How To Make Organic Fertilizer from Cow Dung


In general, if you want to make organic fertilizer from cow dung, you need to dispose of cow manure with the following steps. Including dewatering, composting, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, coating and packaging. Through these steps, you can choose to make cattle waste into powdery or granular fertilizer freely. Moreover, in order to help you finish cow litter fertilizer manufacturing easier and faster, SX especially designs various fertilizer processing machines for your choice. You must can find the most suitable plan for your cow poop fertilizer production.

Cow dung to Organic Fertilizer

  • Capacity: 1-20 t/h
  • Types: powder & granule & liquid
  • Design: Dehydrator, compost turner, batching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, dryer, cooler, screener, coating machine, packaging scale, etc. (Customized)
  • Equipment material: Q235 Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Voltage:220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)
  • Application: cow manure waste management, organic fertilizer production

How to make cow manure into quality organic fertilizer?

How to convert cow manure into powdery fertilizer?

System for converting organic waste into powdery fertilizer is the simplest fertilizer manufacturing line in SX. In addition, it also can greatly reduce the cost of equipment buying, factory rent and fuel. Thus, how to prepare cow dung manure into powder fertilizer?  You need to complete the following steps:

If you want to make organic fertilizer from cow dung, the material is important. Fresh cow manure is better than the old. At the same time, you can add some leavening agents to improve fermentation efficiency. Usually, 1 ton of fresh cow dung with 0.25 kg of leavening agent is enough.
Under this humidity condition, materials can be fully fermented into stable humus with the help of aerobic bacteria. But If your organic materials contain too much water (especially for fresh cow dung), the acitivity of aerobic organism will be reduced. Here, our dewatering machine can help you remove the excess water quickly.
During this process, there is a high temperature generated. It can kill pest eggs, harmful bacteria and grass seeds in cow manure to make it harmless. In this case, our fertilizer composting  equipment can help you a lot.
After composting, the cow dung materials will stick and agglomerate. So you need to use fertilizer crusher to grind them into fine powder. It will make your final fertilizer convient for storage and use.
In this process, screening machine will distinguish the fine powder from agglomerate and waste (such as cigarette butt, small stones). This screener usually has two outlet. One is for qualified powder cow dung fertilizer discharging, then conveyor belt will transport it to the next process. Another is for unqualified cattle manure fertilizer, it will be transported to crush again.
Packing the fertilizer product is the final step in commercial organic fertilizer production. For this, we can offer you automatic packaging scale for fast bagging.
Powder cattle manure fertilizer making system in SX
Powder cattle manure fertilizer making system in SX

How to make cow manure into organic fertilizer granules?

If you want to further improve the quality of your cow dung fertilizer, you can choose to process it into pellets. In this way, your cattle waste fertilizer is easier to transport, store and use. Organic fertilizer granulation line usually is based in the powder fertilizer making sysem. So besides the above steps, you also need processes as follows:

System for making organic fertilizer granules from cow dung
System for making organic fertilizer granules from cow dung
In order to enrich the nutrient content of your cowmanure fertulizer, you may need to add other materials. Such as staw, zinc, Iron, NPK, etc. At that time, you also need to use fertilizer mixer to mingle them with cattle manure evenly.
If you want to make your fertilizer sell better in the market, it is a good choice to make your fertilizer into pellets with fertilizer granulator machine. Because it can make organic fertilizer not easy to stick. So you can transport it easier and store it for a longer time.
After granulating, the moisture content of cattle droppings is about 15%- 20%. It doesn’t reach the standard of 14%. So you need to use dryer and cooler to further remove the moisture content.
Without coating, the cow manure fertilizer will absorb the water from the air after store for a long time. Then it will become easy to stick again. So fertilizer coating machine is also important for manufacturing high quality organic fertilizer out of cattle droppings.

Can we make bio fertilizer from cow dung?

Of course. The bio fertilizer making line is designed on the basis of cow dung organic fertilizer production line. Only need to add suitable functional bacteria timely. For this, we can provide you with professional cow dung bio fertilizer manufacturing line.

Adding bacteria after drying for biofertilizer making
Adding bacteria after drying for biofertilizer making

Can we make liquid manure fertilizer from cow dung?

We can make organic fertilizer powder and granules from solid cow manure. But, how to dispose of liquid cow manure waste? Can we make it into liquid manure fertilizer? Of course. Generally, it contains 6 steps: liquid deparation, small solid filtering, UV disinfection, adding other materials, fermentation, liquid filling.

Liquid organic fertilizer making system design
Liquid organic fertilizer making system design
Liquid fertilizer production line for sale
Liquid fertilizer production line for sale

Contact us for your plan for making liquid fertilizer from cow manure now!

Why composting is the first step to convert cow dung into organic fertilizer?

If you want to process cow dung into organic fertilizer, composting is the first step. Without composting, you cannot use cow manure directly as fertilizer for the plants. Why? there are two reasons:

Fresh cow dung contains many harmful substances

Usually, fresh cow dung in the farm is the source of many kinds of bacterial pathogens. And it contains parasite eggs and disease-causing microbes. If you leave cattle manure alone on the farm, it will generate malodor to produce effects on breeding communities. In addition, if you use it directly as fertilizer for the plants. The fresh cow manure will compost naturally and produce lots of heat to burn the roots and seedlings. So, fresh cow manure is not truly organic fertilizer products.

Cow farm manure disposal
Cow farm manure disposal
Cow dung fertilizer composting
Cow dung fertilizer composting

Composting makes cattle waste harmless

But the composted cow dung is different. During the process of cow manure composting, the high heat will be generated and kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass weeds. Moreover, after composting, the cattle droppings no longer stink and generate heat during use. So you don’t worry that it will burn plant roots. But it takes a long time to make the cow dung to decompose and ferment naturally, about 2-3 months. So you need some fertilizer composting machines to shorten this time. Only about 20 days.

What equipment can be used in cow manure composting?

When you want to start cow waste composting, you will find that there are many types of composting machine on the market. Then which is the most suitable one for you? In general, these fertilizer composters can be divided into three parts. Trench working compost turner, windrow compost turner and in-vessel fermentation tank. You can choose according to your needs.

Trench working compost turner for sale

Groove composting (or trench composting)  is widely used in cattle breeding farms management. Using this method, you can compost cow waste in an easier way without waiting for natural decomposition. But only collecting cow manure and stacking them together in the trench is not groove composting. You need to turn the raw materials to make them fully fermented. For this, we recommend you to choose wheel type compost turner or groove type compost turner.

Wheel type compost turner is suitable for starting a large scale fermentation of cow manure with low cost. Because its turning width can reach 10-30m, and turning depth can reach 2m. So you don’t need to build too many trenches and reduce the cost on infrastructure projects. In addition, the double-wheel design can help you compost more quickly. And hydraulic lift design allows you to easily raise the wheel and quickly return the compost turner to the starting point to change slot. These operations can be remotely controlled, so you will spend less on the labor force.
If your budget on fertilizer composting equipment is not enough, you can choose groove type compost turner. It is suitable for the trench with a width of 3-6m. If you want to enlarge the fermentation scale of cow manure fertilizer, you only need to increase the number of grooves. We can provide you with the transfer vehicle to realize the multi-groove working.  In the process of cow dung composting, it can keep the temperature of the materials between 65℃-70℃, the optimal temperature for fertilizer fermentation. So you can ferment and decompose the cow dung quickly.
EquipmentTurning Width (mm)Turning Depth (mm)fermentation method
Groove Type Compost Turner2500-5000800-2000Fermentation Groove
Wheel Type Compost Turner8000-300001500-3000Fermentation Groove

Windrow compost turner

If you don’t want to spend money on groove building, you can choose windrow compost turner, which can compost cow manure on the ground. Windrow composting is a good way for cattle farmers to make organic cow dung compost in their own farm. By paving the raw materials in long windrows and equipping a windrow compost turner, you will get organic cow manure compost within 20 days. If you’re afraid that rain will affect the quality of your compost, you can build a greenhouse to protect the windrows. In this case, SX can offer you crawler type compost turner and moving type compost turner for windrow composting.

When you want to buy an easier operated windrow compost turner for cow manure processing, we will recommend you crawler type composter. It doesn’t require the steering wheel, the driver simply controls two bars, then the machine can turn left or right, brake and 180 degrees turn around. And it adopts hydraulic balance technology, which make it can automatically raise and lower the height of compost turner shaft. So it can compost fertilizer piles at high speed according to the moisture degree of the material. In addition, it is equipped with soft start turning clutch, which can reduce the damage to chain, bearings and shaft. And front hydraulic push plate design can greatly save the space, time, diesel, manpower and shorten the cattle litter fermentation period.
But if you need a more flexible windrow compost turning machine, you can buy moving type compost turner. It adopts four wheel walking design, which can move forward, backward and turn freely. And it only needs one worker to operate. During the cow manure fermentation process, the machine rides astride above the pre-piled strip fertilizer bases. Then the rotary blades mounted on the shaft will mix, fluffy and move the strip fertilizer bases along with the movement of the moving type compost turner. So that makes the fertilizer bases forming into new strip stacks. This can effectively and evenly mix the viscous cow manure with straw powder and other materials, so that creates a better aerobic environment for cow dung fermentation.
EquipmentTurning Width (mm)Turning Depth (mm)fermentation method
Crawler Type Compost Turner2000-3000800Windrow
Moving Type Compost Turner2500-3000600-1500Windrow

In-vessel fermentation tank

If you are desirous of composting cow manure in an environmentally friendly way or don’t have enough space for open fermentation. In-vessel fermentation tank is your best choice. Only 10-30㎡, it can help you finish cow dung fermentation within 20 days. And it is equipped with waste gas treatment system, so there is no secondary pollution in the process of cattle waste composting. In SX, there are two types of in-vessel fermentation tank for your choice. Horizontal fermentation tank and vertical fermentation pot. The former is more suitable for compost cow litter with a volume less than 20㎡, the latter is an optimal choice for larger amounts of cattle manure fermentation.

In-vessel fermentation tank for sale
In-vessel fermentation tank for sale
EquipmentCapacity (m³)Area (㎡)fermentation method
Vertical Ferementation Tank5-5015-30In-vessel Fermentation
Horizontal Fermentation Tank5-15010-30In-vessel Fermentation

Get technology peremeters about these cow dung compost machines

How to choose right equipment for making cow dung compost into granules?

If you want to improve the quality of your cow manure fertilizer, making it into granules is an excellent choice for you. After granulation, the contact area between cow dung fertilizer and air will become smaller, so it is not easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate. Therefore,  it is more convenient for transport and storage. In addition, the granular fertilizer is less likely to be blown away by the wind, so the utilization rate of your cow manure fertilizer is higher. There are various cow manure granulating machines in SX for your choice. Among them, disc  granulator and rotary drum pelletizer are popular with cow dung fertilizer manufacturers.

Disc granulator machine for small scale cow dung fertilizer granulation

If you need a granulator to make cattle litter fertilizer in a small scale, pan granulating machine is an excellent choice for you. It can produce 1-6 tons of fertilizer per hour. So it is suitable for you, if your ideal annual output is below 40,000 tons. And another reason why the pan pelletizer is so popular is that it has a high granulating rate. The granulating rate of pan granulator can reach 93%. It means you can get more fertilizer pellets with the same amount of materials. Moreover, the pan granulation machie is also an ecnomical option for you. It is made of high quality alloy steel, which has a high performance in corrosion resistence. And compared with other pelletizers for cow dung processing, it has a more favourable price. Therefore, if you want to turn cattle litter into granules at a low cost, we commend you choose it.

Disc pellet making machine for small scale fertilizer production
Disc pellet making machine for small scale fertilizer production
Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer making from cow dung
Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer making from cow dung

Rotary drum pelletizer for large scale cattle litter processing

If you plan to start a large scale fertilizer production, rotary drum granulator is an ideal choice for you. It has a model of SXZGZ-3210, which has a capacity of 15-30t/h. It can fully meet your needs to prepare fertilizer in a large scale. If you need rotary drum granulators with other capacities, we can also provide for you. In addition, rotary drum granulating equipment also has many other elaborate designs. They can offer you a better fertilizer granulating experience. First, it adopts the one-piece drum, which is not broken after long time usage. And its lining is made of anti-corrosion rubber, which can prevent materials from sticking to the inner wall. So it will be the best choice for those who want to build a large fertilizer plant.

EquipmentCapacity (t/h)Granule Size(mm)Granulation Method
Pan Granulator1-61-8Wet Granulation
Rotary Drum Granulator1-303-6Wet Granulation

Other equipment used in cow dung fertilizer manufacturing

Besides fermentation equipment, there are many other equipment can help you in successfully turning cow dung into organic fertilizer. For example:

Drying machine and cooling equipment

Moisture content is also an item focus on when making organic fertilizer with cattle waste. Usually, the water content of final cow manure fertilizer need to reach below 14%. But after granulation, it usually is 20%-35%, which is higher than international standard. Here, SX drying machine and cooling equipment can help you remove excessive moisture from your organic fertilizer particles.

Dryer and cooler for cattle waste processing
Dryer and cooler for cattle waste processing
Fertilizer rotary screening machine
Fertilizer rotary screening machine

Fertilizer screener

When you make fertilizer out of cow dung, you will find that not all finished products are qualified, some need to be reprocessed. But how to separate qualified and unqualified fertilizers? Fertilizer screener is designed for it. SX machinery can provide you with powder rotary screening machine and granule rotary screening equipment. You can choose according to your needs.

Packaging machine

Packaging is the final step in the process of making cow manure fertilizer. After packaging, the fertilizer will be easier to transport, store, sell and use.  In general, fertilizer suppliers will pack fertilizers into 20kg/bag or 50kg/bag to meet the different needs of users.  For this, we can provide you with automatic quantitative packing scale. It contains single bucket packing scale and double bucket packing scale. They can fully meet your needs.

Automatic packing machine for cow manure fertilizer making
Automatic packing machine for cow manure fertilizer making

Are there any established cow dung organic fertilizer plants?

Of course. We have help many customers to setup cow manure fertilizer production plant successfully. For example:

Where to buy the right machine for your cow dung manure making business plan?

After deciding the types of cow dung fertilizer processing machines you want to buy, you also need to pay attention to where to buy these machines? Here, SX fertilizer equipment factory is an ideal choice for you. Why? There are 3 reasons as follows:

SX can offer you all cattle waste fertilizer making equipment

SX is a leading fertilizer equipment manufacturing company from China. We can provide you with all equipment for a complete cow dung fertilizer making system. Whether you need a compost machine or pellet equipment, whether you want to buy equipment for small or large scale cattle manure organic fertilizer production.

SX can provide you with quality organic fertilizer machine at a favourable price

For one thing, SX has advanced technologies and many years of experience in fertilizer making machines manufacturing. So we can provide you with quality cow manure processing equipment. For another, SX is the source factory of fertilizer equipment and there is no extra charge in cow dung fertilizer machine sales. Therefore, you can  purchase required equipment at a low cost.

SX can offer you considerate services

In addition, we will provide you with the best service to ensure that you can start your organic fertilizer production with cattle waste as soon as possible. Including all-round answer of  fertilizer production, free project design, customized equipment service, installation guidance, etc.

SX fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory
SX fertilizer equipment manufacturing factory

Other common FAQ about cow dung fertilizer making

Can 1 ton of cow dung prepare 1ton of organic fertilizer? Of course not. Because fresh cow manure is usually a mixture of solid and liquid. But in general, organic fertilizer making material only contains the solid in cow litter. And studies have shown that liquid in cattle feces generally accounts for 1/3 of the whole. Therefore, it will take about 3 tons of fresh cow dung to manufacture 1 ton of organic fertilizer. However, if you want to add other materials during cow manure fertilizer preparation, this proportion might decrease a bit.

If you want to manufacture high quality organic fertilizer from cow dung. It is essential to keep a proper moisture content of manure. At 50%-60% is the best. There are some tips can help you adjust the moisture content of your materials.

How to increase the water content of dry cow manure?

If you use dried cow dung to make organic fertilizer, there are two choices for you to increase its moisture content. First, you can add some water directly during the composting process. Second,  you can mix it with fresh cow waste to balance its moisture content.

How to remove excessive water from fresh cow dung?
If your raw material for composting is fresh cow dung, you need to adjust the water content before compost production operations. Because the water content of fresh cow dung is too high (generally up to 85%), which is not suitable for hot composting. So you’d better remove some moisture as appropriate. There are two methods for you to adjust the water content. The first one, you can add some accessory materials to absorb the excess water from fresh cow manure. For example, sawdust, straw, peanut hulls, grass ash carbon and so on. For the another one, you can use manure dewatering machine to remove the water quickly.

In general, you need to control the moisture content of the cow manure at about 60% before fermenting. When you hold them in the hand, you can feel they are wet. And when you release your hand, it cannot drip from the fingers.

With the rapid development of the cattle industry, manure pollution has become a major problem for the manager. Even in some places, cattle manure pollution is more sercious than industrial pollution. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the treatment of cow manure. Especially in the places where cattle are concentrated breeding.  Then how to manage the large amount of cow manure?  There is an excellent solution for you. That is: Converting it into organic fertilizer!

In fact, cow dung is a good material to make organic fertilizer. Because it has rich nutrients, which are necessary for the growth of crops and plants. Such as organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc.  And many people have realized the nutritional value of cow manure for organic fertilizer making. But they do not know how to make organic fertilizer from cow dung scientifically. Therefore, the nutritional value of cow manure has not been fully utilized and even the unpleasant phenomenon appeared.  In this aspect, SX can provide you with professional fertilizer processing machines to help you turn cow dung into high quality organic fertilizer. If you need it, you can contact us.

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