How To Dry Cow Dung Fast

Hot air dryer for manure waste management

In the process of disposing of cow dung, drying is necessary. Whether you plan to use cow dung as fertilizer or fuel. Sunlight exposure will take a long time. Then how to dry cow dung fast? With many years experience of fertilizer equipment manufacturing, YUSHUNXIN has 3 tips for quickly cow manure water removing for … Read more

How Many Compost Make From 1 Ton Of Organic Waste

Manure compost making

In the cycle of organic waste management, the transformation of manure waste into compost represents a pivotal step towards sustainability. Manure, while initially considered a byproduct of livestock farming, holds immense potential as fertilizer to supply nutrients to soils. However, because of high moisture, you can not make one ton of compost from one ton … Read more

Methods Of Preparing Compost Manure

If you want to compost fertilizer quickly and better, choosing a suitable fermentation method is necessary. According to different standards, we can divide it into following methods of preparing compost manure: Oxygen demand – Aerobic fermentation and Anaerobic Composting Anaerobic fermentation is the process of decomposing organic waste under anaerobic conditions. Its main products are … Read more

How Many Days Does It Take To Compost Organic Fertilizer

In general, the time of organic fertilizer fermentation is not fixed. Because it is affected by temperature, method, fermentation bacteria, etc. But usually, under the help of SX fertilizer compost machine, you can finish organic waste composting within 20 days. 4 stages of organic fertilizer composting In these 20 days of composting, the organic raw … Read more

2 Best Selling Small Scale Windrow Compost Turner In November 2022

Best Selling Small Scale Windrow Compost Turner

Composting process is the key to producing high quality organic fertilizer. If you want to ferment organic waste better, compost equipment is necessary. For this, small scale windrow compost turning machine is an ideal choice for you. As the name suggests, you need to pile organic materials into long windrows in composting with this compost … Read more

How To Make Organic Fertilizer Compost Fast

How To Make Organic Fertilizer Compost Fast

Composting is the key to high quality organic fertilizer production from animal manure. In general, it will take you a long time (about 1-2 months) under natural conditions. Then how to speed up the fermentation of organic fertilizer? You can complete it from 5 aspects. moisture content adjustment, temperature control, C/N ratio reguration, PH value … Read more

How To Turn Poultry Manure Into Organic Fertilizer In Malawi

How To Turn Poultry Manure Into Organic Fertilizer In Malawi

In Malawi, agriculture is the pillar industry of the national economy. However, the decline of soil fertility will impede agricultural production. Here, organic fertilizer use is a good solution. And it happens that the livestock industry in Malawi is mainly based on cattle, sheep, pigs and chicken breeding. So the raw material of organic fertilizer manufacturing is easy to obtain. And SX … Read more

5t/h Cow Dung Fertilizer Production Line In Indonesia

Chicken Manure Processing

In recent years, Indonesia aims to develop livestock and poultry industry and has made conspicuous achievements. But the concomitant of it is how to dispose of animal manure. And considering the development needs of Indonesian agriculture, converting manure waste into organic fertilizer is an economical choice. Because cattle droppings is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc. They are … Read more

Top 3 Organic Fertilizer Production Lines In SX

Top 3 Organic Fertilizer Production Lines In SX

As the development of animal husbandry and the requirement of friendly environment, more and more people choose to make organic waste into fertilizer. For this, SX can provide you with a variety of organic fertilizer production lines to help you finish it easily. Whether you want to make organic fertilizer in a small, medium or … Read more