Top 3 Organic Fertilizer Production Lines In SX

As the development of animal husbandry and the requirement of friendly environment, more and more people choose to make organic waste into fertilizer. For this, SX can provide you with a variety of organic fertilizer production lines to help you finish it easily. Whether you want to make organic fertilizer in a small, medium or large scale. Whether you plan to process cow dung, chicken manure or straw into fertilizer. They can fully meet your needs. From the data in the past eight months, there are three types of organic fertilizer making lines are popular with organic fertilizer suppliers. There is some information about them for your reference.

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Powdery organic fertilizer making line

Powdery organic fertilizer making line is a process of making organic waste into powdery fertilizer. Only several fertilizer machines, you can produce high quality organic fertilizer. It mainly consists of five steps. First, composting machine can help you kill harmful substances in organic materials by aerobic fermentation. Such as pest eggs or grass seeds. Then the raw material will be transported into the forklift feeder and remove big rocks and waste. Then using crushing equipment to grind material agglomerate into fine powder. And powder fertilizer screener to separate qualified powdery fertilizer and the unqualified. Finally, packaging machine will bag them. It is the simplest manufacturing line of organic fertilizer, which contains fewer fertilizer processing machines. So it has characteristics of less space, low cost, easy operated, etc. If you want to produce organic fertilizer in a small scale or at a low cost, we recommend you to choose powdery organic fertilizer making line.

Powdery organic fertilizer production line
Powdery organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer granulation line

Pan granulation line for organic fertilizer production
Pan granulation line for organic fertilizer production

If you want to further improve the quality of your organic fertilizer, you can turn powder fertilizer into granules. After granulating, the organic fertilizer has less contact area with each other. This can greatly prevent sticking and nutrients layering. So the finished fertilizer is easy to transport and store. Our organic fertilizer granulation line is designed for this. On the basis of powder fertilizer manufacturing, it also needs many other equipment for organic fertilizer processing. For example, granulating equipment, as the name suggests, is used to turn powder organic fertilizer into pellets. Dryer and cooler can further remove moisture from particles to make it meet the international requirement of 14%. Then coating equipment will add a protective film to prevent nutrient loss and increase the utilization rate. In addition, it is divided into small scale, medium and large scale organic fertilizer production lines, you can choose according to your needs.

Large scale cow dung fertilizer production line

With the development of animal husbandry, animal manure disposal has been a big difficult. The same as cow dung treatment. At that time, converting it into fertilizer is an excellent choice. For this, we design specialized fertilizer making line for cattle litter. It can help you turn cow dung into high quality organic fertilizer quickly. But different scale cow manure fertilizer making line has different configuration of fertilizer equipment. For large scale cow dung fertilizer processing, you must choose fertilizer processing machine with a large capacity. Such as wheel type compost turner, rotary drum granulator SXZGZ-3210 or SXZGZ-2080, horizontal mixer SXWJ-1630, vertical crusher SXFLF-1000, etc. They can realize the 8-15t/h production of organic fertilizer manufacturing.

Cow dung organic fertilizer production line for sale
Cow dung organic fertilizer production line for sale

The above is the top 3 hot sale organic fertilizer making lines from SX in past eight months 2022. And except for them, there are many other high quality fertilizer processing lines on sale. For example, chicken manure composting system, compound fertilizer making line, NPK fertilizer manufacturing line, etc. If you are interested in them, please contact us. We will provide you with high quality fertilizer processing machines at an favourable price.

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