Wheel Type Compost Turning Equipment

Are you finding equipment for large scale organic manure fermentation? Do you want to finish large scale fertilizer compost in a faster way? If your answer is yes, wheel type compost turning equipment is an ideal choice for you. This composter is a kind of trench type compost machine. Compared with other trench type compost machines, it has a wider turning span and higher turning depth. Therefore, it is popular with those who want to start a large compost fertilizer production plant. In addition, it has characteristics of wide application, high automation, hydraulic lift, etc. These will make your manure fermentation easier and more effective. If you are interested in it, welcome to contact us immediately.

Wheel type compost turning equipment
Wheel type compost turning equipment

How to finish large scale composting quickly?

What materials can wheel type compost turner process?

SX wheel type compost turning equipment has a high adaptability. So it can be used in various raw materials processing. For example:

Animal manure

Animal manure is a kind of common material for organic fertilizer making. Such as cow dung, chicken manure, pig waste, etc. They usually contain rich nutrients, which are essential for crop growth. Wheel type composter can help you kill harmful substances in manure and provide a suitable environment for beneficial bacteria. So the nutrients in animal litter can be fully utilized by crops without scathe.

Animal manure can wheel type composter process
Animal manure can wheel type composter process
More materials suitable for organic fertilizer composting
More materials suitable for organic fertilizer composting

Agricultural waste

Agricultural waste also plays an important role in compost fertilizer making. Such as straw, corn cob, sawdust, etc. They are rich in carbon and nitrogen and have a low moisture content. If you mix them with animal manure by wheel type compost turner, you will get compost with a suitable C/N ratio (30-35:1) and moisture content (45%-60%).

Other materials

Besides the above materials, there are also many other organic waste that can be used as compost materials. For example, sugary factory waste, sludge, biogas residue, distiller’s grains, etc. And if you want to enhance the content of a certain element, you can add some chemical materials. Wheel type compost turning equipment can mix them with other materials evenly.

Why so many organic fertilizer manufacturers use wheel type composter to dispose of animal manure?

With the development of animal breeding, animal manure management has been a serious problem. If you plan to utilize it in an environmentally friendly way, the first step is composting, which can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. During this process, wheel type compost turning machine can help you a lot, because it has advantages as follows:

Large capacity

Wheel type compost machine is a typical machine for a large scale fertilizer fermentation. It has a wider turning span of 10-30 m and higher turning depth of 1.5-3 m. Therefore, it has a higher compost efficacy and can finish large scale organic fertilizer fermentation in a shorter time.

Corrosion resistance

Generally speaking, animal manure will corrode fertilizer machines after a long time contact. For this, we especially use anti-corrosion material to manufacture the turning part of wheel type composter, which is in contact with animal manure for a long time. So it can provide you with a longer service life.

Low energy consumption

Wheel type compost turner is an advanced fertilizer fermentation machine which is improved in many aspects. Of course in energy consumption. Its energy consumption is 70% lower than that of other traditional compost turning machines. The power of a wheel type composter, which has a turning span of 30 m, is only 22+1.5×4+4 kw.

High automation

The feature of easy operation is also a reason why many fertilizer suppliers choose it. It is equipment with an electrically automated control system. So only needs one worker, whether it is semi-skilled or not, it can finish the whole process of large scale organic compost.

Wheel type compost machine turner with 20 m turning span
Wheel type compost machine turner with 20 m turning span


How does wheel compost turning machine work to finish large scale organic waste fermentation?

Wheel type compost turning equipment mainly adopts trench composting method. During composting, the organic material will be transported to fermentation trench, which can be built on the ground or under the ground. Then the wheel type composter will move along the rails on both sides of the fermentation groove. And the turning wheel will mix organic waste to supply oxygen for microorganism activity. And it also can keep the temperature and moisture of material at a suitable level. This will greatly contribute to better aerobic fermentation.

In addition, when wheel type compost turner moves to the end of fermentation groove and needs to return to origin. It is designed with hydraulic lift system, which can retract the turning wheel to make itself return with less impediment. And if you want to change the fermentation trench, SX can provide you with transfer vehicle, which can help you complete groove changing easily.

Wheel type composter working for animal manure fermentation
Wheel type composter working for animal manure fermentation

Why wheel type compost turning equipment is helpful for better fermentation?

From the above introduction, we can know that wheel type compost turning machine can greatly facilitate large scale fertilizer fermentation. But specifically, what can wheel type compost turner do for organic manure compost?

Supply oxygen

Aerobic fermentation, as the name suggests, is a process which makes use of oxygen to prepare organic fertilizer compost. So the oxygen supply is essential for it. During wheel type composter working, it will turn the material and make it fully contact with oxygen. Therefore, microorganisms in manure can keep active to decompose organic matter.

Eliminate big agglomerate

Because animal manure is a mixture of solids and liquid. So it usually has a high moisture content and forms many big agglomerates. This is not suitable for manure compost making. However, under the help of wheel type compost turning machine, the big agglomerate will be broken into small size material. Therefore, it has a large contact area with oxygen, this is beneficial for improving fermentation effect.

Reduce excessive heat

Temperature of material plays an important role in compost production. Because when it is higher than 60℃, it can kill harmful bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure. This makes animal manure is suitable for organic fertilizer making without harmfulness. But when the material temperature is higher than 75℃, it will kill beneficial bacteria in manure. In this case, wheel type compost machine can help you a lot. When this machine is turning organic material, the excessive heat of material can be dissipated and its air permeability also can be increased.

Mix organic materials

In general, in order to realize nutrients balance, you need to use various materials to make fertilizer compost. Wheel type compost equipment can help you preliminary mix them together. If you want to mix them more evenly, you can use professional fertilizer mixer to process them again in subsequent steps.

Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer composting principle
Details of new wheel type compost machine
Details of new wheel type compost machine

What is the difference between trench type compost and windrow fermentation?

Wheel type compost turning equipment is a typical type of equipment for trench composting. Is there any other machine that can be used in organic fertilizer fermentation? Of course, windrow compost turner is also an excellent choice for your organic waste composting. Thus, what is the difference between them?

Working method

Trench composting, as the name suggests, needs to build fermentation groove and start compost with professional trench type composter. And you can choose to build fermentation groove on the ground or under the ground. However, if you don’t want to build fermentation trench, you can choose windrow composting method. It requires to stack organic materials into piles on the flat ground, then windrow compost turner will mix to make fermentation.

Wheel type composter for lage groove fermentation
Wheel type composter for lagre groove fermentation
Crawler type widrow compost turner in SX
Crawler type windrow compost turner in SX

Automation degree

These two kinds of fertilizer compost turners are also different in automation degree, namely operation manner. All SX trench type composting machines are equipped with electrically automatic control systems. So as long as set working model in advance, they can make compost fertilizer without worker operation. Windrow compost turning equipment is a kind of semi-automatic organic fertilizer fermentation machine. It needs a worker to operate the steering wheel or control rod to change the moving speed and direction. Trench composting machine mainly relies on the rails on both sides of the fermentation trench to moving. But for windrow composter, the wheel is the secret of its moving. And moving type windrow comsposter even can change indirection by itself.

How to buy the best wheel type compost machine?

There are many types of wheel composters on the market, how to select the best one? Here, our engineers have several tips for your reference.

  • Find a reliable manufacturer: Usually, a leading supplier has rich experience and advanced technology in fertilizer machine production. So it can provide you with a higher quality wheel type composter.
  • Inquire advice from those who have bought this machine: Those who have bought a wheel type compost machine must know where can buy quality fertilizer machine and how to choose a suitable one for you. Their advice must be helpful for you.
  • Search customers’ feedback: If you want to know whether a certain equipment is of good quality, you also can visit its website and look at the customer feedback. Here, you can get the actual experience of this machine.
  • Focus on after-sales service: After-sales service is also an item you focus on. Company who provides after-sales service must have strong confidence in the quality of its fertilizer equipment. And consider after-sales service can ensure you can start your fertilizer production more smoothly. SX can offer you the most considerate after-sales service. Such as guidance on installation and operation, worker training, etc.
Service SX can provide with you
Service SX can provide with you

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