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As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer since 2005, SX is always focus on the fertilizer equipment production and installation. In the past 18 years, we help different customers designed for their fertilizer production business and get their satisfaction. Customer demand, product quality is always our constant pursuit, we are looking forward to our cooperation and welcome to visit our factory in China!

  Typical Fertilizer Production Lines for your Reference

There are some hot selling fertilizer making plans with our past customers. Whether you want to make organic or compound fertilizer, powder or granule, they can fully meet your requirements.  In addition, we can design fertilizer plant according to your actual conditions. Come to get your own fertilizer production project !

Liquid fertilizer production line for sale

Liquid Fertilizer Production Line

What is the best method of liquid organic waste management? -liquid fertilizer production line Are you finding solutions for animal ...
Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

Rotary Drum Granulation Production Line

Are you looking for a project for making fertilizer in a large scale? Do you plan to start compound fertilizer ...
Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Granulation Line

Fertilizer Roller Extrusion Granulation Line

Roller extrusion granulation line is widely used in compound fertilizer production. It can turn powder chemical material into granules at ...
Fertilizer Pan Granulation Line For Sale

Fertilizer Pan Granulation Line

Are you worried about how to dispose of animal waste in the farm? Do you need a project design which ...
Bio fertilizer making from cow dung

How To Make Bio Fertilizer From Cow Dung

If you want to further improve the quality of cow manure fertilizer making, you can add microbial agent to make ...
Powdery organic fertilizer production line

Powdery Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Powdery organic fertilizer production line is the simplest method to make organic waste into fertilizer. Only four steps, you will ...
Powdery fertilizer production line for small scale organic fertilizer making

How To Manage Poultry Waste

Poultry industry is one of the fastest growing markets. But as the poultry industry expanding its wings, it produces a ...
Organic fertilizer granule making process

Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant Cost

If you plan to setup a fertilizer making plant, cost is an item you must focuse on. But, it is ...
Complete process of chicken manure fertilizer making

How To Make Organic Fertilizer

With the development of industry and agriculture, there is a lot of waste generated. Including animal manure, agricultural waste, industrial ...
Newest BB fertilizer making system for sale

BB Fertilizer Production Line

The full name of BB fertilizer production line is bulk blending fertilizer making line. It is a kind of simpler compound fertilizer ...
Compound Fertilizer Production Line For Sale

Compound Fertilizer Production Line

Compound fertilizer production line, as the name implies, is a production line widely used in making chemical fertilizer. It can ...
Organic fertilizer making line for sale

Organic Fertilizer Production Equipment

If you want to make organic fertilizer quickly and easily, it is essential to using suitable organic fertilizer production equipment ...
200TPD Nitrophos NPK Fertilizer Production Line In Pakistan

NPK Fertilizer Production Line

NPK fertilizer production line is a kind of compound fertilizer production line. It can help you produce high quality NPK ...
Powdery fertilizer production line for small scale organic fertilizer making

Small Scale Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Small scale organic fertilizer Manufacturing Organic fertilizer manufacturing plays an important role in the process of modern agricultural production. Compared ...
Cow manure fertilizer production process

Cow Dung Fertilizer Machine

Cow dung fertilizer machine, as the name suggests, is designed to make cow manure into fertilizer quickly and easily. Usually, ...
Organic fertilizer production system for sale

Fertilizer Production Line

What is fertilizer production line and how to start it in your fertilizer plant? Fertilizer production line is a complete ...

How to Choose the most Suitable Fertilizer Production Line for your Plant?

Generally speaking, a good fertilizer production business plan should meet the standers as follows:

  • Stable and reliable operation. This is because production line is a continuous process. When the raw materials finish one process, it will move to the next process. Thus, each equipment in the production line is critical to the fertilizer making.
  • High degree of automation. The production of fertilizer is different from other products. Due to the particularity of the fertilizer production process, the equipment with high degree of automation can reduce the labor cost.
  • Long service life. Using high-quality fertilizer production equipment can greatly reduce the maintenance and repair costs.

If you do not sure which kinds of production line is the most suitable one for your plant, you can contact us freely. Our engineers will customize for your plant according to your actual situation and needs. In the meanwhile, the business plan we designed for you will meet the above three advantages to save your cost on fertilizer making process.

Professional Fertilizer Compost Machines for Your Oragnic Fertilizer Production Plant

For organic waste recycling and management, composting is necessary. Especially for making fertilizer from cow dung, chicken poop, pig manure, etc. It is the key to removing harmful substances, including pest eggs, pathogens, grass seeds, etc from your raw materials. And for compost organic waste quickly and fast, suitable compost machine and solutions are essential. There are some examples for you.

Crawler type windrow compost machine for sale

Crawler Type Compost Turning Equipment

Composting usually plays an important role in organic fertilizer production. And in order to meet different requirements of different fertilizer ...
Chain plate type compost turner for sale

Chain Plate Type Compost Turner

When you want to use animal manure as fertilizer, composting is a necessary process to remove harmful substances from manure ...
Moving type compost turner

Moving Type Compost Turner

Moving type compost turner a hot sale product for organic fertilizer manufacturers and animal farm owners. Because it can help ...
Wheel type compost turning equipment

Wheel Type Compost Turning Equipment

Are you finding equipment for large scale organic manure fermentation? Do you want to finish large scale fertilizer compost in ...
Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove Type Compost Turner

Groove type compost turning machine is the key equipment for organic fertilizer making. It greatly contributes to organic waste aerobic ...
Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner For Sale

Organic Fertilizer Compost Turner

Composting plays an important role in organic fertilizer production. Because during this process, the harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass ...
Vertical Fermentation Pot

Vertical Fermentation Pot

What is vertical fertilizer fermentation pot Vertical fertilizer fermentation pot is a key equipment to make high quality organic fertilizer. It ...
Horizontal Fermentation Tank for Sale

Horizontal Fermentation Tank

Horizontal fermentation tank is a kind of fertilizer composting equipment, which is widely used in the production of organic fertilizer ...
Mushroom Compost Machine

Mushroom Compost Machine

With the development of edible fungi industry, the scale of fungi planting increases greatly. Especially the growing of commercial mushrooms ...
Commercial Composting Facility

Commercial Composting Facility

Generally speaking, commercial composting equipment refers to the professional compost machines used in the compost making process. If you want ...
poultry manure compost making

Poultry Manure Composting Process

For poultry manure management, composting is a necessary step to convert poultry manure into organic fertilizer. Especially with the development ...
Compost windrow turner for sale

Compost Windrow Turner for Sale

For farm manure waste disposal, more and more farm managers choose to make manure into compost. Because composting is the ...
Chicken Manure Composting System

Chicken Manure Composting System

Can you make chicken manure into compost fertilizer? Chicken manure is a kind of good raw material in organic fertilizer ...
Farm Composting Methods

Farm Composting Methods

Are you looking for the best method for the disposal of your farm waste? Which contains cow dung, poultry manure, ...
Horse Manure Composting Systems

Horse Manure Composting Systems

How to manage horse manure with high efficiency? According to the data, a single horse produces about 50 pounds of ...

Hot-selling Fertilizer Pellet Making Machines for Your Choice

If you want to make better organic fertilizer, you can turn NPK/compost powder into granules. Granular fertilizer is easier to transport, store and use. So you can make more profits. For NPK/organic fertilizer pellets making, a suitable granulator is necessary. As a considerate fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we design various fertilizer granulators for your choice as follows:

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator

Rotary Drum Churning Granulator

Rotary drum churning granulator is a key equipment to make powder fertilizer into pellets. And there are many fertilizer manufacturers ...
Cow Dung Pellet Making Machine

Cow Dung Pellet Making Machine

When starting cow manure fertilizer production, many fertilizer manufacturers prefer to make cow manure into pellets. Because granular cattle manure ...
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale

New Type Organic Fertilizer Granulator

New type organic fertilizer granulator, as the name suggests, is an equipment widely used in making organic materials into pellets ...
Organic fertilizer granulation machines for sale

Organic Fertilizer Granulator

Organic fertilizer granulator, as name suggests, is designed for making organic fertilizer into granules. And with the raising of customers' ...
Compound fertilizer granulators

Compound Fertilizer Granulator

Compound fertilizer granulator is widely used in making powder chemical material into granules. Because the granular compound fertilizer is not ...
Fertilizer polishing machine in SX

Fertilizer Polishing Machine

Fertilizer polishing machine plays an important role in high quality granular fertilizer production. It can help you change the shape of ...
Wet granulating equipment for sale

Wet Granulating Equipment

Wet granulating equipment is a type of fertilizer granulator, which is widely used in organic and compound fertilizer production. Because ...
Chicken Manure Pellet Machine For Sale

Chicken Manure Pellet Machine For Sale

Chicken manure pellet machine is designed for making fertilizer from chicken waste, and belongs to organic fertilizer equipment. This equipment ...
Double roller granulator for sale

Double Roller Extrusion Granulator

The double roller extrusion granulator is a hot selling equipment for making fertilizer into granules , both for compound fertilizer ...
Dry Granulation Equipment For Sale

Dry Granulation Equipment

Dry granulation equipment introduction Dry granulation equipment is a kind of fertilizer granulating machine that uses dry granulation method. During ...
Rotary drum granulator for large scale fertilizer pellet making

Rotary Drum Granulator Machine

Rotary drum granulator is a fertilizer machine that can make powder material to a rounded shape. It is one of ...
Pan pellet machine for economical fertilizer granule production

Disc Granulator Machine

In the process of making fertilizer, the disc granulator machine is one of the key equipment to process powder fertilizer ...
Fertilizer granulator machine for sale

Fertilizer Granulator Machine

How to make granular fertilizer in fertilizer making process? Granulation system is an important part in fertilizer production line. By ...

Auxiliary Equipment to Help You Make Fertilizer More Smoothly

Besides compost machine and granulator, there are many other fertilizer machines that can help you prepare organic and compound fertilizer quickly and easily. Batching equipment to control materials feeding speed and proportion, crusher to make row materials into fine powder, mixer to blend various materials evenly to make nutrient-balanced fertilizer, drying and cooling to remove excessive moisture, packaging equipment to pack finished fertilizer into bags for sell.

Dynamic batching machine for compound fertilizer production

Automatic Batching System

Automatic batching system is a kind of necessary equipment for high quality fertilizer production. Whether you want to make organic ...
Fertilizer Drying Machine For Sale

Fertilizer Drying Machine

Fertilizer drying machine is a key equipment to make high quality fertilizer. Whether you want to produce organic or compound fertilizer ...
Fertilizer coating machine for sale

Drum Coating Machine

What is drum coating machine? Drum coating machine is widely used after granular fertilizer cooling and before fertilizer packaging. With ...
Automatic packaging equipment for sale

Fertilizer Packaging Machine 

Fertilizer packaging machine belongs to a kind of fertilizer equipment which can bag fertilizer at a high speed. At the ...
How To Adjust Moisture Content During Organic Fertilizer Making

Manure Dewatering Machine

Why you need dewatering machine for poultry and animal manure management? For animal or poultry farm owners, you may find ...
Fertilizer Screener

Fertilizer Screener

Introduction of fertilizer screener machine in fertilizer production line Fertilizer screening machine is an important equipment in fertilizer production line ...
Dairy waste fertilizer mixer for sale

Fertilizer Mixer

Why does fertilizer mixer machine play an important role in fertilizer production line? Fertilizer mixer machine is an important part ...
Fertilizer crusher for sale

Fertilizer Crusher

How many types of fertilizer crushers you can choose from SEEC? Crushing machine is an important equipment in fertilizer making ...

Successful Cases With Our Past Fertilizer Making Plan

We have had many successful in fertilizer making plans. They help fertilizer manufactures all round the world to start their organic & compound fertilizer making. Our fertilizer equipment earns the trust of customers at home and abroad.

Organic Biomass Manure Compost Granulator To Greece

Organic Biomass Manure Compost Granulator To Greece

Biomass manure balls from SX fertilizer granulator In Greece, agriculture plays an important role in the economy. But the area ...
Small Scale Commercial Fertilizer Composting In Philippines

Small Scale Commercial Fertilizer Composting In Philippines

Under the aegis of government policy of production, market, training and related systems. The animal breeding farms have a prosperous ...
Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

In Italy, it is essential to generate methane gas from organic matters. Because most Italian passenger vehicles run on compressed ...
Cow dung manure fertilizer aerobic fermentation product

How To Make Cow Dung Compost In Kenya

In Kenya, cow dung is used for many purposes. Local people even use cow dung as a material to build ...
Snow Remover Granulation In Korea

Snow Remover Granulation In Korea

In winter, snow often has a serious impact on our travel. And using snow removing agent is one of the ...
Organic fertilizer making line for sale

How To Start An Organic Fertilizer Pelleting Plant In South Africa

On 11th October 2022, we received an email from a customer in South Africa, which is booming in animal breeding ...
How To Turn Poultry Manure Into Organic Fertilizer In Malawi

How To Turn Poultry Manure Into Organic Fertilizer In Malawi

In Malawi, agriculture is the pillar industry of the national economy. However, the decline of soil fertility will impede agricultural production. Here, organic fertilizer ...
Process of granular bio fertilizer making from cow dung

The Solution For Pig Farm Waste Disposal In Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, the government encourages to realize coordinated cooperation between livestock and crops in agricultural production. That is, using organic ...
NPK Fertilizer Making Line Design For The Customer From Turkey

NPK Fertilizer Making Line Design For The Customer From Turkey

In Turkey, with the increasing demand of fertilizer, more and more people plan to invest in fertilizer production. And because ...
Chicken Manure Processing

5t/h Cow Dung Fertilizer Production Line In Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia aims to develop livestock and poultry industry and has made conspicuous achievements. But the concomitant of it is how ...
Double roller granulation line for compound fertilizer making

Double Roller Granulation Line For Compound Fertilizer Making In Australia

With the development of agriculture in Australia, more and more companies expand their business to the fertilizer manufacturing. Especially those ...
Complete process of chicken manure granulation line

How To Design Chicken Manure Fertilizer Granulation Line For U.S. Customer

In the USA, with the organic fertilizer demand increasing and friendly environment building requirement, most companies expend their business to ...
How To Make Animal Manure Compost In The U.K.

How To Make Animal Manure Compost In The U.K.

The UK has a temperate marine climate. There is no severe cold, no extreme heat, but uniform precipitation. Therefore, it ...
How To Start An Organic Fertilizer Plant In Nigeria

How To Start An Organic Fertilizer Plant In Nigeria

Agriculture is the largest sector of the economy in Nigeria. So fertilizers are in high demand in Nigeria. And because of ...
How To Make Granular Compound Fertilizer In The United States

How To Make Granular Compound Fertilizer In The United States

The agriculture in the United States has characteristics of single crop and manpower insufficiency. Therefore, it is difficult for organic or ...

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