How To Produce Fertilizer Granules With Uniform Size

Achieving uniformity in fertilizer granules making is crucial for application efficiency and nutrient distribution. YUSHUNXIN enginners have 5 practical tips to produce produce fertilizer granules with consistent size: Raw material crushing before fertilizer granulation  Begin with raw materials that make uniform particle size fertilizer. Use fertilizer grinder to crush compost or chemical materials into homogenous … Read more


Which equipment is most commonly used in organic fertilizer making, compound fertilizer production? What fertilizer equipment is hot selling this year? The popular compost turner, granulation machines. Is there new advance fertilizer equipment manufacturing? All answer is here, news of SX fertilizer equipment manufacturer.

How To Granulate Powder At a Low Cost

Power to granules with double roller granulator

In order to make more profits and easier to use, it is advisable to make powder materials into granules. Not only in fertilizer making, but also in the production of cat litter, snow remover, carburizing agent, in-wash scent booster, etc. But how to granulate powder effectively and at a low cost? There is double roller … Read more

Organic Biomass Manure Compost Granulator To Greece

Organic Biomass Manure Compost Granulator To Greece

In Greece, agriculture plays an important role in the economy. But the area of arable land continues to decrease. So fertilizer is the key to improving the output of its crops. Here, bio organic fertilizer is an ideal choice. It can supply rich nutrients to crops in a balanced way. Moreover, its materials are commonly … Read more

Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

In Italy, it is essential to generate methane gas from organic matters. Because most Italian passenger vehicles run on compressed natural gas. However, how to dispose of residual digestate after obtaining the gas? On 10th January 2023, a customer from Italy inquired about bio methane production humus treatment. He told us that “We will have about … Read more

How To Change The Size Of Fertilizer Granules

Fertilizer granules produced by SX granulators

When you start granular fertilizer production, it is necessary to decide what size of pellet you want to prepare. Small or large? The smaller size, the faster nutrients supply to crops, the effect more obvious. The larger size , the more convenient transport, the slower nutrients release, the longer fertilizer effect. Then, how to change the size … Read more