free to contact us.

Pretreatment equipment for raw materials

In order to make high quality compost fertilizer, you need to do something with your raw materials such as crushing and mixing. This process is very important in commercial composting system. It helps the raw materials become suitable for better fermentation. Pretreatment facility mainly includes metering equipment, compost fertilizer crusher, mixer, feeding equipment and screening machine. In the whole commercial composting process, the functions of these equipment are as follows:

  • Increase the organic matter in raw materials.
  • Provide appropriate material granularity for fermentation.
  • Adjust the water and carbon to nitrogen ratio.
Dynamic batching machine for fertilizer production
Dynamic batching machine for fertilizer production

Fermentation equipment -commercial composting turner facility

Compost turner is the key equipment in commercial composting system. It plays an important role in fermentation process. In SX, there are many types compost turning machine you can choose for your plant. They all designed by advanced aerobic fermentation technology for composting process. When the composting temperature reach 60 and the compost piles need cooling and mixing evenly by turning them over, our compost turner will begin to work.

Groove type compost turner for commercial composting
Groove type compost turner for commercial composting

Materials crushing-commercial compost shredder

In commercial composting system, some raw materials are not suitable to be composted directly which put off the composting process. This is because their particles are too large which not meet the requirements of the composting operations. So, it is necessary to crush them into small size. In SX company, there are different types fertilizer crushing equipment can help you crush your raw materials. Here is the most commonly used one for fertilizer plant.

Fertilizer Crusher
Fertilizer Crusher

Mix compost material evenly and quickly-commercial composting mixer facility

For materials process, mixing is also important. By mixing your composted materials, it can effectively improve the purity of fertilizer products. What’s more, the fertilizer granules will be more beautiful. As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX also provide high quality fertilizer mixing equipment for you.

Double shafts horizontal mixer in SX
Double shafts horizontal mixer in SX

How to start a commercial composting business?

A reliable compost turneposting business is very popular around the world, especially in farm. Because farms can provide you with all kinds of materials to make organic fertilizer. In order to start a commercial business, what you need to do? Several aspects you need to focus on.

Step1: Search sources and materials of making compost

You will need to understand what kind of material can be made into rich, natural compost, such as leaves, grass cuttings, manures and other organic materials. The science behind it is very decompose in its own time, but there are some things you need to strength your end product. Through the internet, you also know which organic materials are nutrient rich, and can be used as fertilizer, and which is aren’t suitable for this, but can still be used as soil conditioners.

Step2: Find reliable fertilizer equipment manufactures

A reliable supplier is the key to succeed. It can help you deal with facing problems- how to operate the machine and what details you need to pay more attention, etc. To some extent, it can give you best solutions to solve your difficulties, such as the problem is that how to make 150 tons cow dung into compost. Aiming to those problems, our company can provide professional advice for you. Therefore, you can spend little time.

Success cases in various countries
Success cases in various countries

Step3: Distribution/Delivery

You could talk to farmers and gardeners in your local area and offer to deliver fresh , organic compost to them. They can use this for soil maintenance and depending on what materials its made from, in some cases, as a fertilizer.

Then, you could have an investigation at a farmer market or gardening fair. Many gardener need use compost to give their plants the extra nutrients the need and to recondition soil. This is your target market, you can put your product out in front of them.

Finally, you could set up a small e-commerce store and sell via the internet. It can give you a much wider reach, but will increase your benefits. If you want to scale up, this can be a great next step after your succeed at the local level.

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