Flat Die Pellet Mill

Flat die pellet mill is a kind of organic fertilizer granulating equipment, which can turn organic material powder into granules. And unlike other granulators, its finished organic fertilizer pellets are columnar instead of round. But this will not affect the efficiency of your fertilizer. And if you want to start a small scale organic fertilizer production business, SX flat die granulator will be an ideal choice for you. Because it usually can produce 1-2.5 tons of particles per hour, that is, you can get about 6,000-15,000 tons of organic fertilizer a year. In addition, due to its high granulation rate, favourable price and easy operation, it is popular with many fertilizer manufacturers at home and abroad.

Flat die pellet mill for sale
Flat die pellet mill for sale

When is suitable to use flat die granulation machine in organic fertilizer production?

The working principle of organic fertilizer flat die granulating machine

If you want to use flat die pelleting mill freely, it is necessary for you to understand the work principle of it. The flat die granulator employs dry extrusion granulation method, which processes organic fertilizer powder into granules without water involving. It completes organic fertilizer granulation mainly by the extrusion force between rotating roller and mold. Here, you need to pay attention to the moisture content of your material and it is advisable to keep it less than 10%.

Is there a more detailed explanation of this process? After feeding the organic litter into flat die pelletizer, the rotating roller will rotate and press raw material in the mold. Because there are many column holes in mold, the pressed material will be turned into long cylindrical pellets. Then the inner shearing knives will cut them into granules with proper length. Finally, the finished organic fertilizer particles will be discharged from the outlet.

How to adjust the size and shape of pellets produced by flat die granulator?

If you want to know whether this granulator is suitable for your organic fertilizer plant, the specification of granule is also an item you need to focus on. Flat die pellet mill can help you produce columnar particles with a diameter of 2-8 mm. But different customers may have different requirements. How to adjust the size and shape to meet your requirements during flat die granulation?

How to regulate the size of fertilizer particles

If you make organic fertilizer into granules with flat die pelletizer, you can change fertilizer size by choosing different molds. As mentioned above, the flat die pelleting machine produces granular fertilizer by pressing material into mold. In general, this size of produced fertilizer particle refers to the diameter of the cut surface of the hole in the mold. Here, SX can provide you with suitable mold for preparing fertilizer with any diameter within 2-8 mm.

Different size fertilizer produced by flat die pellet mill
Different size fertilizer made by flat die pellet mill
Fertilizer polishing machine for appearance improvement
Fertilizer polishing machine for appearance improvement

How to convert the pellets into round fertilizer

The organic fertilizer particle manufactured by flat die granulator is columnar. But sometimes, you may want to convert them into round pellets. How to finish this task? Fertilizer polishing machine can help you a lot. This equipment is designed for reprocessing granular fertilizer particles with other shapes into spherical granules. And it also can help you improve the appearance of your fertilizer and make it more competitive. And in order to meet different needs of customers for capacity, we especially design two- stage polishing machine for small scale fertilizer production and three-stage polishing equipment for large scale fertilizer manufacturing.

Why this flat die pellet mill can help you make organic fertilizer at a low cost?

If you are desirous of starting a small scale organic fertilizer making at a low cost, we recommend you choose flat die granulation equipment. Why? There are 5 reasons as follows:

Small capacity

Whether any fertilizer processing equipment you want to purchase, capacity always plays an important role in price determining. Generally speaking, the equipment with a smaller output will have a more favourable price. The capacity of flat die pellet making machine is 1-2.5 t/h, which is lower than other organic fertilizer pelletizers. So it can reduce the cost of equipment buying.

Easy operation

The easy operation of the flat die granulator can decrease the cost of worker employment. This machine is controlled by an electrical system, only one worker is enough to operate this granulator. And only 3-5 workers, you can keep the whole organic fertilizer production line with flat die pelletizer running. This greatly contributes to reducing the cost of labor force.

Adopt dry granulation method

This flat die granulating equipment employs dry extrusion granulation method, which has no need of water involving. Therefore, it doesn’t need subsequent drying and cooling processes. This can help you save the money spent on dryer and cooler buying and fuel consumption.

Long service life

This organic fertilizer granulating mill also has a characteristic of long service life, because all SX fertilizer machines are made of anti-corrosion and wear-resistant alloy steel material. Long service life usually means that you don’t need to change the machine frequently. So you will spend less on granulator changing.

Less space occupation

Compared other organic fertilizer pelleting machines, flat die pellet mill occupies a smaller space. So you can reduce the budget for factory rental.

Rotating rollers and molds of flat die granulator
Rotating rollers and molds of flat die granulator
Discharge port of flat die pelletizer
Discharge port of flat die pelletizer
Granules produced by flat die granulating machine
Granules produced by flat die granulating machine

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Size of feeding material (mm) Moisture content of feeding material Weight
SXPM-230 0.4-0.6 11 3-5 13%-15% 270
SXPM-260 0.6-0.8 15 3-5 3%-15% 300
SXPM-300 0.8-1 18.5 3-5 3%-15% 400
SXPM-360 1.2-1.5 22 3-5 3%-15% 600
SXPM-400 1.5-2 30 3-5 3%-15% 750
SXPM-500 2-2.3 37 3-5 3%-15% 900

What is the difference between flat die pelletizer and double roller granulator?

Flat die pellet mill and double roller granulator both adopt dry granulation method, what is the difference between them?

Applicable fertilizer type

If you plan to produce compound fertilizer pellets, we recommend you choose double roller pelletizer. However, when you need a granulating for organic fertilizer processing, flat die pelleting equipment is an ideal choice for you.

Produced pellet shape

The final particles prepared with double roller granulating machine are spherical. But the fertilizer processed with flat die granulator is columnar.


Although these two pelleting machines both employ dry extrusion granulation method. They complete it in different ways. Double roller pelleting equipment mainly makes fertilizer granules by extrusion force between two parallel cylindrical rollers. But flat die granulator mainly relies on the rotating roller and mold to generate the extrusion force.


Provided you need a smaller granulator, it is advisable to choose flat die pelletizer. When you need a larger pelletizer, you can choose double roller granulator.


If you want to finish fertilizer granulation at a low cost. These two pellet making machines are both excellent choices for you. But the flat die pelleting equipment is the most economical one of fertilizer pelletizers on sale at present.

Structure of flat die granulator
Structure of flat die granulator
Double roller granulator for dry granulation
Double roller granulator for dry granulation

Things you must focus on when using flat die granulating machine

Flat die granulator plays an important role in small scale organic fertilizer granulation. In order to ensure it can be used for a longer time and improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizer. It is necessary to understand how to use it in the right way. There are some tips for your reference.

  • Before starting the machine, you need to do a good job of checking whether the parts are loose or not. If not, you can start the motor. And after the motor reaches a certain speed, you can feed materials in it.
  • During the operation, if the flat die granulator is blocked. You must cut off the power first and clean the stored materials in the granulator. Then you can start repairing it.
  • Lubricate regularly, especially for wear parts such as bearings. In general, bearings are normally lubricated monthly. But in adverse conditions, you need to lubricate the machine every week.

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