NPK Fertilizer Production Line

NPK fertilizer production line is a kind of compound fertilizer production line. It can help you produce high quality NPK fertilizer with required proportion. And there are two hot sale NPK preparation plans in SX machine factory. They are NPK fertilizer granulating line and NPK bulk blending line. Whether your budget is enough or not. Whether you want to make NPK fertilizer by wet or dry granulation method. They can fully meet your needs. If you have any special requirement, you can contact us for customization.

Small scale NPK fertilizer granulation line
Small scale NPK fertilizer granulation line
Large scale NPK fertilizer blending line
Large scale NPK blending line

NPK Granulation Line

Capacity1-20 t/h
ApplicationChemical powder to NPK granule
DesignBatching machine, crusher, mixer, granulator, screen, packager, etc.
Equipment materialCarbon steel Q235, Alloy

NPK Bulk Blending Line

Capacity5-40 t/h
ApplicationChemical granules to NPK fertilizer
Designbatching machine, BB fertilizer mixer, packing machine
Equipment materialCarbon steel Q235, Alloy

How much does the NPK compound fertilizer making line cost?

Top 2 industrial NPK fertilizer production lines for your choice

In order to meet their needs, our engineers design two NPK fertilizer making lines. NPK granule production line and NPK fertilizer blending system. They use different methods and different fertilizer equipment to produce NPK. You can choose one according to your needs.

NPK fertilizer granulating line

If you want to turn powdery materials into NPK pellets, this fertilizer production line is an optimal choice. During this process, the materials will go through multiple processes. Including batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, drying, cooling, screening, coating and packaging. They will make powdery materials become the high quality granular NPK fertilizer you need. Accurate batching is the basis of strictly producing NPK according to your formula. Crushing and mixing contribute to the production of uniform nutrient contained NPK. Granulating, drying, cooling provide it with a lower possibility of sticking. Coating can improve its effect and appearance.

NPK fertilizer granulating line with drum pelletizer
NPK fertilizer granulating line with drum pelletizer
Low cost NPK fertilizer lending line
Low cost NPK fertilizer lending line

NPK fertilizer blending line

But if you don’t have enough budget, we recommend you to choose NPK fertilizer blending line. It is also known as a bulking blending production line. NPK pellet mixing line is designed for processing granular materials. Batching, mixing and bagging, only 3 steps, you can get high quality industrial NPK. Simpler process means less space occupation and fewer npk fertilizer machines employment. So you can start NPK fertilizer preparation at a lower cost. Can it produce NPK fertilizer in large scale? Of course, the largest capacity of our NPK bulk blending line can reach 40 t/h. Moreover, whether you want to prepare 15-15-15 or 20-10-10, it can fully meet your needs.

Which granulating process is better for you to make NPK fertilizer?

As the name suggests, granule production plays an important role in the NPK fertilizer making system. During this process, there are two methods for your choice. Wet granulation method and dry granulation technology. You can choose one according to your needs.

Wet granulation method

If you want your NPK fertilizer to become more wear-resistant, more beautiful and not easy to disperse. Wet granulation method is an excellent option. During the granulating, it will use water or other additives as binders to enhance the cohesive force between the materials. Therefore, the finished NPK pellets have a low possibility of pulverization and more beautiful appearance. There are two wet granulating equipment we wan to recommend to you. They are pan granule making machine and rotary drum pelletizer.

Wet geanulator for NPK fertilizer production
Wet geanulator for NPK fertilizer production
Double roller granulator for dry granulation
Double roller pellet machine for dry granulation

Dry granulation technology

If you want to make NPK fertilizer with lower cost, dry granulation technology can meet your requirements. Unlike wet granulation, which uses liquid as binder to help NPK materials stick to each other. Granulating by dry pellet making method nearly don’t need water. And it is suitable for processing raw materials, which has a water content of less than 10%. So it is dispensable to dry or cool finished NPK fertilizer pellets to decrease moisture content. Then for making NPK pellet by dry granulation technology, double roller granulator is our most popular product.

Whether you choose to use wet or dry granulation to produce NPK fertilizer. We can offer you the best NPK equipment of high quality. And if you need other fertilizer equipment, you can contact us.

How to improve the accuracy of NPK fertilizer batching?

The soil and crops in each region are different. So the needs for nutrient of N, P and K are different. Therefore you should prepare NPK compound fertilizer in a certain proportion. It is decided on the basis of the investigation. So the accuracy of NPK fertilizer feeding is essential. There are some NPK machines can help you in this aspect.

Dynamic automatic batching machine

Provided you want to increase the NPK powder feeding accuracy of NPK fertilizer granulation line. The dynamic automatic batching system is an optimal option for you. It usually uses electronic belt scale or nuclear scale as measure equipment. And the host has PID regulation and alarm function. It can provide you with continuous batching without intermediate stop. So it can meet the strict requirement for various materials proportioning.

Dynamic batching machine in NPK fertilizer production line
Dynamic batching machine in NPK fertilizer production line
BB fertilizer mixer machine for sale
BB fertilizer mixer machine for sale

BB fertilizer mixer in NPK fertilizer blending line

During the NPK fertilizer blending process, there is another equipment can help you improve the accuracy of batching. It is BB fertilizer mixer, which plays an important role in making high quality NPK fertilizer. It overcomes the mixture chromatography and distributaries phenomena. Which are caused by different proportion of raw materials and particle size. Then material properties, mechanical vibration, air pressure, voltage fluctuation and cold weather can no longer affect the system. So only waiting for 3-5 mins, you can get NPK fertilizer you need.

Other equipment you can choose to improve NPK fertilizer quality

Besides the NPK equipment mentioned above, there are many other fertilizer processing machines for your choice. They can help you produce better NPK fertilizer.

Rotary screening machine for granules classification

After cooling, you will find that not all NPK fertilizer pellets meet your requirements. You need to screen out the qualified products and make unqualified granules go through granulating again. At that time, rotary screening machine can help you finish the task easily.

Rotary screening machine for sale
Rotary screening machine for sale
Fertilizer coating machine for sale
Fertilizer coating machine for sale

Fertilizer coating machine for NPK pellets

If you want to further improve your npk products quality, coating is an excellent option for you. It will add a protective film to the surface of the NPK granules. The protective film can prevent sticking and nutrient loss. So the npk pellet will become easier to transport and store. For this, we can provide you with drum coating machine.

Packaging equipment for sale

It is essential for you to make commercial NPK fertilizer. Whether you choose to turn the materials into pellets or only mix them evenly. After packing, the NPK fertilizer will become easy to transport and store. In this process, we recommend automatic packing scale to you.

Packaging machine for NPK fertilizer processing
Packaging machine for chemical fertilizer processing

Advantages of NPK pellet making line in SX fertilizer equipment factory

Low cost

We can provide you with a NPK fertilizer production line with an ideal price. Because Shunxin is a source factory of fertilizer equipment. And we can design a NPK fertilizer project out of charge according to your budget. These can greatly reduce your production cost.

Long service life

All NPK processing equipment we provide you are made of high quality materials. Moreover, we will offer guidance to you. Including how to use the fertilizer equipment correctly and how to maintain it. They are important in prolonging the service life of the NPK equipment.

Easy operation

Only employing several workers, you can keep the entire production line running. Because the NPK machine system has the characteristic of high automation. The smallest NPK fertilizer line in our company only needs 3-4 workers.

Produce high effective fertilizer

It adopts advanced technology and reasonable design. These are in favor of strictly producing NPK fertilizers in the required proportions. So the finished fertilizer contains rich nutrient, including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and other elements. And it can efficiently promote crop growth.

Why so many companies want to start a NPK fertilizer production line?

The necessity of making npk fertilizer

As the world’s population grows, the demand for food continues to increase. So we need a fast-effective fertilizer to promote the growth of crops. With rich nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium nutrients, npk fertilizer is an ideal choice. Therefore, setting up a NPK plant is a prosperous project to invest in.

NPK fertilizer production
NPK fertilizer production
NPK fertilizer manufacturing for plants
NPK fertilizer manufacturing for plants

Making quality NPK fast

If you want to produce NPK , building a NPK compound fertilizer making system can make it become easier. For one thing, it has high automation. It means you can operate it in a simpler way and make NPK fertilizer with higher efficiency. And for another, it adopts various advanced technologies to improve final NPK products quality. So you can prepare more NPK fertilizer with high quality. This is what the NPK manufacturer asked for.

What do you need to tell us if you want to buy a NPK fertilizer making line

If you are interested in NPK production line or NPK machine or you want to buy other fertilizer equipment. You can contact us to tell us some information about you or your company. The more information we know, the better design project we can provide you. It includes your country, materials, capacity, factory space, which fertilizer production line or equipment you need, etc. In addition, you need to tell us your name, telephone number and email. So we can contact you for further discussion. We will design an ideal layout according to your requirements.

NPK fertilizer production line delivery
NPK fertilizer production line delivery

Past cases of NPK fertilizer manufacturers

Now we have help many NPK fertilizer manufacturers start their NPK fertilizer preparation successfully. Whether it is small or large scale, NPK powder to granule or NPK blend fertilizer making, etc. Some cases are here for you reference.

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