Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line for 240,000 Birds Farm in Philippines

The Philippines is a country that makes animal husbandry a priority industry. It provides strong policy support for farmers. Including policy support on production, market, training and related systems. Therefore, there are many poultry farms in the Philippines. For these poultry farm owners, poultry waste management is important. And making it in organic fertilizer is an ideal choice for them. So on 18th July 2022, a customer from Philippines who has a 240,000 birds farm inquired us about it. Then we designed a customized fertilizer production project for the customer from Philippines according to his actual situation. The following are the specific details of the case of chicken manure fertilizer production line for 240,000 birds farm in philippines:

Chicken manure fertilizer granules making
Chicken manure fertilizer granules making

Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line

  • Country: Philippines
  • Capacity:2 t/h
  • Final fertilizer: 3-5 mm granules
  • Design: Dehydrator, in-vessel fermentation tank, crusher, pan granulator, screenr, dryer, cooler, packing machine, etc
  • Cost: about $150,000
  • Application: 240,000 birds farm waste disposal

How to make chicken manure into fertilizer pellets?

What capacity of organic production line is best for 240,000 birds farm?

This customer from Philippines has a chicken farm of 240,000 birds, so we recommend him choose a 2t/h fertilizer production line for chicken manure. Because an adult chicken can produce about 0.15 kg of manure a day. So 240,000 birds will produce about 36,000 kg of manure per day, equal to 36 tons. But the chicken manure from the Philippine customer is fresh. It contains solid and water. Only 1/3 of it can be used to prepare organic fertilizer. Therefore the feces generated by 240,000 birds a day can make 12 tons of organic fertilizer. And considering that you need to add other materials during chicken manure fertilizer preparation. We recommended him a 2 t/h organic fertilizer making line of chicken manure. There are both powdery and granule types for your choice.

2t/h fertilizer production line of chicken manure
2t/h fertilizer production line of chicken manure

What equipment is needed to 2 t/h chicken manure fertilizer granule production line?

From the communication with the Philippines customer, he perfer to making organic fertilizer pellets from chicken manure. Generally, a whole chicken manure fertilizer production line of granules usually consists of 9 parts. Composting, batching, crushing, mixing, granulating, screening, drying and cooling, coating and packaging. Every process has its own unique role. The because of 2 t/h chicken poop granulation output, you needs equipment as follows:

In this process, fertilizer composter will help you create a suitable environment for chicken manure fermentation. Which can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass weeds in chicken droppings. So it can be used as fertilizer without any smelly odor and damage.
In order to ensure sufficient nutrients contained in fertilizer, usually we will add some auxiliary materials to chicken manure. At that time, batching machine can help you control the amounts of these materials.
If you want to make chicken dung fertilizer with a beautiful appearance, crushing machine is necessary. It will break agglomerated material into fine powder. So the possibility of equipment blocking in subsequent processes will decrease. And the final fertilizer granules will have a more smooth surface.
This process can blend various materials evenly, so that your final fertilizer has a balanced nutrients. For this, SX can provide various mixers for your choice.
Granulator can turn powdery chicken manure into granular. This can prevent chicken dung fertilizer from sticking and layering. So it is convenient to transport, store and use. And for 2 t/h chicken manure pellets making, pan pelletizer is the best choice.
Screener is the key process for distinguishing qualified from unqualified fertilizers. And the unqualified pellets will be returned to re-granulate. This can greatly reduce the waste of materials.
Dryer and cooler will further remove the moisture of fertilizer granule to make it meet the international requirement. Then the quality of fertilizer pellets will also improve.
After packaging, the finished fertilizer is convenient to store and transport. And you can pack them into bags with different volumes, which can meet different needs of your customers.

You can choose them according to your needs. And we will design the project according your requirements

Which compost turner is suitable for ferment chicken manure from 240,000 Birds Farm?

This Philippine customer was interested in groove type compost turner and vertical fertilizer fermentation tank. And he wanted to know which is more suitable for him to ferment chicken waste.  According to the customer’s capacity, there are two types of chicken manure compost machines are recommendatory.

Vertical fertilizer fermentation tank for less space occupation

If you don’t have enough space for chicken manure compost, vertical fertilizer fermentation tank is your optimal option. Only needs 10-30㎡, it can finish material fermentation. And it also can meet your requirement for no secondary pollution. Because vertical fertilizer fermentation tank makes aerobic fermentation in a closed environment. And it has a specialized treatment system for waste gas. At the same time, because of in-vessel fermentation method employment, it can slow down the heat dissipation and isolate cold from outside world. Therefore, it can hlep you compost chicken manure faster even in cold winter.

Vertical fermentation tank for chicken dung organic fertilizer making
Vertical fermentation tank for chicken dung organic fertilizer making
Stirring teeth of groove type compost turning machine
Stirring teeth of groove type compost turning machine

Groove type compost turner for low cost fermentation

If your budget is not enough, we recommend you choose groove type compost turner. It is used in trench compost work. It uses stirring teeth to turn the chicken manure. So the fermentation bacteria can fully contact with oxygen. Then the generated heat will kill harmful substances in chicken manure. In addition, its turning width can reach 2.5-5m, and turning depth of 0.8-1.8m. And combining with transfer vehicle, it can work for multiple grooves. If you want to enlarge production, you only need to increase the number of grooves.

Finally, after negotiation, this customer from Philippines choose the in-vessel fermentation tank for his chicken manure fertilizer production line.

Do we need to dispose of chicken droppings before compost making?

As mentioned above, the material from the Philippine customer is fresh chicken droppings. In general, it is a mixture of solids and water. This means it has a high moisture content, which has a serious impact on composting and final produced organic fertilizer quality. Therefore, fresh chicken dropping is not suitable for starting organic fertilizer preparation directly. Then how to adjust the water content of chicken poop and make it suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturing? For this, we can provide you with two solutions for your reference.

Add dry organic materials

If the moisture content of chicken dung is lower than 80% and you want to finish water content reduction at a low cost. You can choose to adjust the waster content of manure by adding some materials with low moisture. Such as straw, corn cob, peanut cake, rice husk, etc. You can mix them with chicken manure or pave them on the bottom layer of fermentation groove to absorb excess water. Then the moisture will decrease to 50%-60%, which is suitable for composting.

Use SX dewatering machines

In addition, if you want to remove excessive water from chicken poop quickly and easier, you can use fertilizer dewatering machine directly. It can separate solid chicken manure and water quickly. And after dewatering, the moisture of chicken droppings is about 30%. Moreover, in order to meet the different requirements of customers, we especially design two kinds of manure water remove machines for your choice. They are inclined screen solid-liquid separator and screw dewatering equipment. The former is more suitable for processing materials with low solid content and high water content of over 80%. Such as fresh cow dung, pig manure, horse droppings, wine waste, etc. But for chicken manure processing, which has low moisture content. We recommend you choose screw dewatering equipment.

Materials with low moisture for chicken manure fertilizer making
Materials with low moisture for chicken manure fertilizer making
Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Inclined screen solid-liquid separator for chicken farm waste processing
Inclined screen solid-liquid separator for chicken farm waste processing

The above are details about our communication with the customer from Philippines. Expect chicken manure disposal line, SX fertilizer machinery also can provide you with many other fertilizer making lines. Such as chicken manure compost system, chicken dung pellet making, cow dung fertilizer processing line, etc.

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