How Many Days Does It Take To Compost Organic Fertilizer

In general, the time of organic fertilizer fermentation is not fixed. Because it is affected by temperature, method, fermentation bacteria, etc. But usually, under the help of SX fertilizer compost machine, you can finish organic waste composting within 20 days.

How to decompose organic fertilizer quickly?

4 stages of organic fertilizer composting

In these 20 days of composting, the organic raw material will go through four stages as follows:

Temperature rising stage (2-3 days)

In the initial stage of manure composting, mainly the mesophilic bacteria and aerobic microbes are at work. And the most common ones are non-spore-forming bacteria, spore-forming bacteria and molds. They will decompose easily decomposable organic substances (such as simple sugars, starch, protein, etc.) and generate a large amount of heat. This makes the temperature of materials continuously increase from about 20℃ to 40℃.Then as the temperature increases, thermophilic microorganisms gradually replace the mesophilic bacteria and play a leading role. Therefore, in a few days, the compost temperature will reach above 50℃ and organic fertilizer fermentation will enter the high temperature stage.

High temperature stage (8-12 days)

In the high temperature stage, thermophilic actinomycetes and thermophilic fungi are the most active microorganisms in compost. They will decompose complex organic matter in materials, such as cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin matter, etc. Therefore, the heat is accumulated and fermentation temperature will rise to 60-70°C, even as high as 80°C. This high temperature plays an important role in facilitating the composting of organic waste. If your fertilizer fermentation only has a short period of high temperature, or does not reach the high temperature at all. Composting will take you a long time, which is even half a year or longer. Here, you can use compost turner to facilitate this process.

Organic fertilizer composting principle
Organic fertilizer composting principle
Temperature changing in organic fertilizer composting
Temperature changing in organic fertilizer composting

Temperature falling stage (5-10 days)

When the high temperature stage lasts for a certain period of time. Most of the cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectin substances in organic litter have been decomposed and new humus is formed. The activity of microorganisms will weaken and the temperature will gradually decline. When the temperature of fertilizer compost drops to below 40°C, most thermophilic microorganisms also will die or enter a dormant state (above 20 days). Then mesophilic microorganisms became the dominant species again.

But if the temperature falling stage comes early, you need to ferment organic fertilizer again. Because it indicates that the composting conditions are not ideal and the decomposition of organic matter is not sufficient. At this time, you can turn and mix organic materials with SX manure compost equipment again. So the compost will heat up again to finish organic fertilizer fermentation.

Fertilizer preservation stage

After the organic material composting, when the compost temperature reduces to slightly higher than the air temperature, the compost should be compacted. This will cause an anaerobic state, so the mineralization of organic matter will weaken. This is greatly beneficial for fertilizer preservation.

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