Chicken Manure Pellet Machine For Sale

Chicken manure pellet machine is designed for making fertilizer from chicken waste, and belongs to organic fertilizer equipment. This equipment can turn powder chicken poop materials into granules, which is convenient for storage and shipment. In a word, the chicken droppings granulating machine plays an important role in organic fertilizer production. In order to meet different requirements of fertilizer manufacturers, SX designs various granulation machines for chicken manure processing. So you manure be able to find the right one for you.

Chicken manure fertilizer granules making
Chicken manure fertilizer granules making

Can chicken manure granulator make it in to pellet with a diameter of 1 mm?

Why use chicken manure as fertilizer?

For this question, we can answer it from two perspectives. The necessity of  managing chicken manure and the benefits of using chicken manure as fertilizer. They are closely related to our lives and unavoidable for us.

The necessity of handling chicken droppings

As one of the main sources of food on the human table, chickens are raised as poultry in large quantities. They will produce a lot of chicken manure and cause serious environmental pollution. For example, chicken manure not only has a very pungent smell, but also contains a large number of pest eggs. They are easy to hatch in the sun, and the pests are easy to parasitize on many animals. These animals will infect various diseases, thereby endangering human health. In addition, the sodium chloride salt in chicken manure has a strong corrosive effect. It will destroy the acid-based balance in the soil. The survival rate of everything grown on this soil will not be high. So, inevitably, how to manage chicken waste has become a big problem for human beings.

Chicken farm manure management
Chicken farm manure management
Chicken manure fertilizer production for plants
Chicken manure fertilizer production for plants

 The benefits of using chicken manure fertilizer

The content of nutrients in chicken manure is very rich. Roughly containing 18.7% crude protein, 13% ash, 11% carbohydrate, 7% fiber, 2.5% fat, 2.34% nitrogen, 2.32% phosphorus and 0.83% potassium. They are several times higher than other organic waste such as pig manure. So chicken droppings can accelerate soil maturation, and enhance drainage and retention capacity of soil.  It also improves air permeability and fertilizer retention capacity of soil.

But you can not using chicken manure as fertilizer directly. Otherwise it will destroy the land. So you need to process chicken manure by granulating machine and other fertilizer making equipment. It not only reduces the chicken manure pollution, but also increases your income.

Why making chicken litter into fertilizer granules is a good choice?

In general, fertilizer suppliers can process chicken manure into two forms: powder or granules. Then, why more and more manufacturers tend to make fertilizer into pellets? There are four reasons as follows:

More nutrition contained

Sometimes, in order to improve fertilizer efficiency, it is necessary to add some inorganic components in the process of prepare chicken manure fertilizer. But doing this, the materials will become easier to absorb moisture and agglomerate. Making powder into granules can solve this problem very well.

Convenient for storage and transport

In general, fertilizers are not used immediately after they are made and will be stored for a long time. Sometimes, before reaching the customer, fertilizers must go through bumpy shipping. In this process, powder fertilizer is more likely to stick and agglomerate, which hinders smooth fertilization. After granulating, the fertilizer will has higher density and hardnes, which is convenient for storage and transport.

Easier application

Powdery chicken manure fertilizers are relatively light. So they are easily blown away by the wind when applied in the field. But there is no need to worry about this problem after they become granules.

Improve fertilizer utilization rate

The effect of granular fertilizers is released  slower than powder. And it can organically combine with crop growth laws. Therefore, crops can fully absorb the rich nutrients in chicken manure and improve fertilizer utilization rate.

Chicken manure fertilizer granulation line
Chicken manure fertilizer granulation line

Is there chicken manure fertilizer making line for 240,0000 bairds farm?

Which equipment is suitable for chicken manure granulation?

A complete production line to make high-quality granular fertilizer from chicken droppings needs to go through multiple stages of processing. Including dewatering, composting, batching, crushing, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening, coating and packing. Among them, granulation is important to improve the quality of fertilizer. Therefore, Shunxin engineering equipment co., Ltd designs various chicken manure pellet machines for producing fertilizer particles, following are four hot sale options for you:

Rotary drum granulator for large chicken farm manure disposal

If you have a large chicken farm and don’t know how to deal with the piles of chicken manure. You can turn them into granular fertilizer, which not only solves the pollution problem, but also increases your income. At that time, the rotary drum granulator will be an ideal option for you to granulate processed materials. Its largest capacity is up to 15-30 tons/h, much higher than our other granulators.

Rotary drum granulator for sale
Rotary drum granulator for large scale chicken manure pelleting
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale
New type organic fertilizer granulator for sale

New type organic fertilizer granulator for medium organic fertilizer production

It is also known as stirring teeth fertilizer pelletizer. If your chicken farm is not large, your best choice is new type organic fertilizer granulator. It has a capacity of 1-8 tons/h, is lightly lower than rotary drum granulator. But correspondingly, the price will also decrease. But it also has characteristics of high granulating rate, beautiful granule appearance and low energy consumption.

Disc granulator is the most economical choice for you

If your budget is not high, disc granulating equipment is the most economical choice for you. It is developed by our company staff with many years of experience in fertilizer. And its granulation rate can reach 93%. Pan pelletizer has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, smooth operation, low energy consumption, long service life, etc.

Disc granulator for chicken manure fertilizer production
Disc granulator for chicken manure fertilizer production
Flat die pelletizer for low moisture chicken manure
Flat die pelletizer for low moisture chicken manure

Flat die granulator for low moisture content chicken manure

If the moisture content of chicken manure does not exceed 15%, using a flat die granulator can help you produce fertilizer faster. Unlike the above three chicken manure granulation equipment, which make use of wet granulation method. Flat die granulator employs dry granulation method. It granulates dry chicken manure directly, no subsequent drying is required. It can save your time and money while ensuring the quality of finished granules.

These four chicken manure fertilizer pelletizers are popular with fertilizer manufacturers, you can choose freely according to your specific needs. If you need more details of them or have any special requirement for granulators, you can contact us for consultation or discussion.

How to select proper chicken manure pellet machine?

During the process of manufacturing high quality fertilizer out of chicken waste, it plays an important role in selecting proper granulation. Through the above description, you must have a certain understanding of these four machines. They all have their own advantages to attract you, but you must choose one most suitable for you. You can consider from the following aspects:


Capacity is the most important factor to consider whether the chicken manure pellet machine is right for you. If you have a larger scale production line, rotary drum granulator is an ideal choice for you. If your expected capacity is between 1-8 tons/h, you can choose new type organic fertilizer pelletizer. But if your chicken farm is not large, we will recommand pan granulator to you.

Factory Space

The size of the factory space is also a factor for granulators selection. When the production capacity needed is 4-6 tons/h, the dimensions of new type organic fertilizer granulator is 4900×2550×1800 mm. But the dimensions of pan granulator is 4100×2900×3800 mm. So choosing pan granulator is a more economical idea.

Moisture content

The moisture content of chicken dung is also a key factor for granulating machine choice. If you want to dispose of chicken poop with moisture content of less than 15%, you can buy a flat die granulator. Other three pellet machines are more suitable for dispose of chicken manure with a moisture of 20-40%.


The machine with lower power means that working for the same long time, it will consume less energy than others. If you need a low consumption chicken manure pellet machine, rotary drum pelletizer is a better choice than others. Because it has the lower power under the same production capacity.

If you are still not sure which granulator to choose, you can contact us to inform the details, and we will design the best plan for you.

Feedback from the customer about fertilizer production line with chicken manure

Our chicken manure pellet machine is provided of good quality and best price, so it wins high praise from customers at home and abroad. For example, in June 2022, a customer from the Philippines came to inquire about the chicken manure pelleting line. He can provide composted chicken manure, composted paper fiber and carbonized sugarcane bagasse as raw material and hopes to achieve an organic fertilizer production line with a capacity of 1 ton per hour. After negotiation and on-site inspection, the customer found a proper chicken manure fertilizer production line.

Customer visit site
Customer visit site
Chicken manure granulator delivery
Chicken manure granulator delivery

SX is a fertilizer equipment company with twenty years of production experience. The equipment we produce has guaranteed quality and excellent price.  You can find whole set of  equipment of entire organic or compound fertilizer production line. If you need any fertilizer manufacturing equipment, come and contact us.

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