How to Make Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung?

With the rapid development of cattle industry, manure pollution has become a major problem for the manager. In some places, the environmental pollution caused by cow dung has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution, and some even reached more than twice. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the treatment of cow manure. Especially for the places where cattle are concentrated breeding, it really need some professional cow dung handling equipment to deal with the large amount cow manure. Here, we have the best solution for your cow manure management. That is: convert them into organic fertilizer!

cow dung organic fertilizer prodution line
cow dung organic fertilizer prodution line

In fact, cow dung(cow manure) is a good material to make organic fertilizer. And, many people has realized the nutritional value of cow manure for organic fertilizer making. But, they do not know how to make organic fertilizer from cow dung scientifically or make it in the wrong way. Therefore, the nutritional value of cow manure has not been fully utilized and even the unpleasant phenomenon appeared.

Composting Cow Dung: Convert Cow Dung Into Organic Fertilizer

If you want to use cow dung as organic fertilizer, the manure must be fully fermented. For fresh cow dung in the farm, it is the source of many kinds of bacterial pathogens. What’s worse, it large amounts of malodor produce effects on breeding communities. So, fresh cow manure is not the truly organic fertilizer products. The secret for farmers who want to transfer their cow dung waste into organic fertilizer is through composting! Without composting process, it can not be directly used for the plants. For one thing, the fresh cow manure will produce lots of heat and burn the roots and seeding while natural decomposition and fermentation. Besides, they also spread parasites eggs and disease-causing microbes. So, it is necessary to ferment the cow dung well before using them to the plants. But don’t worry, composting is not a difficult thing.

Ferment Cow Dung And Other Organic Wastes In Long Windrows

Windrow Turner to Make Compost from Cow Dung
Windrow Turner to Make Compost from Cow Dung

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Windrow composting is a good way for cattle farmers to make organic cow dung compost in their own farm. By pave the raw materials in long windrows and equipping a windrow compost turner, you will get organic cow manure compost within 20 days. If you’re worried about rain affecting the quality of your compost, you can also build a greenhouse to protect the windrows. Here are tips for you to compost cow dung quickly:
Dried Cow Dung: If you use dried cow dung to make organic fertilizer, you need to add some water during the composting process. Proper moisture is essential for composting work and it will speed the cow dung composting process.

how to prepare cow dung manure
how to prepare cow dung manure

Fresh Cow Dung: If your raw materials for composting is fresh cow dung, you need to adjust the water content before composting operations. This is because the water content of fresh cow dung is too high (generally up to 85%) which is not suitable for hot composting. So, you’d better remove some moisture as appropriate. There are two methods for you to adjust the water content. The first one, you can add some accessory materials to absorb the excess water from fresh cow manure. For example, sawdust, straw, grass ash carbon and so on. For the another one, you can use manure dewatering machine to remove the water quickly. In general, the moisture content of the fermented material should be controlled at about 60% (that is to say, when you held them in the hand they can be broken when the hand is released, at least to ensure that the hard grip does not drip from the fingers).

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Make Compost With Cow Manure In The Fermentation Tank

Groove Type Cow Dung Compost Machine
Groove Type Cow Dung Compost Machine

Composting in this way is called groove composting(or trench composting). This composting method is widely used in cattle breeding farms. It is easy to compost the cow dung in the fermentation grooves. But is not wait for natural decomposition.Only collect cow manure and stack them together in the tank is not composting.You need to turn the raw materials with a groove type cow dung composting machine.

How to Make Organic Fertilizer with Cow Dung in Commercial Purpose?

  • Collect cow manure and other organic wastes for composting: Prepare manure that needs to be fermented, preferably fresh cow manure (fresh manure is better than old manure).At the same time, you can add some leavening agent to promote fermentation, 1 ton of fresh cow dung with 0.25 kg of leavening agent is enough.
  • Mix the fermentation materials and control their water content to about 60%. Under this humidity condition, materials can be fully fermented into stable humus with the help of aerobic bacteria. If your raw materials contain too much water(especially for fresh cow dung), it is convenient to use cow dung dewatering machine to remove the excess water quickly.
  • Composting. Pile up the stirred raw materials in windrows, with the height of about 1.2m, width 1-2m and length not limited. Or, you can stack them in the fermentation tank to turn them for better fermentation.
  • Further process to make cow dung fertilizer granules. After composting, the parasites eggs and disease-causing microbes will be killed. In order sale better in the fertilizer market and store them conveniently, it is a good choice for you to make fertilizer pellet with a fertilizer granulator machine.
  • Package. Pack the fertilizer product is the final step in commercial organic fertilizer production.

How to make cow manure compost with windrow compost turner?

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