Which equipment is most commonly used in organic fertilizer making, compound fertilizer production? What fertilizer equipment is hot selling this year? The popular compost turner, granulation machines. Is there new advance fertilizer equipment manufacturing? All answer is here, news of SX fertilizer equipment manufacturer.

Compound Fertilizer Production Cases

Compound fertilizer production in SX

If you want to use chemical materials to making fertilizer, come here to look the real cases of other compound fertilizer manufactures. SX compound fertilizer machines sold to various countries at home and abroad and earn excellent feedback. These real compound fertilizer production cases, especially NPK fertilizer production, can help you start your chemical fertilizer … Read more

How To Make Super phosphate Into SSP Granule In Egypt

How To Make Super phosphate Into SSP Granule In Egypt

Egypt is one of the top export countries of phosphate fertilizer in the world. In addition, as compound fertilizer, which can supply nutrients to crops in a targeted way, it is beneficial for the development of Egyptian farming. So phosphate fertilizer production is popular with local fertilizer manufacturers. On 11th April 2023, a customer from Egypt inquired about making super phosphate into … Read more

What Is The Cost Of Small Scale NPK Fertilizer Production Plant Setup

NPK drum granulation system process

When you plan to setup a small scale NPK fertilizer production plant, cost is an item you must focus on. Because it is closely related to the choosing of granulation method, equipment configuration, etc. As a professional fertilizer making machine manufacturer, SX especially design various NPK fertilizer making business plans according to different budgets, including … Read more