How To Dry Cow Dung Fast

In the process of disposing of cow dung, drying is necessary. Whether you plan to use cow dung as fertilizer or fuel. Sunlight exposure will take a long time. Then how to dry cow dung fast? With many years experience of fertilizer equipment manufacturing, YUSHUNXIN has 3 tips for quickly cow manure water removing for your reference.

Tip 1. Using press dewatering machine for high moisture cow manure drying quickly

If you want to dry cow dung fast, it is advisable to use a manure press dehydrator before drying. Especially when your material is fresh cow manure, which has a moisture over 50%. For one thing, the machine can indeed quickly remove excess moisture from cow manure. After dewatering, the water content of cow dung can reduce to 30%. For another, the manure dewatering equipment mainly makes use of physical press force to separate solid cattle waste from the liquid. No fuel needed, so you can dry cow dung fast at a low cost.

Cow dung dewatering machine for sale
Cow dung dewatering machine for sale
EquipmentManure dehydrator
Feeding moisture50%-90%
Discharge moisture30%-40%
Screen Materialstainless steel

Tip 2. Crushing cow dung smaller particles to dry cow dung fast

In addition, you can choose to crush cow farm waste into fine powder before drying. The smaller the particle size, the larger the air contact area, the faster the cow dung drying. Here, YUSHUNXIN can provide professional crushing machines for you. Vertical organic fertilizer crusher and semi-wet material grinder. The former is designed for small scale cow manure disposal. Its maximum output is 15 t/h. In addition, without screen, no blocking. While the latter is suitable for small scale cow manure powder making. It even has a model with 1 t/h capacity. Moreover, the particle size of crushed cow manure powder is smaller than 50 meshes.

Crusher used in cow manure disposal
Crusher used in cow manure disposal
EquipmentCow dung crusher
Capacity1-15 t/h
Feeding moisture25%-50%
Discharge size50 meshes
Equipment Materialcarbon steel Q235

Tip 3. Further dry cow dung by hot air rotary dryer

when you want to further dry cow waste with 10%-30% moisture, you can use our rotary dryer directly. The machine employ the hot air drying method. In this process, 300℃ hot air can create a 60 ℃ drying environment of cattle manure inside the rotary drum. With the dryer drum rotating, the cow dung can be dried evenly and quickly. What’s more, you can use oil, gas, biomass pellets, etc as fuel for cow dung drying freely.

Hot air dryer for manure waste management
Hot air dryer for manure waste management
EquipmentRotary dryer
Capacity1-20 t/h
Feeding moisture10%-30%
Discharge moisture1%-10%
Drying temperature60 ℃

Is there other method used to dry cattle waste?

For 40%-60% moisture cow manure drying, you also can choose to buy a compost machine. The machine will turn and mix to speed up the cow waste composting. In this process, the air circulation around the manure will increase. And the temperature of material will rise to evaporate water in dairy waste. After composting, the cow manure moisture also can reduce to 30%. At the same time, you can make cattle litter into commercial fertilizer.

cow dung composting machine
cow dung composting machine
EquipmentCompost Machine
Capacity1-20 t/h
Feeding moisture40%-60%
Discharge moisture30%-40%
Compost Time15-20 days

Next, you can choose to make dried cow manure into fertilizer or fuel according to your needs. Moreover, we also can offer you many other machines for cow waste management and cow dung organic fertilizer making. Such as, cow manure granulators, fertilizer packing system, etc.

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