How To Make Organic Fertilizer Compost Fast

Composting is the key to high quality organic fertilizer production from animal manure. In general, it will take you a long time (about 1-2 months) under natural conditions. Then how to speed up the fermentation of organic fertilizer? You can complete it from 5 aspects. moisture content adjustment, temperature control, C/N ratio reguration, PH value adjustment and add fermentation bacteria.

Organic fertilizer compost making effect
Organic fertilizer compost making effect

How long does it take to composting with professional equipment?

Moisture content

Moisture content plays an important role in the whole process of organic fertilizer production. Of course, including composting. If the water content of cattle litter is lower than 30%, the activity of microorganisms in manure will greatly weaken. Moreover, when the moisture content is higher than 60%, excessive water will block the porosity in material. Therefore, the microorganisms cannot get enough oxygen to support them to decompose organic matter. What is the best moisture content for organic waste compost making? 45%-60%. And if you want to reduce the waste content of compost, we can provide you with dewatering equipment.  

Screw extruding dewatering machine for manure water content reduction
Screw extruding dewatering machine for sale
Temperature measuring device for compost making
Temperature measuring device for compost making


The temperature of organic litter is also an aspect must pay attention to in composting. Because high temperature is the key to killing harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in materials. But when the temperature is higher than 75℃, the beneficial bacteria will also die. So it is advisable to keep material temperature between 60℃ and 75℃. SX fertilizer compost machine can help you a lot. When it is working, the temperature will continuously rise because of sufficient oxygen supply. And excessive heat will dissipate because of timely ventilation.

PH value

Finally, the PH value also has an influence to make organic fertilizer compost. During fermentation, the most suitable PH value is 6.5-7.5. When it is lower than 6.5, you can add alkaline materials. Such as lime, calcium carbonate, plant ash, etc. And you can decrease compost PH value by fresh green fertilizer and grass.

PH adjustment of compost fertilizer making
Materials for C/N ratio adjustment
Materials for C/N ratio adjustment

C/N ratio

In addition, it is also essential to adjust the C/N ratio of organic compost. Because when C/N ratio is lower than 20: 1, microorganisms in manure will reproduce slowly. This will affect the fermentation effect of your organic fertilizer. Moreover, when compost C/N ratio is higher than 35:1, the fermentation speed also will be reduced. And the produced organic fertilizer will absorb the nitrogen in soil and inhibit the growth of crop. If you need to increase the C/N ratio, you can add straw, rice husk, sawdust, etc to compost. But if you want to reduce it, you can add nitrogen fertilizer directly.

Add fermentation bacteria

On the basis of the above 4 items, you also can add fermentation bacteria to your compost directly. Fermentation bacteria are screened from nature and rejuvenated by special techniques. It will reproduce rapidly in the compost process, so the temperature will rise quickly. So you can finish organic fertilizer compost faster.

Fertilizer composting machine for organic fertilizer making
Fertilizer composting machine for organic fertilizer making

And in order to finish the above work effectively, we recommend you use the organic fertilizer compost machine. When it is working, it can finish oxygen supply, excessive heat dissipation and material mixing simultaneously. Therefore, you can create a suitable environment for organic fertilizer composting and finish fermentation within 20 days. For this, SX design various compost machines for your choice. Such as groove type compost machine, wheel type compost turner, windrow type composter, organic fermentation tank, etc. You can find the wanted one.

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