Solution For Large Cow Farm Waste As Fertilizer

Cow dung fertilizer pellets production line for sale

With the booming in cow intensive breeding, a large amount of manure will be generated. This will create a serious influence on the air, earth and even cattle rearing. Then how to manage cow manure in an environmentally friendly way? Converting it to organic fertilizer is a good idea. Here, SX can provide you with … Read more

Top 4 Auxiliary Machines Used In Organic Fertilizer Making In 2022

In the process of organic fertilizer making, most fertilizer manufacturers usually focus on composting machine and granulating equipment purchasing. But the production of high quality organic fertilizer is also inseparable from the help of other auxiliary equipment. Including dewatering machine, crusher, mixer, drying machine, screener, etc. Using them, you can turn organic waste into quality … Read more

The Solution For Pig Farm Waste Disposal In Bulgaria

The Solution For Pig Farm Waste Disposal In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the government encourages to realize coordinated cooperation between livestock and crops in agricultural production. That is, using organic waste and animal manure as raw materials for crop growth by properly processing. Therefore, many farm owners prefer to treat animal manure by making it into organic fertilizer. At that time, professional fertilizer equipment can … Read more