Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

Organic Fertilizer Pellets Making From Biogas Residue Humus In Italy

In Italy, it is essential to generate methane gas from organic matters. Because most Italian passenger vehicles run on compressed natural gas. However, how to dispose of residual digestate after obtaining the gas? On 10th January 2023, a customer from Italy inquired about bio methane production humus treatment. He told us that “We will have about … Read more

How To Change The Size Of Fertilizer Granules

When you start granular fertilizer production, it is necessary to decide what size of pellet you want to prepare. Small or large? The smaller size, the faster nutrients supply to crops, the effect more obvious. The larger size , the more convenient transport, the slower nutrients release, the longer fertilizer effect. Then, how to change the size … Read more

How To Start An Organic Fertilizer Pelleting Plant In South Africa

Organic fertilizer making line for sale

On 11th October 2022, we received an email from a customer in South Africa, which is booming in animal breeding. So there is a large amount of animal manure that needs to be disposed of. In order to manage the manure in an environmentally friendly way, this client decided to convert them to granular fertilizer. He … Read more