How To Make Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung

Why we need to make organic fertilizer from cow dung?

With the rapid development of the cattle industry, manure pollution has become a major problem for the manager. In some places, the environmental pollution caused by cow dung has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution, and some even reached more than twice. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the treatment of cow manure. Especially in the places where cattle are concentrated breeding.  Then how to manage the large amount of cow manure?  There is an excellent solution for you. That is: Converting it into organic fertilizer!

In fact, cow dung(cow manure) is a good material to make organic fertilizer. Because it has rich nutrients, which are necessary for the growth of crops and plants. Such as organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc.  Many people have realized the nutritional value of cow manure for organic fertilizer making. But they do not know how to make organic fertilizer from cow dung scientifically. Therefore, the nutritional value of cow manure has not been fully utilized and even the unpleasant phenomenon appeared.  In this aspect, SX can provide you with professional fertilizer processing machine to help you turn cow dung into high quality organic fertilizer. If you need it, you can contact us.

Cow dung organic fertilizer prodution line
Cow dung organic fertilizer prodution line

How to make organic fertilizer with cow dung scientifically and commercially?

If you want to prepare organic fertilizer with cow dung scientifically and commercially, you must know every step of the production of organic fertilizer. In general, a whole process of organic fertilizer consists of 9 procedures as follows:

  • Collecting materials: If you want to make organic fertilizer from cow dung, the material is important. Fresh cow manure is better than the old. At the same time, you can add some leavening agent to improve fermentation efficiency. 1 ton of fresh cow dung with 0.25 kg of leavening agent is enough.
  • Controlling their water content to about 60%: Under this humidity condition, materials can be fully fermented into stable humus with the help of aerobic bacteria. If your raw materials contain too much water(especially for fresh cow dung), our dewatering machine can help you remove the excess water quickly.
  • Composting: During this process, there is a high temperature generated. It can kill pest eggs, harmful bacteria and grass seeds and make the cow dung harmless. In this case, our fertilizer composting  equipment can help you a lot.
Related machines used in cow dung processing
Related machines used in cow dung processing

  • Crushing the fertilizer materials: After composting, the cow dung materials will stick and agglomerate. So you need to use fertilizer crusher to grind them into fine powder. It will make subsequent granulation easier.
  • Mixing the composted materials: During this process, you can use fertilizer mixer to mingle the cow dung with other materials evenly.
  • Making cow dung fertilizer granules:  If you want to make your fertilizer sell better in the market, it is a good choice to make your fertilizer into pellets with fertilizer granulator machine. Because it can make organic fertilizer not easy to stick. So you can transport it easier and store it for a longer time.
  • Drying and cooling: After granulating, the moisture content of cattle droppings is about 15%- 20%. It doesn’t reach the standard of 14%. So you need to use dryer and cooler to further remove the moisture content.
  • Coating fertilizer granules: Without coating, the cow manure fertilizer will absorb the water from the air after store for a long time. Then it will become easy to stick again. So fertilizer coating machine is also important for manufacturing high quality organic fertilizer out of cattle droppings.
  • Packaging. Packing the fertilizer product is the final step in commercial organic fertilizer production. For this, we can offer you automatic packaging scale for fast bagging.
Compelet process of cow dung fertilizer production
Compelet process of cow dung fertilizer production

How to control the moisture content of the cow droppings in organic fertilizer production

If you want to manufacture high quality organic fertilizer from cow dung. It is essential to keep a proper moisture content of manure. At 50%-60% is the best. There are some tips can help you adjust the moisture content of your materials.

Dried Cow Dung: If you use dried cow dung to make organic fertilizer, there are two choices for you to increase its moisture content. First, you can add some water directly during the composting process. Second,  you can mix it with fresh cow waste to balance its moisture content.

Fresh Cow Dung: If your raw material for composting is fresh cow dung, you need to adjust the water content before composting operations. Because the water content of fresh cow dung is too high (generally up to 85%), which is not suitable for hot composting. So you’d better remove some moisture as appropriate. There are two methods for you to adjust the water content. The first one, you can add some accessory materials to absorb the excess water from fresh cow manure. For example, sawdust, straw, peanut hulls, grass ash carbon and so on. For the another one, you can use manure dewatering machine to remove the water quickly.

In general, you need to control the moisture content of the cow manure at about 60% before fermenting. When you hold them in the hand, you can feel they are wet. And when you release your hand, it cannot drip from the fingers.

Dewatering machine for making cow dung fertilizer
Dewatering machine for making cow dung fertilizer

Why composting is the key step to convert cow dung into organic fertilizer

If you want to use cow dung as organic fertilizer, the manure must be fully fermented. Without composting, you cannot use it directly for the plants. Because fresh cow dung in the farm is the source of many kinds of bacterial pathogens. It contains parasite eggs and disease-causing microbes. What’s worse, it will generate malodor to produce effects on breeding communities. And if you use it directly as fertilizer for the plants.  The fresh cow manure will compost naturally and produce lots of heat to burn the roots and seedlings. So, fresh cow manure is not truly organic fertilizer products.

But the composted cow dung is different. During the process of composting, the high heat will be generated and kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass weeds. Moreover, after composting, the cattle droppings no longer stink and generate heat during use. So you don’t worry that it will burn plant roots. But it takes a long time to make the cow dung to decompose and ferment naturally, about 2-3 months. So you need some fertilizer composting machines to shorten this time. Only about 20 days.

Compost fertilizer making process
Compost fertilizer making process

What equipment can be used in composting cow manure in groove

Groove composting (or trench composting)  is widely used in cattle breeding farms management. Using this method, you can compost cow waste in an easier way without waiting for natural decomposition. But only collecting cow manure and stacking them together in the trench is not groove composting. You need to turn the raw materials to make them fully fermented.  For this, we recommend you to choose wheel type compost turner or groove type compost turner.

Wheel type compost turner

Wheel type compost turner is suitable for starting a large scale fermentation of cow manure with low cost. Because its turning width can reach 10-30m, and turning depth can reach 2m. So you don’t need to build too many trenches and reduce the cost on infrastructure project. In addition, the double-wheel design can help you compost more quickly. And hydraulic lift design allows you to easily raise the wheel and quickly return the compost turner to the starting point to change slot. These operations can be remotelly controlled, so you will spend less on the labor force.

Wheel type turning equipment for cow dung composting
Wheel type turning equipment for cow dung composting

Groove type compost turner

If your budget on fertilizer composting equipment is not enough, you can choose groove type compost turner.  It is suitable for the trench with a width of 3-6m. If you want to enlarge fermentation scale of cow manure fertilizer, you only need to increase the number of grooves. We can provide you with the transfer vehicle to realize the multi-groove working.  In the process of cow dung composting, it can keep the temperature of the materials between 65℃-70℃, the optimal temperature for fertilizer fermentation. So you can ferment and  decompose the cow dung quickly.

Groove type compost turner for sale
Groove type compost turner for sale

How to compost the  cow manure on the ground with windrow compost turner

If you want to compost cow manure on the ground, windrow compost turner will be a good partner for you. Windrow composting is a good way for cattle farmers to make organic cow dung compost in their own farm. By paving the raw materials in long windrows and equipping a windrow compost turner, you will get organic cow manure compost within 20 days. If you’re afraid of that rain will affect the quality of your compost, you can build a greenhouse to protect the windrows.

How to make cow manure compost with windrow compost turner?

Other equipment used in cow dung fertilizer manufacturing

Besides fermentation equipment, there are many other equipment can help you in successfully turning cow dung into organic fertilizer. For example:

Fertilizer granulator for cow dung

If you want to improve the quality of your cow manure fertilizer, making it into granules is an excellent choice for you. After granulation, the contact area between cow dung fertilizer and air will become smaller, so it is not easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. Therefore,  it is more convenient for transport and storage. In addition, the granular fertilizer is less likely to be blown away by the wind, so the utilization rate of your cow manure fertilizer is higher. If you want to make cow dung into pellets, disc granulator, rotary drum pelletizer and new type organic fertilizer granulator can help you a lot.

Cow dung fertilizer granulating machine
Cow dung fertilizer granulating machine

Customized fertilizer screening machine in ShunXin
Customized fertilizer screening machine in ShunXin

Fertilizer screener

When you make fertilizer out of cow dung, you will find that not all finished products are qualified, some need to be reprocessed. But how to separate qualified and unqualified fertilizers? Fertilizer screener is designed for it. SX machinery can provide you with powder rotary screening machine and granule rotary screening equipment. You can choose according to your needs.

Packaging machine

Packaging is the final step in the process of making cow manure fertilizer. After packaging, the fertilizer will be easier to transport, store, sell and use.  In general, fertilizer suppliers will pack fertilizers into 20kg/bag or 50kg/bag to meet the different needs of users.  For this, we can provide you with automatic quantitative packing scale. It contains single bucket packing scale and double bucket packing scale. They can fully meet your needs.

And if you have a large-volume packaging palletizing production line, , we also have automatic palletizer on sale. It can improve your work efficiency of packaging.

Fertilizer packing machine for sale
Fertilizer packing machine for sale

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