Methods Of Preparing Compost Manure

If you want to compost fertilizer quickly and better, choosing a suitable fermentation method is necessary. According to different standards, we can divide it into following methods of preparing compost manure:

Oxygen demand – Aerobic fermentation and Anaerobic Composting

Anaerobic fermentation is the process of decomposing organic waste under anaerobic conditions. Its main products are methane, carbon dioxide and many low-molecular-weight intermediates, such as organic acids. So anaerobic composted manure is prone to odor. In addition, there is less energy generated. Therefore, it will take a long time to compost organic fertilizer.

On the contrary, aerobic fermentation usually occurs in an aerobic environment. And its metabolites are mainly carbon dioxide and water. In essence, it is a process of mineralization, decomposition and harmlessness of organic materials. In this process, it not only generates a large amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc elements that are essential for the growth of crops, but also creates a new polymer compound—humus, which is an important substance that improves soil fertility.

Therefore, most people choose to prepare organic fertilizer by aerobic fermentation method. Then as a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, SX can offer various aerobic compost machines for your choice.

Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle
Organic fertilizer aerobic composting principle
Cow dung manure fertilizer aerobic fermentation product
Cow dung manure fertilizer aerobic fermentation product

How to start aerobic fermentation of organic fertilizer better?

Temperature – Medium temperature composting and high temperature composting

In general, medium-temperature manure compost preparing method starts in a 14-45℃ environment. But this low temperature cannot help you complete the harmless process of organic fertilizer. So this method is rarely used at present.

However, the temperature of high-temperature fermentation can reach 60-70℃. It is enough to kill bad bacteria, pest eggs and grass seeds in manure and make it more suitable for organic fertilizer manufacturing. So we recommend you choose high-temperature fermentation method to process organic fertilizer.

Temperature changing in organic fertilizer composting
Temperature changing in organic fertilizer composting

Tip: Hot fertilizer composting is a temperature increasing process. But over 70 ℃ temperature will kill beneficial bacteria. So at the same time, you need to dissipate excessive heat during organic fertilizer compost making. Here, SX fertilizer compost turner can fully meet your requirements.

Material movement – Static fertilizer fermentation and dynamic composting

In static fertilizer composting process, fertilizer material heaps will not be overturned until the compost is fully decomposed.

But dynamic composting of organic waste will turn material piles regularly. In this way, fertilizer compost piles can get enough oxygen to support organic matter decomposition and dissipate excessive heat to prevent helpful bacteria death. So dynamic fertilizer composting can help you ferment cow dung/ chicken manure/ pig manure faster and better.

Working method – Trench type composting, windrow composting and in-vessel fermentation

Trench type composting, also known as rail type composting. In this process, organic waste will be put into fermentation grooves. Then trench type compost turner will move along the rails on the two sides of fermentation trench and stirring teeth will turn stacks to facilitate aerobic fermentation. So you can turn manure into compost within 20 days.

However, during windrow fertilizer composting, only need to pile organic materials into long windrows on the flat ground, you can drive windrow compost turner to start organic fertilizer fermentation directly. So you can spend less on infrastructure. And only by employing one worker can you finish the whole organic litter composting process.

In addition, you also can choose in-vessel composting method. It composts material in an closed environment, which can isolate the outside world influences. Moreover, it has a professional gas waste treatment system. Therefore, it can help you complete harmless process of organic material quickly and environmentally friendly.

Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working
Groove type compost turner for fermentation trench working
Windrow compost turner for sale
Windrow compost turner for better organic fertilizer making
Horizontal fermenter for faster fertilizer composting
Horizontal fermentation equipment for faster fertilizer composting

In sum up, if you want to compost organic waste for fertilizer manufacturing, we recommend you choose aerobic fermentation, high temperature composting and dynamic composting methods. Then as a professional fertilizer equipment factory, SX especially design various organic fertilizer composters for your choice. Including small scale composting machine, large scale fertilizer composter, cow dung fermenter, chicken manure composting equipment, etc. There must be one for you.

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